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Movie review - Kubusam

Jeevi rating: 3/5
Banner: Sri Vishwani Pictures
Cast: Srihari, Giri, Swapna, Manivannan, Tanikella Bharani, Suddala, Ashokteja, Kishore, Prakash, Shyam
: Vandemataram Srinivas
Photography: Balamurugan
Lyrics: Suddala Ashokteja, Goreti Venkanna
Story - Dialogues - Screenplay - Direction: Dr. L Srinath
Producer: R Pradeep, D Sravan Kumar, Dr V Rajyalakshmi and L Srinath
Release date: 3rd August 2002



Hari Prasad (Giri) is a medico, who studied his MBBS with scholarships. He wants to repay the system by serving as doctor in remote village though he got a lucrative job in a corporate hospital. He leaves his medico girl friend Seema (Swapna) and the big bucks to serve poor people in a remote village of Nizam area.

That village is infected by feudalism and vandalism. Police, government administration and the landlords join their hands together to rob the poor man and kill those who appose them. In one such event, Hari Prasad gets hooked in a critical incident and is about to be subjected to the fake encounter by the police. Then Sivaram (Srihari) rescues them. Frustrated by the attitude of administration and police towards the poor, Hari Prasad joins the war group and is made as commander for a sub group with an alias name Sankaranna.

In the process, there comes an honest and wily IPS officer Ashok. He is a nice human being, but would not shy away from conning the weaklings in ultras to get his work done. Slowly, he eliminates Sivaram and other key cadre people.

Where does this cat n mouse play lead? What do ultras want? - these are the questions that are addressed in the climax.

Artists: Srihari has a relatively small role in the film and he did a fine job. The new actors who played Sankaranna and IPS officer impresses, as we see only characters - not actors. Mani Vannan donned the role of high command to ultras. All other new artists did their bit well.

Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction: Dr. L Srinath seems to have done quite amount of research on People War Group and how the police tackle it. He gave a realistic picture of the existing state of affairs in the naxalite-affected areas. At the same time, he gave a humanitarian approach in doing characterization. So you find good in ultras as well as the police officers. Some of the incidents shown in the film are raw and impact making - like taking the thumb impression of a dead body to get hold of killed person's lands. The dialogues are very thought provoking and even at times wrote some dialogues like - ee roju manaki vana bhojanaalu (the cop hinting his assistant that he will kill ultras in an encounter in forests). But the screenplay of the film is shabby and editing is equally bad. This ineffective narration and lack of continuity in scenes are negative points for this film.

Music: Background music by Vandemataram is impressive. But the songs and their placement in film are not appropriate.

Photography: Photography by Bala Murugam is very good. He selected good lighting (both natural and artificial) and locations (especially forests and rocks) to glorify the screen with the apt expression.

First half of the film forms an interesting base. Second half is boring. The climax is abrupt. This film gives a raw depiction of how cops and ultras play hide and seek game. If you have academic interest on what formed the basis for extremely talented people like doctors and engineers joining ultra groups and how police use every possible trick to eliminate ultras and the government apathy and lack of conviction in having peace talks with ultras. This film is a commendable effort by Dr. L Srinath, though the film would not be commercially satisfying one at the box office.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Kubusam Film Review
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