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Mallika - A review
Bharat Shah
Varma corporation's
Mallika (Mast)
Jeevi Rating: 4/5
Jeevi Rating
4/5 (Four on a scale of five)
Aftab, Urmila and Anthra Mali
Music: Sandeep Chowta
Producer and Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Theatrical Release Date
5th November 1999
Story Line
An obsessive fan gets to win his matinee idol's heart.

Kittu (Aftab) is a teenage guy. He is very fond of Mallika (Urmila), the reigning lady super star. He would be watching her films continuously. Pasting her posters all over his room. Nisha (Anthra Mali) is Kittu's classmate who loves Kittu unconditionally.

As Kittu concentrates more on Mallika films than studies, his progress reports take a beating. Kittu's father restricts Kittu's movements. But Kittu's obsession reaches new heights when he says his sister that Mallika has come to his room and danced with him. Kittu's father gets wild and tears up all the posters in Kittu's room.

Kittu takes the train to the city of Film Making where Mallika lives. A kind hotel owner gives him a job and Kittu meets his matinee idol at a studio and slowly realizes that Mallika is being exploited by her uncle. One night when Mallika is getting beaten up by her uncle mercilessly, Kittu rescues her and flees to his hometown along with her.

Kittu keeps Mallika in his room and slowly he lets his family members and Nisha know about it. Mallika misinterprets that Nisha and Kittu love each other madly. Nisha fears that Mallika may snatch Kittu away from her. Kittu never considered Nisha as a lover. He loves Nisha as a friend. Nisha is his best friend. That is it. Mallika ponders over how good it would be if Kittu loves her instead of loving Nisha. Kittu gets a few feelers that Mallika might be loving him. As these three characters are getting confused about the relationships among themselves, police arrest father of Kittu on an allegation of kidnapping Mallika.

Mallika is taken back by her uncle to the Film Capital and Mallika does not even acknowledge Kittu before leaving. Kittu is obviously disappointed for the cold treatment meted to him by Mallika. After much dilly dallying Nisha and Kittu goes back to Mallika and asks her about what went wrong. But Mallika talks curtly. When they are leaving Mallika, Mallika wishes them (Kittu and Nisha) a happy married life.

All of a sudden, Kittu start smelling what Mallika has in her mind. Then story takes a few twists and turns before leaving one heart broken and two hearts taken. To know whose heart is broken, you must(MAST) watch this wonderful movie on the silver screen.


He is a sweet, cute and a chocolate hero. He is the latest teen sensation. Acted extremely well. He can be a potent threat to other chocolate heroes if he chooses his films selectively.
Urmila: Urmila is good as usual. But her Rangeela charm is slightly missing.
Anthra Mali: Anthra is the 'feminine sensuality personified' in this film. She acted with such an ease that by the time the film is over viewer falls in love with her character. She completely dominated Urmila in this film.

Direction: Its just the deftness of Ramu that has made this simple story into an amazing film. He narrated each and every scene delicately. But some of his pet themes like 'couple on run' (Kshna Kshnam, Govinda Govinda), Anaganaga Oka Roju, Daud) and pet scenes 'theater humor' (Shiva, Rangeela, Govinda Govinda, Satya) are repeated. Story looks so simple. But its craftiness of Ramu to make this film the most lovable one with the use of extravagant characterization and high technical values.

Story: It is inspired by a telugu film of yesteryears 'Sivaranjani'.

Screenplay: Screenplay is very slick.

Photography: Photography of this film is simple great. Luster locales, sand dunes, snow hills, rocky meadows are captured extraordinarily in the songs.

Music & Backdrop Score: Sandeep Chowta gave a scintillating numbers and excellent backdrop score for this film. But the backdrop score reminds us of various English films.

Choreography: Farah Khan composed very attractive and catchy choreography for the songs
This film is like the old wine in a new bottle. There are ten songs in the film. All the ten songs are knitted in the film with such a skill that you do feel like you are watching scenes, not songs. The casting for this film is very appropriately done. But this film might not appeal to the rural viewers. Comparison is inevitable for this film with Rangeela. If you compare them Rangeela scores high. Treatment is given more importance than to the story. This film is worth taking your three hours of precious time out and watching with your family.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Mallika Review
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