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Manasu Paddanu Kaani - Movie Review
Koundivya Films

Jeevi Rating: 2.25/5
Jeevi Rating
2.25/5 (Two and quarter on a scale of five)
Venu, K Vishwanath, SP Bala Subramanyam, Raasi and Ramya Krishna
Dialogues: Paruchuri
Cinematography: Sreenivasa Reddy
Story, Music, Screenplay and Direction: Veeru K
Producer: Vinobha Goud
Theatrical Release Date
26th February 2000

Venu(Venu Tottempudi) is a unemployed youth and a music lover. His lifetime ambition is to join 'Salasa Music troop' and love Madhavi (Ramya Krishna), a popular dancer in that troop' With the help of Swati(Raasi) he could join the troop' Swati is also a dancer cum assistant in that troop'

Swati's father, Rudra Raju(SP Bala Subramanyam), is an astrologist. As the time progress, Venu starts loving Madhavi affectionately. Swati love Venu with the same affection. Boss of the troop' is Prem (Nagababu). He sets his eyes on Madhavi.

This troop' gets an offer from Dubai to give a stage show. As the members are planning to alight the flight, Prem Kumar makes sure that the passport of Venu is missing. A disappointed Venu thinks that it is the right time to express his love to Madhavi. After listening to his love proposal, Madhavi replies that her priorities are different. She wants to become a star performer in her field. She do not have time for love and marriage. But at the same time she assures him that she is impressed with his sincerity and will definitely consider his request when she is ready for love.

After coming to know the heart of Venu, Swaty decides to sacrifice her love for Venu. Then Venu elaborates his flash back saying that he is the grandson of the great Jamindar of Vijayanagaram (K Vishwanath). Jamindar was very concerned about the marriage of Venu as their house do not have a female to take care of them. When Venu selects Madhavi (after seeing her on the TV) as the right candidate, Jamidar sneers him that Madhavi may accept his proposal since Venu is the grandson of Jamindar. He advises Venu that Madhavi will not accept to marry him if she comes to know that he is a normal guy. Then Venu challenges his grandfather that he will win the heart of Madhavi as a normal man and get her home.

Meantime the health of Jaminadar becomes critical. Hence Venu requests Swati to act as Madhavi so that she can save the deteriorating health of Jamindar. Swati, after consulting with her father, accepts to act as Madhavi.

When Swati enters the Jamindar's family, things get better and better. She brightens the lives of family members such a way that Venu partly forgets Madhavi. It's time for the engagement of Venu and Swati. Madhavi, who went to Dubai realizes the love and importance of Venu, returns to India and calls Venu. The astrology father of Swati fails the engagement inorder to do justice to Madhavi and Venu.

If you want to know who is going to marry Venu, you gotta watch this film on the silver screen.



Venu: Venu did do well with in his limitations. But he looked conscious of his walking and dancing on the screen.
Ramya Krishna and Raasi: Ramya's role is glamorous one. Raasi's role is a sympathetic one. Both of them did their bit with charm.
SP Balu: His role as a father to Raasi and an astrologer His action consists of 90% songs and 10% dialogues. He is at his usual best as a caring and understanding father.
K Vishwanath: His role as a Jamindar was good. He carried the grace of Grandfather with élan.

Other Departments

Direction, Story and Music: Veeru K, who has given films like 'Aaro Pranam' and 'Pellivaramandi' directed this film. The direction in this film is very mundane. The story plot is cliché one and very unconvincing. Music is stale. The director must sit back and watch this film and then rethink about his way of executing story.

Cinematography: Sreenivasa Reddy provided some neat photography for this film.


Venu, after giving a silent hit 'Swayam Varam' has taken his own time to select another film. As the story is a normal, one expects him to chose a person who can narrate in differently and there by sustaining the interest of viewers. As this film is a love story, one expects the music to be gripping. The music in this film is a sure turn off. In the first half the director has given a big buildup for the flashback of Venu. But when the real flashback was revealed, it was a big disappointment. Only saving grace of this film is some neat photography by Sreenivasa Reddy and royal performance of K Vishwanath.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Manasu Paddanu Kaani Review

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