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Movie review - Moodu Mukkalata
Usha Kiron movies
Moodu Mukkalata
Jeevi Rating: 3.25/5

Jeevi Rating: 3.25/5 (Three and quarter)
: Jagapati Babu, Rambha, Raasi and Soundarya

Sri Lekha
Camera: V Sreenivasa Reddy
Story & Direction: K Raghavendra Rao
Producer: Ramoji Rao

Theatrical Release Date: 1st September 2000



Santhi Swaroop (Jagapati Babu) is a handsome college lecturer. Sravani (Soundarya) is a librarian in the same college. Lahari (Rambha) and Aliveni (Raasi) are the students. Three of these girls fall in love with Jagapati Babu. But Jagapati Babu loves Sravani.

Sravani is staying with her married sister family, in which his brother-in-law Paramahamsa (Prakash Raj) has incestuous tendencies and secretly dreams of marrying Sravani by hook or crook. Sravani's sister is paralyzed. Later on we come to know that, it's Paramahamsa who slow poisoned his wife so that he can marry Sravani on that pretext.

Lahari is a pampered sister of Industrialist tycoon and millionaire Yugandhar (Nazar). She misinterprets that Santhi Swaroop loves him due to some incidents. When Lahari comes to know that he loves Sravani, she attempts suicide. Yugandhar, who comes to know about the incident, threatens Santhi Swaroop of dire consequences, if he does not marry his sister.

Aliveni is the only daughter of Barrela Balaraju (Tanekella Bharani), a famous Hyderabad henchman and rowdy. After coming to know that Aliveni loves Santhi Swaroop, he makes her perform a drama that she got pregnant because of Santhi Swaroop. To avoid the suicide of Aliveni, Santhi Swaroop agrees to marry her.

As Santhi Swaroop has agreed to marry three damsels and Paramahamsa, Yugandhar and Barrela Balaraju are after his life if he acts against their wishes, we reach a rather predictable and logical climax. To know it all in details, you gotta watch this latest dish from K Raghavendra Rao's masala machine on a silver screen.


Jagapati Babu: Jagapati Babu gave his best shot to be a romantic lover boy. But his image of 'faithful husband' may become a hindrance for the viewers to accept him as the lover boy. He too tried twice, to his disappointment, in the past with 'Allari Premikudu' and 'Chilaka Kottudu' in the past. But this film may turnout to be a pleasant surprise for him.

Prakash Raj: He excelled in the role of a sadist and a person obsessed with his sister-in-law. His eccentric action suits the role well.

Soundarya: She looked pretty glamorous in this film. Her voice closely resembles that of 'Devi' character in 'Annayya'.

Rambha: You can have all the ingredients you expect of the combination 'Raghavendra Rao - Rambha' from this film. The director exploited the willing Rambha charms totally and displayed in an awesome effect to the viewers.

Raasi: This buxom beauty is having less footage compared the other two actresses in the film. Nonetheless, she did her best in filling the silver screen with her beauty.

Technical departments:

Music: Srilekha has given hummable raunchy numbers. Only problem with the songs is that all of them are inspired one's. The inspiraton has a range of 'Choli Ke Peeche' from Khal Nayak to the songs of her uncle Keeravani's 'Allari Priyudu'. She did even spare Kannada films. Last song of the film is a strait lift from a Kannada song.

Direction: This film is a cakewalk for Raghavendra Rao. He stuffed this film with all commercial elements and glamour (fruits, flowers, pots along with the heroines, that is!).

Analysis: First half of the film is good. Second half is a little arbitrary. Generally, this kind of triangular films, the fate and time plays the role of villain like Raghavendra Rao's earlier romantic hits Allari Priyudu and Pelli Sandadi. But in this film there are three villains, one each as a relative of heroines. But it's a different and refreshing film. This film is recommended for casual viewing at your own leisure and it will not let you down.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Azaad Review
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