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Telugu Movie review - Nachavule!

Nachavule links


Jeevi rating: 3/5
: a theme film
Usha Kiron Movies

Cast: Tanish, Madhavi Latha, Kasi Vishwanath, Raksha, Narasimha, Naveen, Kamesh, Narayana Reddy, Prasad, Sarath

Music: Sekhar Chandra
Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla
Cinematography: Sudhakar Reddy
Art: Narayana Reddy
Fights: Kanal Kannan
Choreography: Nixon
Editing: Marthand k Venkatesh
Screenplay: Satyanand
Story - dialogues - direction
: Ravi Babu
Producer: Ramjo Rao
Release date
: 19 December 2008



Lav (Tanish) is a kind of guy whose aim in life is to ‘patao’ a girl. Like innumerable teenage boys, he just wants to experience the feeling of having a girl friend. Anu (Madhavi Latha) is a responsible teenage girl who works part-time in a coffee shop. Lav wants to love her, but she is not of that type. In an occasion, he saves Anu’s father. Impressed with him, she asks him to ask for any favor. Lav asks Anu to be his girl friend for 15 days. Anu agrees to it on certain conditions (no physical touch). In the process, the detached Anu falls in love with Lav. And Lav is more excited to flaunt his girl friend to his friends than actually caring for her. The rest of the story is all about how Lav realizes what’s true love is.

Artists Performance

Tanish is extremely talented. His dialogue delivery and ease in acting make him standout. His debut is one of the most promising debuts in this year. The guy who did the role of hero’s friend is also very natural. The actor who donned the villain role is good. Heroine Madhavi Latha is promising. This film also sports many technicians as actors. Director Kasi Viswanath (Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu director) did the role of hero’s father and he is cool. There is lot of comedy timing in him. Art director Narayana Reddy acted as the tonsured boy who is an assistant to villain. Writer Prasad did the role of heroine’s sadistic neighbor who keeps asking heroine’s father to look at positive side in disastrous situations. Director Sarath did another prominent role. Item girl Raksha did a nice role of hero’s mother.

Technical departments

Story - screenplay - direction: This film deals with the social problem of many teenage boys who just want to have a girl friend for the kick of it. It also touches the burning issue of ‘cell phone videos leakage’. Ravi Babu narrated the entire film from the hero’s point of view by making his narrate from the moment he is born. Ravi Babu has the experience of ad-film making. And he used that ad-film touch to his Allari and Soggadu (only first half). With the freedom given by Ramoji, Ravi Babu gave that touch to the entire film. There is a color pattern (green and bluish) and sophisticated humor angle. He dealt first half of the film very well. However, he could have done the last half an hour of the film (screenplay glitch) in a better way. The following comedy/creative scenes are excellent

1. The entire humor involving the kids.
2. The van episode: The Annapurna mobile van is used excellently to create a series of riotous moments in the film.
3. Hero realizes the focusing aspect by looking at a boy’s focusing on a single fruit.
4. The pick-up lines hero uses to ‘patao’ girls.
5. The use of paint dabbas by family members.
6. The hero’s plight of giving a love note in the song.

The following aspects should have been dealt well

1. Crude comedy used for heroine’s father heart-attack.
2. The final episode hero-heroine-villain tussle.

Other departments: The music by Sekhar Chandra (son of cinematographer Hari Anumolu) stands out. Pavu Takkuva Tommidi sung by Jassie Gift is extremely peppy and is excellently shot. The ‘black n white’ theme song with black articles fading away is very creative. Other songs also reflect the theme and mood of the film (neither forced duets nor routine songs). Cinematography by Sudhakar Reddy is very good. The art work by Narayana Reddy deserves mention. Dialogues are neat. The entire film is shot at Ramoji Film City (hence you see Margadasi advertisements in backdrop during most part of the film). Ramoji Rao should be commended for allowing Ravi Babu to shoot the entire film the way he wanted to. They stuck to a theme and followed it throughout.

Analysis: : The initial half an hour of the film is excellent. First half of the film is good. Second half is adequate. The last half an hour should have been dealt better. The plus points of the film are humor and romance. On the flip side, the last half an hour should have been dealt better. On a whole, Nachavule is worth a watch for being a different flick and a theme film.

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