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Movie review - Naga Pratista

Naga Pratista

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Jeevi rating: 2 (Two)
: AA Arts
Cast: Sijju, Raasi, Ramireddy, Jayaprakash Reddy, Benarji, Navabharath Balaji, Subbaraya Sharma, Shakunthala, Rajitha, Harika.
Story - AA Arts
Dialogues - Dasam Venkatrao
Camera - Adusumilli Vijaykumar
Music Director - Vandemataram Srinivas
Lyrics - Sahiti
Producer - K Chandrasekhar
Director - L Sanjeeva Rao



Naga Lakshmi (Raasi) is an ardent devotee of Naga Devatha in the temple of a village. Nagadevatha saves her when she was one year old. When the entire village was facing plethora of problems, she installed the idol of God in the temple and saves the village from famine. Naga Lakshmi is regarded as the God-sent gift to the village.

Naga Lakshmi falls in love with Aditya (Sijju). Aditya's family consists of a window-mother Lokeswari (Sakuntala) and two elder brothers and their wives. Naga Lakshmi is the daughter of the maid in Aditya's house.

Aditya has a wicked maternal uncle called Kanaka Raju (Jaya Prakash), who is in the business of stealing idols from temples and selling them off to the foreigners. Aditya marries Naga Lakshmi in a temple and brings her to his home.

All the people in Aditya home are against his decision and treat Naga Lakshmi very badly. Aditya goes to abroad to do a job (H1 visa). During that period Kanaka Raju gets a deal for stealing the idol, which was installed by Naga Lakshmi. Lokeswari throws Naga Lakshmi out of house. Naga Lakshmi witnesses the moment of Kanaka Raju stealing the idle in temple. When Naga Lakshmi asks him place the idol back in temple, Kanakaraju kills her.

When Kanaka Raju reaches back home, he finds Naga Lakshmi at home to his astonishment. He realizes that Naga Devatha entered the body of Naga Lakshmi. The rest of the film is all about, how Naga Devatha converts the bad people into good people by making them realize the importance of humanity and divinity.


Raasi: Raasi is the lifeline of the film. She carried the entire film on her shoulders and did 100% justice to her role. It's a nice feeling to see Raasi back on screen after a gap of so many months. She dominated the entire film.

Sijju: He is just a prop in the film and has a pretty small role to play.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay - Direction: The director has chosen the same old formula story and gave a traditional narration. The film offers nothing new in screenplay and most of it is copied from old devotional films.

Music, Dialogues and Photography: Music of the film is of below average quality. Dialogues lack punch. There are no comedy dialogues. Photography offers nothing to write home about.

Analysis: It's a pretty ordinary imitation of devotional films came in the past. The only plus point of the film is Raasi. The film is boring at times. The mantrikudu role of Rami Reddy is very tamed one. Women and the people who like devotional stuff might like this film.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Neeto Cheppalani Film Review
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