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Movie review - Neethone Vuntanu
Neethone Vuntanu
Neethone Vuntanu
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Jeevi Rating: 2.5 (Two and half on the scale of five)
Genre: Love
Banner: Lakshmi Art Pictures
Cast: Upendra, Rachana, Sangavi, Thriller Manju, Sudhakar, Tanikella Bharani, Subbaraya Sharma, Shivaparvathi.
Photography: Vasu
Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja
Music: Vandemataram Srinivas
Screenplay - Direction:T Prabhakar
Producer: P Purushottama rao

Theatrical Release Date: 1st February 2002



Ravi (Upendra) is a software engineer and he chats with a girl whose nick is Subba Lakshmi on the net. Ravi's nick is Subba Rao. The real name of Subba Lakshmi is Aparna (Rachna). Both of them love each other on net. Ravi shows himself to Aparna using his web cam. But Ravi does not know how Subba Lakshmi looks like.

Incidentally Ravi and Aparna becomes project mates in a software company in Hyderabad. Aparna knows that Ravi is Subba Rao. But Ravi does not know that Aparna is Subba Lakshmi. Aparna keeps on teasing Ravi on telephone as Subba Lakshmi.

One fine morning, Aparna calls Ravi and asks him to come to temple so that he can meet Subba Lakshmi. When Ravi visits temple, he mistakes Divya (Sanghvi) to be Subba Lakshmi and smooches her in public. Divya too loves him for months as he is a famous boxing champion and Divya is his fan. Divya and Aparna are siblings.

Aparna sacrifices Ravi to Divya. Aparna asks Divya to tell Ravi that she is Subba Lakshmi. Divya and Ravi gets married. How the truth is revealed and what would be the consequences of the same forms the rest of the story.


Upendra: Unlike his past maverick and male chauvinist films, Upendra acts as a good lover boy in this film. He impresses with his histrionics.

Rachana: Rachna looks ravishing in this film. She strikes a fine balance between the emotions and exposing.

Sanghvi: Her role in this film is a secondary one that enters in the interval. She did well with in her limitations.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - Direction: The story of the film is novel. But bad screenplay and direction misuses the novel storyline. The first half is entertaining. But the moment Sanghavi character is introduced; the film goes on routine mode.

Comedy: The characters of Sudhakar and Tanekella Bharani are introduced to take care of comedy entertainment. They are partly successful in injecting some humor.

Fights: To take care of the frontbenchers, the character of Thriller Manju is introduced towards the climax of the film. Fights in this film are Ok.

Music: Music of Neethone Vuntanu is pretty average. The locations of the first two songs are good. Picturization of the songs are Ok.

Analysis: It's a good storyline spoilt by bad direction. If a young director directs this film with youth heroes, it might have worked with the tight screenplay. It's not a trademark Upendra film. But there is one sadistically hilarious scene, in which Upendra takes Sanghvi to celebrate their first night to the graveyard and tries to rape her in it. Using TV monitor resolution video for web cam chat also looks surreal. Over all, it's a below average film.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Neethone Vuntanu Film Review
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