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Movie Review (5th April 2000) - Nuvvu Vastavani
Supergood Films

Jeevi Rating: 3.75/5
Jeevi Rating
3.75/5 (Three and three fourth on a scale of five)

Nagarjuna and Simran


Cinematography: Shyam K Naidu
SA Raj Kumar
Screenplay and Direction: VR Pratap
Producer: RB Chowdary

Theatrical Release Date
5 April 2000

The movie starts with Chinni(Nagarjuna) revealing, on a train journey from Pune to Hyderabad, that he just got out of jail after seven years. His past is revealed in a flash back.

He had been a singer, waiting for the big break. Indu(Simran) hears his voice, though she doesn't see him and becomes his fan. When Chinni realizes this, he tries to reveal who he is but circumstances place him and Indu in situations where she ends up thinking that he is a rowdy. Chinni ultimately becomes responsible for her losing her eyesight too.

He devotes himself to her from then onwards attending to her every need. She learns to respect and love him too, thinking that he is the singer and not knowing that he is the same person she thought was a rowdy.

Chinni had been telling his mother everything by letter and when she dies, she donates her eyes to Indu. To come up with the money needed for the operation, Chinni donates his kidney and has to travel to Pune for the same. Ready to get back, he is arrested after mistakenly agreeing to look after the luggage (which turns out to contain ammunition) of another man.

Back in the present, everything has changed at the place he used to live. Having nowhere to go, he catches a glimpse of Indu, now the collector. He goes to meet her, and then ...



Nagarjuna: Nagarjuna is back in form with a big bang. He is at his charming best in this film. He looked very fresh. He changed his dancing paradigm and did a few sensible and variety steps. In the earlier films he used to dance irrespective of his comfort level at it. But in this film he made sure that his body is in sync with his comfort level. Except for a couple of sad scenes, Nag has stolen the hearts of viewers in all the scenes.
Simran: Simran is maturing as an actress from film to film. She acted as a blind girl in the second half of the film. She looked very beautiful even as a blind girl. At the same time she made sure that her eyes are lifeless.

Other Departments

Screenplay & Direction: Pratap has shown the sparks of Kodi Rama Krishna. He is good at picturing the mass aspect of the shots, but lacks the deftness of canning class shots. There are two particular scenes in which he failed. One is when Chinni comes to know about his mother's death, he go the toilet and cries. He could not extract the right kind of emotions from Nag. The second one is when Indu meets Chinni in the climax, he failed in extracting good action from Simran. But he knows the pulse of masses. As a debutante, he did a wonderful job.

Music: SA Raj Kumar's music is the life line of the film. Just like his earlier films, he has chosen a melodious song, Patala Pallakilo, to exploit the music and clicked this time too. Kalalonaina is another beautiful song.


Nag has delivered a film that has potential to become a super hit after a gap of few years. With this film Nag has entered the territory of Venky(donning a sympathetic character). Incidentally Venky has done 'Kalisundam Raa' that was similar to Nag's romantic image. Are these guys going for an image swapping? Its a different film for Nag. Will be liked by Women and Mass viewers

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Nuvvu Vastavani Review
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