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Movie review - Okariki Okaru
Okariki Okaru
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Jeevi rating: 3.25/5
: Searching for Subbalakshmi
Can kids watch this film?
Yes (no vulgarity and no violence)
Anandi Arts
: Sriram, Arti Chabria, Vijay, Radha Kumari, Balayya, Ahuti Prasad, Ravikanth, Devan, Tanikella Bharani, Sana, Jahnavi, Gowtam Raju, Duvvasi Mohan, Jr. Relangi, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam
Story - Dialogues: Venkat Kona
Music: MM Keeravani
Art: Narayana Reddy
Lyrics: Sirivennela, Chandrabose
Cinematography: Sunil & Raja
Choreography: Shankar
Editing: Shankar
Producer: Kiran
Screenplay - Direction: Rasool
Release date: 9th October 2003


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Kameswara Rao (Sriram) is forced by his grandmother (Radha Kumari) to accompany her to Kaasi pilgrimage. Swapna Rao (Arti Chabria) is a NRI girl coming back from USA along with his grandfather (Balayya) on a vacation. Their trains stop at a place due to bad weather. These people are forced to spend few days together because connection to the outside world is cut. During this time, Kameswara Rao and Swapna Rao introduce themselves to each other as Rahul and Subba Lakshmi respectively. They fall in love with each other. By the time they want to express their love to each other, they were separated.

Swapna Rao goes back to USA. Kameswara Rao joins a company that promised him a job in USA. The entire second half revolves around how they find each other.

Artists Performance

Sriram: This is the first straight film of Sriram (of Rojapoolu fame). He did a sensible portrayal of the role. The characterization of his role is very soft and tender. Sri dubbed the voice of Sriram and it sounded fresh.

Arti Chabria: She is a perfect fit as a NRI Telugu girl. Sunita dubbed Arti with her dulcet voice.

Others: Vijay (of Abbailu Ammailu fame) donned a comedy role of hero's buddy. He generated lots of humor. Radha Kumari is good as typical good-hearted yet pampering grandmother. Jahnavi played her real-life character of a TV anchor. The ones who played the roles of Sanjay and Williams are appropriate.

Technical Departments:

Story: Story by Kona Venkat is a very sensitive story, that needs an exceptional handling of screenplay and a commercial brain to make it not look like a off-beat film.

Screenplay - direction: Rasool definitely has lots of creative zeal in him, which is evident in the style of narration and taking. The way he opened the film with voice over narrating the characterization of the hero is impressive. He took his own time in establishing the characters and narrated the entire film from hero's perspective. Having such a thin storyline and keeping the viewers glued to their seats is a tough task. But Rasool succeeded in doing so, though the narration seems to be going at snail's pace at times. Rasool made sure that there is an undercurrent feel throughout the film. But, he should have kept the likes/dislikes of masses and middle class audiences in mind in order to make his film succeed commercially at box office.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Kona Venkat are very casual and suited the mood of the film. A few casual dialogues clicked well to generate the humor because of the director's ability to create such situations.

Music: Music by Keeravani is the highlight of the film. The songs are extremely good. Rasool should be given a pat on his back for extracting such a soulful music from Keeravani. All the songs are picturised and placed well in the film. However, 'Ghatu Ghatu' song come as a break to the narration in second half. I personally liked 'Subbalakshmi' song a lot.

Photography: Rasool took a departure from regular shotmaking while framing shots for a few scenes in this film. The camerawork by Sunil and Raja is impressive.

Production: Anandi Arts should be commended for accepting to produce a script that would make regular filmmakers run away from it. This film would definitely remain as one of the clean and neat films produced by this banner. However, the budget for this film appears to be pretty low.

Analysis: The first half of the film is good with good amount of humor sprinkled at regular intervals. The graph in second half got down a bit. However, things were brought back on the wheels by the time film approached climax. The positive points are imaginatory direction, extraordinary music and excellent photography. The negative points are lack of commercial elements for B and C center crowds, very slow narration and off-beat outlook. This film should be reaping awards. But we have to wait and see if this film reaps financial rewards for the producer as well.

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