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Movie review - Oops
(dubbed film)

Jeevi rating: 1.5/5
: all about male strippers and gigolos
Can kids watch this film?
No (adult content)
Tijori Films Inc
: Kiran Janjani, Vikas Sethi, Adyasha, Mita Vishisht, Kiran Kumar, Mink Singh, Amit Singh Thakur, Dinesh Lamba
Music: Ravi Pawar
Cinematography: A Xavier
Producer: Jyothi Prasad
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Deepak Tijori
Release date: 8th August 2003


tell a friend


Jagan (Kiran Janjani), Akash (Vikas Sethi) and Nisha (Adyasha) belong to a dance club. Their ambition is to become big in dancing profession. Jagan and Nisha are lovers. Akash is a wealthy guy. Jagan is a middle-class man who dreams of becoming millionaire over night. In the process he meets Sonia (Mink Singh), an actress. She offers him Rs. 15,000/- for a 3 hours strip tease show to be done among a group of 10 high society women who are bored with their hubbies. Jagan asks his best buddy Akash to give him company as a male stripper as he is nervous. That show becomes a big hit. And Jagan gets another call from Sonia for another strip show. This time Akash says that he is not comfortable with that profession. Jagan does the solo strip tease. There he meets a dusky yet sexy women called Savitha (Mita Vashisht) who looked pretty sober. She tells him that she does not want her identity known to him and she has a luxury suit booked for her in a 5 star hotel all the time. He would be paid handsomely for his services as gigolo. After the first night with her, Jagan gets emotional and falls in love with her. But she says that she has no feelings or emotions for him and she does it all for a kick and he should not probe in to her personal details. Later on, it is revealed that Savitha is none but the mother of Jagan's best friend Akash.

The entire second half revolves around the drama of human emotions and the confrontations Sonia and Jagan go though.

Artists: Kiran Janjani did well as the man who fallen in love with a woman who is almost two times his age. Vikas Sekhi and Adyasha are OK. But the scene stealer of the entire movie is the sensuous Mita Vashisht who did the role of a woman who is caught between the love of the lover and the family bonds of son and husband. Mink Singh is hot in an appropriate role.

Technical Departments:

Story: The story of the film is alien to the common man in India. This storyline has got three basic flaws in it.

1. Though Akash and Jagan are best buddies, Sanjay never get to see Akash's mother till he had sex with her.

2. In the climax of the film Akash mother justifies her actions (having a private life of using gigolos and attending male strip tease parties) by saying that her husband and her son did not give her emotional support. She should have spoken to them about this problem in the beginning stage itself and make them understand why she needs her husband and son for emotional dependence.

3. When Jagan chooses to remain as the male stripper, his girl friend Nisha chooses Akash as her boy friend. The shifting of love and loyalties is not convincing at all.

Screenplay - direction: Deepak Tijori's direction is amateurish. He succeeded in cashing the weakness of male audience by putting lots of scenes of smooching and bold exposing. The story got a good foundation by interval where its revealed that Savitha is the mother of Akash. The director failed to justify the emotional drama that ran in the entire second half. He tried to show that all the characters are good in their own way. Screenplay of the film is very sluggish and boring at times. The characterization in this film is half-baked one. He inserted too many unnecessary songs to make this film appear a musical.

Other departments: Music by Ravi Pawar is OK, as it mostly consists of popular English dance numbers. Dialogues are apt. Cinematography by A Xavier is worth praising. The art work (the interiors) is cool.

The first half is fast and furious with lots of exposing though it does not have any story. The second half is boring. Even then, this film would seduce the males to the theaters for it's bold theme and explicit content. The women can't watch this film (at least in public theaters).

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Oops Review
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