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Movie review - Parasuram
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Jeevi rating: 3 (three)
Banner: Priyanka Cinema
Cast: Srihari, Sanghavi, Nutan Prasad, Giribabu, Jayaprakash Reddy, G.V. Lakshmayya Chowdhary and Pavani
Music: Sri Lekha
Photography: B. Lokeswara Rao
Dialogues: Krishnaeswara Rao
Screenplay - Direction: Mohan Gandhi
Producer: Priyanka

Theatrical Release Date: 7th March 2002



Parasuram (Srihari) is an investigative journalist working for Terror newspaper, which is run by his mentor figure Chandrakanth (Nutan Prasad). BR (Sarath Saxena) is a famous and influential industrialist who runs a mafia kingdom. In his first assignment Parasuram cracks down on the brothel house, which is run in a workingwoman's hostel, which is run by BR with the help of Mental Anjaneyulu (Jaya Prakash).

In a teasing incident Parasuram beats up the son of BR to pulp. In another incident Parasuram exposes another scandal in BR's pharmaceutical company and gets some solid evidence, which is sufficient to put BR behind the bars. The irritated BR kills Parasuram's brother and sister, the only relatives he has.

Police arrest BR and leaves him on bail in half an hour. Peeved by the political - police nexus, Parasuram decides to leave the pen and grab the gun. He gets hold of a gun and shoots Mental Anjaneyulu without leaving any traces. Parasuram finishes off the son of BR too. Vyjayanti (Sanghavi), who is working as SI of police suspects that Parasuram is the culprit and arrests him. The rest of the film deals with how Parasuram gives a slip to cops to assassinate BR.


Srihari: Sri Hari is at his best in this film. He improved his modulation a lot. His did good bit of stunts with the help of stunt master Vijay. He has three dance-based songs with Sanghvi too. He exhibited his body and muscles liberally in this film.

Sanghavi: Sanghavi did a role of sub inspector of Police. But her characterization is not strong enough to make any impact. She is used more to songs than action.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay - Direction: Direction of the film is good in parts. Screenplay is gripping in first half. But in second half, Mohan Gandhi lost control over the preceding of the film. The director knows the mass pulse. Story of the film is routine. But, it's the treatment given by Mohan Gandhi that saved this film becoming a boring proposition.

Music: Sri Lekha blissfully lifted bits from all the latest hits of Telugu films and did the paste work. Either she is not capable of doing original tunes or the producers are forcing her to copy songs. Background score of the film is good.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Krishneswara Rao is an asset to the film. The dialogues between Sreehari and Nutan Prasad and the dialogues in court scene got applause from the crowds. He is even good at writing comedy-oriented dialogues.

Thrills: Fight master Vijay seems to know what people expect from Sreehari. The stunts in this film are an extension to what Srihari has done in 'Badrachalam'. Vijay is directing a film with Sri Hari as hero now.

Analysis: The first half of the film is very entertaining with the right mix of action, comedy and sentiment. But the film takes the same old beaten path in narration. Over all it's an average flick, which will gel well the masses. A must see for Sri Hari fans. Other people too can watch this film as time pass if they have nothing else to do.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Parasuram Film Review
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