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Movie review - Pellam Voorelithe
Pellam Voorelithe
Pellam Voorelithe
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Jeevi rating: 3.5/5
: Comedy of lies
Genre: Comedy
Banner: Siri Media Arts
: Srikanth, Sangeeta, Venu, Rakshita, Sunil, Jyoti, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Brahmanandam, Suman Setty, MS Narayana
Music: Mani Sharma
Lyrics: Suddala ashok Teja, C Vijaya Kumar, Veturi, Bhuva Chandra, Mallikharjuna, Gopika Poornima, Preethi, Hariharan, Kalpana, SP balu, Karthik & Usha
Dialogues: Marudhuti Raja
Screenplay - Direction: SV Krishna Reddy
Producer: Siri Media Arts
Release date: 15th January 2003


tell a friend


Vivek (Srikanth) is an MD of an ad agency. He is a married to a beautiful wife Sandhya (Sangeeta). Subbu (Venu) is a photographer. He meets a beautiful girl (Rakshita). They fall in love. Vivek has a friend called Samba (Sunil), who is into womanizing and enjoying his life with hot chicks Sambha tries to drag Vivek into the game and sends a prostitute Tilottama to the guesthouse of Vivek when Sandhya is away. When Tilottama arrives at Vivek's place, Sandhya returns to the guesthouse for some urgent work. When Sandhya spots Tilottama in the guesthouse, Vivek introduces her as the wife of Subbu.

Then starts the comedy of errors. In order to cover a mistake that has not really happened, three people play the game. One particular lie by Vivek results into number of lies. What happens when the wives come to know about their husbands lies forms the climax.


Srikanth: : Srikanth has shown his finesse in comedy with 'Tappuchesi Pappukoodu' in the past. He continued his form in this film as well. He looks very handsome in this film.

Venu: Venu has good timing sense. The scenes in which he takes out kerchief to clean the shoes of Srikanth clicked very well. Lets hope that he would get more films after this one.

Sangeeta: She donned the role of ever-suspecting wife in this film who makes the popular saying 'if something has to go wrong, it will go wrong'. She is pretty glamorous.

Rakshita: After having a hottest film like Idiot, the glam doll Rakshita did not get enough role to entertain the crowds. But she managed to evoke good response within the limitations.

Sunil: Sunil has a role that acts as catalyst in this film. He is the one who creates the problem and he is the one who solves it. Though he has a small role, it is vital for the film. He entertained the crowds.

Others: Brahmanandam and Gundu Hanumantha Rao's roles did not have enough time to entertain. But MS Narayana made a mark for himself with an MLA role. The way he puts 'namaskar' is quite funny.

Technical Departments:

Story: The basic storyline is inspired by a Tamil film titled 'Charlie Chaplin'. Writer Satyanand made a few changes to add Telugu nativity to the story.

Screenplay - Direction: After watching this film, everybody would agree that it is not 'an SV Krishna Reddy film'. SV Krishna Reddy has changed his style and composition. We see lot of dialogue based humor and sentiment scenes in a SVK films. But this film has very less dialogue humor and sentimental touch. The film has comedy - that is generated by situation - from the beginning to the end. It has clean comedy though it deals with the storyline of hiring a prostitute. SV Krishna Reddy has done a neat job and this film has all the chances of becoming a comeback film for him.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Marudhuri Raja are clean and well written. There is one particular dialogue in the film for Sunil that goes like - Vunnavi rende rendu satyalu. Okati puttadam. Rendodi chaavadam. Ee madhyalo jariginadanta abaddam. I remember Sunil telling me the same dialogue long back in a conversation. I do not know if this dialogue is written by Sunil himself as he is a good writer as well.

Music: Music by Mani Sharma is very melodious. He mixed SV Krishna Reddy style of music and his style of music and made a sensible fusion out of it. Background music for comedy scenes is also appropriate.

Other departments: Photography of the film is very smooth. The quality of film & printing is very good. Production values of Siri Media Arts are of high standards. .

This film is a clean comedy film from first frame to last frame. The main drawback of the film is lack of heavy sentimental scenes, which is the forte of SV Krishna Reddy. For the first time, SV Krishna Reddy came out of his regular group (of technicians) and worked with all new (to him) technicians. Hence one can see a lot of freshness in SV Krisna Reddy's taking. The producers (Allu Arvind and Aswini Dutt) should be commended for hiring the right cast and crew for the film. You can enjoy this film as long as you don't have high expectations. This film is aimed at family crowds and the range of the film would depend on how much the family crowds like 'Pellam Voorelithe'.

Trade Talk: This film has got positive talk on day one. But the range might vary from 50 days to 70 days and 100 days too in some centers. We have to wait and see how this film fares in long run.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Pellam Voorelithe Review
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