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Pichodi Chetilo Raayi - A review

Dasari Communications
Pichodi Chetilo Raayi

Dasari, Charan Raj, Capt. Raju, Chandra Mohan, Suthi Velu, AVS, Sujatha, Brahmaji and Indraja.
Music: Vandematharam
Theatrical Release Date
27th August 1999

Maharadhi (Capt. Raju) is the chief editor of the best circulated news paper of AP, 'Prajaswamyam'. Chakradhara Rao (Charan Raj) is the CM of AP. Brahmaji and Indraja are committed journalists of 'Prajaswamyam'. Adiseshagiri Rao (Suthi Velu) and his companions are freedom fighters who are dedicated for the cause of curing the political system and doing the social justice.

Maharadhi is instrumental in projecting Chakradhar Rao as the force to reckon with by using his 'prajaswamyam'. In a way, Maharadhi remote controls the government headed by Chakradhara Rao by enforcing the opinions of his news paper on the policies of Government.

Veera Reddy is the publisher of another popular news paper and is the main rival of Maharadhi. In the recent allocations of Liquor permits, Veera Reddy gets license to manufacture IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor). Maharadhi gets irritated by this and ploys a strategy. In the next day's main editorial Maharadhi writes about the plight of the people getting effected by Liquor and then opens the pandora Box. Next day, it turns out to be the voice of the people. Adiseshagiri Rao and his companions starts their 'udyamam' on banning liquor. Finally government is forced to ban liquor.

Once the liquor is banned, all the leaders who are in power starts minting money by smuggling liquor and making adulterated liquor. And immediately the same issue is focussed by 'Prajaswamyam' news paper editorial. Another 'udyamam' is started by women seeking the removal of ban on liquor. As the women starts thronging the gates of CM's office, CM verbally assaults the DIG of police for their inefficiency saying that they failed in implementing the ban of liquor (That sincere officer dies of heart attack later, that's different issue). Then he assures all the women that he is lifting the ban on liquor with affect from that minute. Most of the new liquor licenses will be given to the relatives of Maharadhi.

As the state of the state is in ruckus caused by the removal of ban on liquor, Maharadhi has to divert the attention of janatha by giving some sensational headlines. The same day 'Prajaswamyam' comes up with a sensational main page article saying 'Sri Krishna Devaraya is still alive'. AVS is the professor who firmly believes that 'Sri Krishna Deva Raya' still alive. As they start exploring all antique places, they find a coffin with fumes coming out. When they open it they find a short smiling man (Chandra Mohan) in royal dress. Upon enquiring he admits that he is 'Tenali Rama Lingadu'(TRL). He also informs about the spot at which Sri Krishna Devaraya's(SDK) coffin is lying. Upon digging that place they see Sri Krishna Devaraya (Dasari) having an angelic sleep. Upon enquiry they reveal that they have taken a few herbal medicines which will make them alive for 500 years.

Maharadhi and CM are surprised as they have no clue about how these two ancestors come to the scene. Slowly SKD get prominence among the people. adisesha Giri Rao and friends forms a party chooses SKD to be their leader. Center announces the polls a six months ahead than expected. Immediately 'Prajaswamyam' does the poll survey. Brahmaji gives the survey results to Maharadhi that shows 60% vote for SKD and 14% vote for Chakra Dhara Rao. Maharadhi simply changes the equation and publishes the poll results in 'Prajaswamyam' that Chakra Dhara Rao has 60% vote share and SKD has 14%.

At the same time Maharadhi warns CM to be cautious about his public image and asks him to introduce pro poor schemes and do transfer all the sincere officers to insignificant positions.

Elections are held and SKD party wins the elections by huge majority. As the SKD's oath taking takes place as a CM, he springs everyone by surprise by inviting all the Chakra Dhara Rao's corrupted men as ministers. The man who is in utter shock is Tenali Ramalingadu. He asks him why SKD has become like this for which SKD gives an unsatisfactory answer. Then TL challenges that he will prove to the people that SKD is none but 'Devanna', a dreaded naxal who is supposed to have died in an encounter.


SKD starts robbing the whole state by taking bribes as and when he gets a chance. Chakra Dhara Rao is the only person left in the insignificant opposition. He too wants to join SKD party. SKD invites him and makes him the chairman to planning committee. Then the most innovative ideas start floating like giving loans to the private bus owners and hire those buses for APSRTC transportation and receive all the kickbacks. Mean time Tenali Ramalingadu is put up in mental asylum by SKD so that he could not reveal the truth about them.

SKD succeeds in creating tussle of misinterpretation between and chakradhara Rao and maharadhi. After realizing the double play by SKD, Maharadhi calls chakra dhara Rao and explains him who SKD is. SKD is none but the most dreaded naxal leader Devanna, who is supposed have have died in one of the encounters. He along with Chandra mohan uses the trick played by Maharadhi and enter politics as SKD.

When Maharadhi reveals this truth to the whole nation, all the people go berserk for the emotional cheating done by SKD. SKD plays the most popular trick of politicians by fleeing to abroad. When SKD comes back from abroad a bid on his life is made which SKD escapes narrowly.

As the climax is set for the film, Devanna(SKD) chooses TV to address the state. He explains that he entered politics with noble intentions, but due to the blackmail by Maharadhi, he had to change his path. He started taking bribes and collected huge amount. He then fled to abroad to pay back all the loans taken by chakra dhara rao(for developing AP) to free of debts to AP(he says each and every person in Andhra Pradesh owe Rs 6,000 to the world bank). This film ends with a message that the vote should not become 'pichivadi chetilo raayi'.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Pichodi Chetilo Raayi Review
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