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Movie review - Premalo Pavani Kalyan
Premalo Pavani Kalyan
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Jeevi rating: 2/5
: Soulless love story
Banner: Superhit Friends
Cast: Deepak, Ankitha, Sunil, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ranganath, Jayaprakash Reddy, Giribabu, Brahmanandam, Ali, AVS, Venu Madhav, MS Narayana, Raghunatha Reddy, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Iron Leg Sastry, Kallu Chidambaram, Varsha, Ramaprabha, Ramyasri, Devisri, Anitha, Madhumati, Apoorva
Music: Ghantadi Krishna
Dialogues: Polur Ghatikachalam & Nagaraju
Story: Superhit friends unit
: Jawahar Reddy
Screenplay - Direction:
Polur Ghatikachalam
Producer: BA Raju
Release date: 13th December


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Kalyan (Deepak) returns from USA for holidays. His father Dasaratha (Ranganath) selects a girl named Pavani for him. He sends Kalyan to attend a relative's wedding where Kalyan is supposed to meet Pavani. Kalyan meets Pavani (Ankita) in that wedding and they are in love after initial hiccups. Later on it is revealed that the Pavani the father of Kalyan referring to was not the Pavani that Kalyan has fallen in love with.

To make the matters worse, there is a rivalry between the parents of Pavani and Kalyan. Kalyan gives up the idea of love for the sake of his father's satisfaction. The rest of the story is about how Pavani takes the initiative and wins the love of Kalyan!


Deepak: Though he looks pretty handsome, Deepak's body language does not suit for Telugu films. His mannerism and facial expressions for particular scenes are very artificial. His histrionics are decent.

Ankita: Ankita is OK in this film. She has got pretty big eyes and good body language.

Others: Jaya Prakash Reddy has got a pretty neat role, which is different from his earlier works. Kota played the sporting grandpa to hero. Ranganath is seen on big screen after a gap. The comedy stuff by comedians has no taste (though there is no vulgarity in it).

Technical Departments

Story: The main storyline of the film is heavily inspired by the feel good genre films from Bollywood like HAHK and DDLJ. The writer included faction element to cash in the faction films craze

Screenplay - Direction: Polur Ghatikachalam, who proved himself as a successful storywriter for films like 'Sampangi'. But as a debutant movie director, he disappointed with his work. Screenplay of the film is sluggish. There are quite a few loopholes in the narration of the film, which makes the story unimpressive. Though directed tried making a soft film with feel-good texture, he could not inject soul into the characterizations of the hero and heroine. Dialogues of the film are OK.

Songs: The big asset of the film is melodious and soulful music by Ghantadi Krishna. He has done excellent job in giving pretty good tunes. All songs of the film are good. But placing of the songs make these songs not so exciting.

Photography: Jawahar Reddy explored the greenery of Konaseema in this film pretty well. But the lighting in this film is not consistent.

Production: Having such a huge number of character artists and completing the film within schedule is not an easy talk. The producers need to be commended for their grip of logistics of filmmaking. They should have taken care of the script well before starting the film.

Analysis: The only plus point of the film is music. The primary drawbacks of the film are dull narration and nativity problem of hero. May be you can watch this film at your leisure on the idiot box. But it's not worth paying money and watching it on a big screen.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Premalo Pavani Kalyan Film Review
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