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Movie review - Prematho Raa1
Vijayalaxmi Movies
Prematho Raa!
Jeevi Rating: 2.75/5

Jeevi Rating: 2.75/5 (Two and three quarter)
: Venky & Simran

Mani Sharma
Dialogues: Rajendra Kumar
Photography: S Gopal Reddy
Story: Bhupati Raja
Screenplay & Direction: Uday Shankar
Producer: T Trivikrama Rao

Theatrical Release Date: 9th May 2001



Chandu (Venky) and Vijay (Suresh) are brothers. They belong to a wealthy family where the elder brother Vijay is responsible and take care of the business. The younger one Chandu is a spoilt brat and a womanizer.

Vijay is in love with Sandhya (Prema). Chandu happens to visit Ooty and gets bowled by a damsel Geeta (Simran). But he comes to know that Geeta is a tough nut to crack. So he plays different tricks to attract her. One fine day he expresses his love to her and duly deflowers her. Right the next day he takes train to Hyderabad without informing Geeta and attends the marriage of his brother Vijay and Sandhya. At the time of marriage Sandhya enters the scene with Geeta claiming that Geeta is the younger sister of her and Geeta was used by Chandu to satisfy his lust. Sandhya breaks the marriage with Vijay.

Chandu realizes his mistake and repents for the same. He approaches Sandhya and pleads her. She gives him an opportunity to change. If she realizes that Chandu is a changed man after six months then she will endorce the marriage of Chandu and Geeta. The rest of the film is all about how effectively Chandu convinces Geeta.



Venky: Venky is his usual self. But his character looks hackneyed. Venky needs some change in terms of his get-up and mannerisms. His action in the last scene of the film where he expresses his love to Simran is brilliant and it moves you.

Simran: Simran looks weary in this film. Probably her busy schedules are taking toll on her. Her character is extension to that of her's in 'Nuvvu Vastavani'. She did a wonderful job, nonetheless.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay & direction: The touch of Uday Shankar, who has given a memorable film like 'Kalisundam Raa, is not there in this film. This entire film, including songs and comedy, lacks continuity. Screenplay and direction of this film is not up to Venky standards.

Music: Mani Sharma does not impress the viewers in this film. It would be more appropriate if I say that the director did not utilize Mani Sharma properly.

Production: T Trivikrama Rao seems to be in love with the stories where the protagonist plays a negative role. He has chosen the story of Mangalya Balam (1959) and rehashed it to make this film.

Analysis: Barring the two episodes, this film looks pretty unimpressive. One episode is when Venky pataos Simran in the first half. The second episode is when he puts up his three ex lovers in the same hotel and creates comedy. Generally, Telugu people would love to chill out by watching Telugu cinemas in the summer time. But, this film would rather make the people happy outside theater in summer than inside it. But, this film's sentiment may be liked by the masses. Hence, this film has potential to become good grosser in B and C centers.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Prematho Raa!........ Review
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