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Preminchedi Endukamma? - A review

Sri Kranthi Chitra
Preminchedi Endukamma?
Jeevi Rating: 2/5

Jeevi Rating
2/5 (Two on a scale of five)
Anil (Débutante), Maheswari and Prakash Raj
Music: Ilaya Raja
Story, Screenplay and Direction: John
Producer: Kranthi Kumar
Theatrical Release Date
8th October 1999

Sunil (Anil) is a carefree college student. Swapna (Maheswari) is his classmate. Sunil loves Swapna and vice versa. Jagan (PrakashRaj) is the father and the only parent of Swapna, who is obsessed with the well-being of his beloved daughter. Sunil and Jagan have a few showdowns. Jagan do not like the attitude of Sunil. When Swapna confides Jagan that she is in love, he is visibly delighted. His excitement becomes a short-lived one as he realizes later that his daughter's choice is none but the cockish Sunil.

Swapna is torn in between her guy's amorous love and her father's obsessive love. Finally Jagan plays the inevitable trick most of the girl's fathers do play these days. He threatens Swapna that he will go for a suicide as he will have no one left to take care of him if she chooses to marry Sunil.

Being a concerned daughter Swapna avoids meeting Sunil for three years. And Sunil, like any unconditional lover, keeps away from her and still thinks about her all the time. When Swapna and Sunil attend a marriage of a mutual friend, the hell breaks lose.

As we head for the climax we have the emotional Sunil asking Swapna why she loved him first (Preminchedi Endukamma?, title justified!) and then abide by her father's directive. She must have thought of her father when she decided to love him. Then Sunil chooses to walk on a rail track as a super fast express is marching onto him. Swapna looks helpless as her father and her lover are at the loggerheads. Her lover is going to be dead in a couple of minutes if she does not react. If she reacts then her father with go for a suicide. So guys, do you have any clues? Watch the film, if you can!

Action: Anil is a fair replica of Srikanth. But that resemblance stops there itself. He can not act. No naturality in him. He is very screen conscious. Most of the time he would be looking at Maheswari with an expressionless face (Just like the viewer's look at the screen). He is given a very simple role which does not need any emoting skills. Even then he could not match the minimum expectations one expects from an actor. He can't dance. He can't walk freely. This list goes on if you chose to describe how pathetic he is. Maheswari looks jaded in this film. Prakash Raj looks redundant playing the same sort of roles and giving same type of expressions. Still he holds the interest of viewers in a few scenes.

Direction: Direction and screenplay is very shabby. Story is feeble. Being a fresh director, he could not inject any freshness in taking any shot and narrating the story.
Formula is the catch word now a days. You chose a fresh director. And make sure that he is a Tamilian. Make sure that he does not know Telugu. Choose a college backdrop and inject some college humor (by casting the likes of Ali, as the sidekicks of Hero). Prepare a love story and add a twist to end it with. After Karunakaran (Toli Prema) and Ramesh Sarangan (Anaganaga ..) we have another Tamil director, John, making his debut in Telugu films. Freshness in a film will not come if one chooses a Tamil Débutante director. Not everyone is Karunakaran. We get better films if we concentrate more on story and narration rather than going by the popular trends. Being a producer with the difference, one fails to understand why Kranti Kumar succumbed to the lure of formula inspired films. Only saving grace for this film is the music by Ilaya Raja and a few sporting dialogues. Watch this film, at your own risk!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Preminchedi Endukamma? Review
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