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Movie review - Preminchu
Suresh Productions
Jeevi Rating: 3.75/5

Jeevi Rating: 3.75/5 (Three and three quarter)
Inspirational/Family Drama
: Laya, Sai Kiran, Roopa, Murali Mohan & Lakshmi

MM Srilekha
Dialogues: Satyanand
Photography: Hari Anumolu
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Boyina Subba Rao
Producer: D Rama Naidu

Theatrical Release Date: 11th April 2001



Meena (Laya) is a blind college going youngster. She is an epitome of self-confidence and independent individual. She overcomes the hurdle of blindness and lives like a normal citizen with the display of her extraordinary grip over other four senses. She meets Suresh by an accident and their friendship starts growing. It took sometime to realize for Suresh that Meena is a blind girl and his adulation towards her multiplies.

Suresh has a beautiful sister-in-law Dolly (Roopa). She is in deep love with him and her evil-minded father Kota encourages his daughter to marry Suresh as Suresh has lots of money inherited from his ancestors. Meena completes her studies by getting the state first rank and takes up the profession of lawyer and eventually wins a case with her miraculous acumen.

Vasu (Murai Mohan), the noble father of motherless Meena, decides to marry off his daughter with Suresh after coming to know their love story. When Vasu goes to Suresh house with the marriage proposal, he realizes that the mother-in-law of Suresh is none but his divorced wife Kousalya (Lakshmi).

Vasu and Kousalya did have differences when they realized that their girl baby is a blind one. Vasu is in favor of accepting her and Kousalya wants to get rid of her daughter by putting baby in an orphanage. On this issue, the couple takes the divorce and Vasu takes the baby and raises her to the position what Meena is today.

The rest of the film is about how Meena, inspite of being a blind girl, takes on a proxy war with her mother Kousalya and get the entire family united. If you want to know how Meena did manage this daunting task, you got to watch this beautifully balanced good film on a silver screen.



Laya: Laya is the perfect fit for the role of Meena in this film. She acted very well and makes us believe as if we are watching a real blind girl. She did dub her voice for this film and it suited her role very well, as her voice sounds innocent and natural. She did not have make up for her character, which became another asset for her realistic character appeal.

Sai Kiran: Sai Kiran did well with in the limitations of his character, as his character is more of supporting one rather than the heroic one.

Roopa: She is a new comer. And she did flash enough in the first song of this film. In appearance, she resembles the heroine Samyukta.

Murali Mohan: After a long gap, Murali Mohan has done a lengthy and meaningful role as a supporting father of Meena.

Technical Departments:

Screenplay & direction: Boyina Subba Rao, a director of old generation, seems to have done his homework well before embarking into directing this film and narration of the film is very gripping, though the commercial touch in this film looks a little cliched. He give the art touch to the film in the first half and made sure that he balanced the film with necessary mass elements to give the completeness to the film

Dialogues: Satyanand gave very good dialogues for this film. There is one particular dialogue in this film, which makes a great impact on the viewers in a scene in which Meena thanks her father for helping her so much. Then replies "Prema ante edutivaari nundi edo aasinchadam kaadu; prema ante eduti vaariki emanna evvalanukovadam".

Photography: Hari Anumolu's camera work is a definite asset and it brings up the level of quality of this film.

Music: MM Srilekha, niece of M Keeravani, has done a decent job though most of the tunes does sound familiar. Her background music too is well taken care of.

Production: D Rama Naidu, the man who is good at identifying the right kind of stories and incorporating all masala elements made sure that this film does not lack the commercial outlook though it is meant to be an art film.


Analysis: First half of the film is having art touch and second half of the film has pucca commercial outlook. The comedy by Tanikella in this film is pretty entertaining. Over all, this film is recommended for all the educated humane Telugu people who would like to get an insight into the world of blind. Even otherwise, you will not get disappointed as it is stuffed with necessary commercial ingredients.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Eduruleni manishi ........ Review
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