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Movie review - Priya Nestama
Priya Nestama
Priya Nestama
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Jeevi Rating: 1.5 (One and half on the scale of five)
Genre: Love
Banner: Usha Kiron movies
Cast: Venu Tottempudi, Shama, Malavika, Prasad Babu, Chalapati Rao, Delhi Rajeswari, Annapurna, Chandra Mohan, Ganesh and Sadhika
Photography: K Prasad
Dialogues: Chintapally Ramana
Music: Bharani, Vidya Sagar & Devi Sri Prasad
Story - Direction:R Ganapathi
Producer: Ramoji Rao

Theatrical Release Date: 25th January 2002



Surya (Venu Tottempudi) is a fun loving rich boy next door. He falls in love with Girija (Shama). Due to some misunderstanding between their parents, their marriage is called off.

The parents of Surya fix up the match for Surya with Pooja (Malavika), the daughter of their family friend. But Pooja too has a covert love relationship with Kiran (Sivaji). Surya and Pooja decide to get engaged and then cheat their parents and to finally get married to their sweethearts.

The rest of the movie is all about how the story takes twists and turns.


Venu Tottempudi: Venu is OK in this film. Again, his character does not have enough range to bring out histrionic skills.

Malavika: She looks pretty unglamorous in her role. She turned out to be a negative factor in the film. Her emotive is just ok.

Shama: She is another import from North, who slightly resembles Shaheen and Samrin. She did well to enact the roll of glamour doll.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - Direction: R Ganapathi, a debutant handpicked by Usha Kiron movies, fails miserably to deliver goods. The screenplay is uninteresting. And direction lacks any good taste.

Dialogues: The dialogues by Chintapally Ramana are of no use to the film as lacks proper script.

Music: Three music directors Vidya sagar, Bharani and Devi Sri Prasad worked for this film. But the ultimate result is the bad music for the film. Not even single song is worth remembering.

Production: Usha Kiron movies provide full freedom and infrastructure to the directors. And the director failed to make the best use of it. One fail to understand why do Usha Kiron movies should opt for Tamil guys when we have such a rapidly emerging talented directors in Telugu. Dialogues play a vital role in the film. One must be a Telugu guy to understand and appreciate the Teluguness to extract the apt work from the dialogue writer for soft films like this.

Analysis: The movie is pretty boring. There is not even a single scene in the film that captivates the mood of viewers. It's a bad film from that came out of the good banner like Usha Kiron movies. Watch it at your own risk!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Priya Nestama Film Review
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