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Jeevi Rating: 1/5 (One)
Genre: Love
Cast: Upendra, Priyanka, Giri Babu, Anant, Tirupati Prakash & Siva Parvati
Music: Guru Charan
Story: Sai Ram Art Movies
Screenplay: Upendra
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Editing: Nandamuri Hari
Direction: KS Nageswara Rao
Producer: Srinivas J

Theatrical Release Date: 1st November 2001



Sri (Urendra) is a playboy. All he does is to seduce the girls into his bed and leave them frustrated by doing nothing. He is a woman hater and he has a few strong reasons to be one. After encounters with loads of girls, he meets Santhi (Priyanka). Santhi is a tough nut to crack and she always gives him retorts by not getting attracted to him. The entire film revolves around how Sri tries to seduce Santhi and how she gives a slip to Sri and make him beg for more!

In the final scene it is revealed that Santhi has a cousin sister who was cheated by Sri in the past. And it ends with Sri marrying that girl.


Upendra: The histrionics of Upendra can be best described as maverick. His trademark expressions dominate the film. He did well with in his capabilities.

Priyanka: She has thoroughly dominated the film and proved to be a better actress compared to her performances in films like 'Suri' and 'Chinna'. In a couple of songs, she managed to do the right kind of gyrations in the songs that keep the frontbenchers on the edge of their seats.

Giri Babu: Giri Babu was taken for a ride in this film. Giri Babu did a small insignificant role that lasts for few seconds. I don't understand why Giri Babu accepted such an insignificant roles. You can't even recognize Giri Babu unless, you closely observe. But in the hoardings, his photo was prominently used. I hope Giri Babu takes care in the future to make sure that the filmmakers wont cheat him.

Technical Departments: The story of the film is an age-old one. The screenplay is not new for the people who watched Upendra's films in the past. Direction is of cheap taste. Dialogues provided by Paruchuri brothers are good in patches. Guru Charan gave cacophonic music for Raa. Photography was little different in the sense that in most of the scenes the camera is tilted. The cinematographer too used some symbolism. For example, he used blue filter for a blue-film shooting scene in the film.

Analysis: This film is a third grade film that is made with a poor taste. Upendra is wasted in this role of Sri. Most of the scenes of the film are obscene and vulgar. Woman can never watch this film in public. They resorted to the level of shooting some scenes in which a blue film actress rapes a Kannada comedy actor and it was graphically shown. One would wonder, why sensor passed these kinds of scenes. Time and again, this film proved the Upendra's inclination towards women hating films. This film can be strictly avoidable unless you are a hardcore fan of Uprendra.

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