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Movie review - Raghavendra


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Jeevi rating: 3.25/5
: saint warrier
Genre: Action
Banner: Sri Sri Arts
: Prabhas, Anshu, Swetha Agarwal, Murali Mohan, Prabha, Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Brahmanandam, Anand Raj, Vizag Prasad, Rami Reddy, Raghu Babu, Ram Charan, Rama Prabha,
Story - Screenplay - Dialogues: Posani Krishna Murali
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Pratap
Art: Anand Sai
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Stunts: Kanalkannan
Producer: Srinivasa Raju
Direction: Suresh Krishna
Theatrical release date: 28th march 2003


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Raghava is a hot-blooded and restless youth who cant tolerate injustice that is being done in the society. In the process, he picks up fight with local mafia leader Ankineedu (Anandraj). Ankineedu stabs Sirisha - the ladylove of Raghava - to death. He also issues ultimatum to the parents of Raghava to leave the city in few hours. The vexed parents ask Raghava to accompany them only if he agrees to listen to their words. They take Raghava to Mantralayam - a relatives place - and make him become a devotee of Lord Raghavendra Swamy.

This entire episode comes as flashback. Raghava has a pretty sister-in-law (maradalu) called Maha Lakshmi (Swetha Agarwal) in Mantralayam. Raghava becomes a saint-like-man and does not even respond when some goons humiliate Maha Lakshmi. He does not bother to retaliate even when goons strip Maha Lakshmi off of her cloths in public.

The parents of Raghava - who forcibly restricted the helping nature of Raghava - ask Raghava to get rid of his maala and go back to society to serve people. The rest of the story is about how Raghava retaliates and puts an end to the lives of villain gang.


Prabhas: Prabhas looks absolutely ravishing with his 'Raghavendra' getup. He is of 6.2 feet height and looks rugged. Suresh Krishna took all the precautions to magnify that manliness of Prabhas by portraying effectively with the stylish mass characterization on the screen. His mannerism of biting the lower lip with anger is a hit with the crowds. Prabhas is so good in this film that you can watch Raghavendra only for Prabhas!! He is the superstar in making. All he needs is the right director and right break!!

Anshu: She comes in the flashback and did well with in the limitations. Swetha Agarwal did a conservative girl character. Both these heroines do not have much to do in this film.

Others: Actress Prabha made a comeback with this film as a character actress. She did well as the mother of hero. Murali Mohan did a decent portrayal as the father of hero. Villain Anand Raj suited the character of tonsured mafia leader with a typical dialogue of 'I like it/I don't like it'. Brahmanandam's comedy is good in parts.

Technical Departments:

Direction: Suresh Krishna knows the mass pulse. If given a good script, he can show the undercurrent heroism to the maximum extent. Likewise, he maintained the tempo till the flashback is narrated. But he missed that mass touch in flashback and meandered through the love episode of Anshu-Prabhas, which slackened the pace of the film and interest among the audiences. He got the grip again on the subject when the flashback completed. Suresh Krishna used his strength of narrating mass story in this film. However, he has not succeeded in conveying the main point of the film.

Story: The film opens by giving the brief account of what's happening in the country. It says that it's been 56 years since we got our independence. Rajyangam that was written by BR Ambedkar at that time was modified several times according to the changing times. However, the IPC (Indian Penal Code) was not changed a bit for the past 56 years. The loopholes in IPC are protecting the accused.

With this kind of beginning one expects a creative solution for this problem. At the end of the film, it preaches that if court and police are not doing the job rightly, anybody can take the law and order in to his/her own hands.

Screenplay - dialogues: Posani Krishna Murali wrote some good dialogues for this film. But as a screenplay writer, he has not taken care of the flashback well. The carrot episode of flashback is far too stretched. As a storywriter, he should have attributed a inventive path to the hero in the story than making his tread the clichéd path.

Music: Music by Mani Sharma is OK. The picturization of the first song ( Nammina Naamadi) is too good. It is one of the best devotional songs I have seen in the recent past. Picturization of ' Bootulu Tittakuraa' is also good. 'Calcutta Pan Vesinaa' song with Simran is good. The best part of the movie is good background music by Mani.

Thrills: Kanal Kannan has done wonderful job for the fights in this film. Special effects and camera tricks are used for composing stylish fights.

First half of the film is good. But the flashback part in the second half is boring. But the director got back the grip when flashback is completed. It's a stylish mass film that might be appealing for the masses. The main complaint about the film is that there is no story. 'Raghavendra' is definitely worth a look to see Prabhas's performance!

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Raghavendra Review
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