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Movie review - Rakta Kanneeru
Raktha Kanneeru

Jeevi rating: 3/5
: Story of Chandra Kantha
Can kids watch this film?
YES (no Vulgarity & no violence)
Vrushabhadri Productions
Upendra, Abhirami, Ramya Krishna, Kumara Bangarappa, Jyothilakshmi, Doddanna, Bank Janardhana, Sadhu Kokila, J V Somayajalu, Kota Srinivas Rao, Sudhakar & Kallu Chidambaram
Dialogues - Lyrics: Bharati Babu
Screenplay: Upendra
Producer: Munirathnam Naidu
Music - Direction: Kokila Sadhu
Release date: 27th February 2004


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This story belongs to the period of 1950's. Mohan (Upendra) returns from the west after 'educating' himself with a double degree. He reels under the influence of the west so much that he finds the traditions and customs followed in India to be utterly senseless. He is also an heir to the largesse left by his departed jamindar father. Mohan starts visiting a prostitute Kantha (Ramya Krishna) everyday. After looking at his bad behavior, his mother decides to marry him off to a traditional girl Chandra (Abhirami). During the first night, he asks Chandra for a lip-to-lip kiss and when she refuses to do so, he gets pissed off. He declares that he would not touch Chandra again. He starts living in Kantha's house. He prefers to stay at the birthday bash of Kantha's mother to the last rites of his deceased mother. He transfers all his property to Kantha and then goes bankrupt. After a couple of years, Mohan suffers from deadly disease (at that time) of leprosy. Kantha locks him up in a cellar and treats him like an untouchable. After sometime, kantha throws him out of her house and Mohan loses eyesight in the process. He starts wandering in village to beg for food. And one fine evening, he goes to Chandra's house to beg. The rest of the story is all about the climax of 'Rakta Kanneeru'.

Artists Performance

Upendra is appropriate as Mohan. He changed his facial expressions by adding bucktooth (etthu pallu). He is extremely spontaneous while showing the tantrums of foreign-returned youngster. He is also excellent as leprosy patient. Upendra should be commended to do a leprosy patient role without any hesitation. Abhirami is very good as a village belle by wearing brown-colored full sarees. Ramya Krishna is sexy as the devious prostitute. Kumara Bangarappa is very decent as a good Samaritan. Veteran vamp Jyoti Lakshmi still calls the shots by looking good in the role of Ramya Krishna's mother. Music director and director of this film Sadhu Kokila donned the role of a pimp. JV Somayajulu is impressive as the father of Abhirami.

Technical Departments:

Story: Rakta Kanneru is the story of a popular stage play. This story was first made as a film in Tamil with MR Radha as hero in 1953. This stage play also made Nagabhushanam famous on the screen. 'Raktakanneeru' Nagabhushanam donned this role on stage for innumerable times. Audiocassettes of the dialogue version of 'Rakta Kanneeru' by Naga Bhushanam were sold like hotcakes in AP around 3 decades ago. None of out Telugu filmmakers put any effort to put this popular stage play on celluloid.

Screenplay - Dialogues (original): Upendra provided screenplay and dialogues (Kannada original) for this film. Screenplay is good when you consider the fact that that a 2 and half hour movie is made from a 1 hour stage play. The basic dialogues by Upendra are very outright and rebellious as they question the firm believes and preconceived opinions.

Direction - Music: Sadhu Kokila - a Kannada music director made his debut as director with this film. He also acted as a pimp. The direction of the film is average. Music is OK. He narrated the film in a monotonous way without leaving any scope for injecting all-round components.

Analysis: This film is a typical Upendra film. His histrionics and the dialogues written to him are the plus points. Though it's a periodical film, the makers made sure that they did not put any extra money for sets as they shot the film in a couple of palatial mansions and gardens. The first half is entertaining. And second half lacks entertainment value as hero is shown as leprosy patient. With the success of this film in Karnataka, Upendra embarked on another remake of old classic 'Devadas'. Over all, it's a must watch flick for Upendra fans. Others can wait till the DVD is released.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> End of Rakta Kanneeru Review
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