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Ravoyi Chandamama - A review
C Dharma Raju
Ravoyi Chandamama
Jeevi Rating: 2.5/5
Jeevi Rating
2.5/5 (Two and half on a scale of five)
Nag, Anjala, Keerti and Jagapathibabu
Camera: Jayanan Vincent
Mani Sharma
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Jayant
Producer: C Aswini Dutt
Theatrical Release Date
15th October 1999

Sashi (Nag) is an accomplished telugu pop singer. He visits US of A to give a few live stage shows. He has a fiancee (maradalu) called Rukhmini(Keerti) back at home (Vizag). Meghana is an US educated girl staying in LA, who has a lover called Sujit (Jagapathi) back in India. Nag meets Meghana at a party. Meghana develops a few preconceived wrong notions about Sashi by observing him talking to various girls.

When Sashi plans his trip to India along with his troop he chooses to travel in Leo Star Cruise liner from Singapore to Vizag. Incidentally Meghana too takes the same route to Vizag to meet her longtime love Sujit. As they travel together they get to know more about each other. Though they are aware of the fact that they do have fiancees, they could not stop inevitable thing happening. They fall in love with each other.

Being a matured lover Sashi explains Meghana that the feelings they have for each other might have been generated out of infatuation. Sashi comes up with a proposal that they must stay away from meeting and talking to each other for 90 days and spend their time with their respective fiancees. On 90th day if they have the same feeling as of today they will meet at the light house of Vizag port. Then they can dump their fiancees to get married to each other.

After waiting for 90 days, Meghana is standing at the light house of Vizag port. Sashi meets with an accident enroute light house. Thereby he fails to make it to meet Meghana and express his love. A disappointed Meghana agrees to marry Sujit. As Sujit and Meghana are about to tie the knots, Sashi attends the marriage to sing a song.

We have four characters (Sashi, Meghana, Sujit and Rukhmini) eagerly waiting for the things to happen. To know what we have in store for the climax, you need to watch this film on big screen.


Nag: Nag acted with an unmatched charm. He is given a sensitive role.
Anjala: Anjala is given a performance packed role. She tried her best to act well. Sometimes viewers get confused in interpreting the expressions of Anjala.
Keerti and Jagapathi Babu: They did their small guest role with zest.

Direction: Jayant, best known for his excellent character based treatment, tried to play his characters sensibly. But the touch of Jayant is conspicuously missing in this film. He has chosen a seemingly unconvincing story line and could not justify in portraying his characters with conviction. The portrayal of his characters Sashi and Meghana and their relationships are pretty confusing.

Screenplay: Screenplay in the first half is good and in second half it's gone haywire.

Music: Music by Mani Sharma is a plus point for this film.

Songs: As Sashi is a singer, he would be getting lot of requests from various people to sing. There is nothing special about an Aishwarya Rai graced special song. Fast beat songs are good. Melodious songs are very good. Good choreography by Lawrence for Nandanandana song. Farah Khan and Ahmed Khan also composed steps for a few songs.

First half of this film is decent. But the second half is unbearable. Director seems to have lost grip on the film in the second half and tried to wind it up by rushing to the climax at a brisk pace and made the viewer feel clue less and uncomfortable. There are nine songs in this film. Too many songs may make the viewer insipid watching the film. This unconvincing story plot may not go too well with the telugu viewers. This film is loosely based on an English film called 'An Affair To Remember' and bears resemblance to Hindi 'Mann'. Watch out for the reaction of viewers in the form of the box office collections in the weeks to come.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Ravoyi Chandamama Review
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