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Just Released (15th January 2000) - Sammakka Sarakka
Dasari Communications

Sammakka - Sarakka
Jeevi Rating: 2/5
Jeevi Rating
2/5 (Two on a scale of five)
Roja, Ramya Krishna, Dasari, Jaya Prada and Indraja.
Music: Vandematharam
Story, Screenplay, Production & Direction: Dasari
Theatrical Release Date
15th January 2000

This film starts with explaining the tradition of 'medaram Jatara'. And how it is being awesomely celebrated. At that celebration a widow gives birth to two twins, whom their grandmother aptly names as Sammakka and Sarakka.

Then the history behind the tribal goddesses, Sammakka and Sarakka, is shown. These two women belong to tribals who laid their lives for the sake of tribals prosperity in Telangana region. On that eventful day 'Medaram Jatara' is celebrated to pay homage to 'Sammakka and Sarakka'.

There is a remote village in Telangana, where the feudalism and landlordship is at an alarming phase. A big baddie landlord (Narra) stays there. He got four sons, whose responsibility is to bed all the unmarried women in the village. In that process they happen to see the minor girls 'Sammakka and Sarakka'. Both these girls are taken into the palace of landlord and were prepared to become matured so that they can be sexually exploited.

Sammakka and Sarakka give a slip to the landlord and they go out of the village to their grand father's place. Later on they grow up and marry the two servants of landlord. At the time of the marriage, Landlord happen to recognize the Sammakka and Sarakka. He kills the servants and gets Sammakka and Sarakka ready to deflower them. In that process Sammakka and sarakka kills the landlord. Sammakka escapes from the clutches of Landlord and joins the Naxalite movement headed by 'Peddanna'. Sarakka is subjected to torture by the sons of landlord.

Naxalites kidnap the daughter of the landlord and asks the Govt. to give Sarakka in exchange of Landlord's daughter. In this process Sarakka was killed and was shown that she opted for suicide. Enraged Naxalites smash the palace of Landlord. But the kin's of landlord are at large.

Govt. sends a bunch of police headed by Bose (Prakash Raj) to capture Naxalites. Naxalites succeed in duping the police and captures them. As the 'medaram jatara' is nearing, the climax is set for the Sammakka to take revenge on the kins of Landlord. You have to watch this film if you want to know what climax has to offer.


Roja: Roja is given a role that is very much similar to her role of 'Swarnakka'. She dubbed the film with her own voice. Her voice is a little raw. She is given a few dialogues in this film for which she did justice.
Ramya Krishna: Her character in this film does not have anything to offer. Her character has an immature end.
Dasari: He looks repetitive and jaded in his same old Naxalite Guru role. He has 3 songs for his credit in this film.One of them is good.
Prakash Raj: He gave the much needed relief with his usual antics in the film. Characterization of his role is very confusing and contradictory.

Story: This film has a powerful story.

Direction: This film lacks slickness in terms of direction. As it has taken an year to produce film, this film suffers from the ad-hoc attitude by the director. Director is resonsible to make such a mess out of a Powerful theme.

Music: Vandematharam quality of music is missing. Songs are not catchy.

Production: Improper planning and non-co-operation by an artist dogged the production quality of the film. Added to that, hotchpotch editing mars the product.

Production of this film started an year back. It faced all the problems a small budget film can face. Audio of the film was released 8 months back. As Dasari has to finish 'Pichivadi Chetilo Raayi', this film was given a back seat. Later on Ramya Krishna accused Dasari for nonpayment of remuneration and refuse to cooperate. There by Dasari has to give a premature end to Sarakka character.

One more debatable factor is the characterization of the protagonists 'Sammakka and Sarakka'. One expects these two characters to be powerful as they are shown as representatives of the real Goddesses, Sammakka and Sarakka. But the Sarakka character is just like another girl, who succumb to the feudalistic fire by the landlords. Sammakka character blooms out as a powerful role only during the climax.

Another drawback of the film: One expects this film to be the story of 'Telangana' goddesses Sammakka and Sarakka. But the story chosen here is a social one.

Inspite of all the drawback, this film is bound to do well in the interior places of Telangana, as most of the Dalit people can identify themselves with the protagonists in the film.

One beautiful aspect about this film is the characterization of the Grandmother of Sammakka and Sarakka, enterprisingly played by Shakuntala. The way she fights to protect the virginity of her grand children Sammakka and Sarakka is very real and truly amazing.

This film is very raw and tests the patience of viewers, sometimes. This film is not recommendable for the people who likes the main stream films. If you like 'Osey Ramulamma' and if you want to watch the badly executed 'Osey Ramulamma', watch this film!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Sammakka-Sarakka Review
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