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Movie review - Sathyame Sivam
Sathyame Sivam
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Jeevi rating: 3.5/5
: Philosophy enriched
Dubbed (from Tamil)
Genre: Art/Comedy
Banner: Siri Sai Surya Movies
: Kamal Haasan, Madhavan, Kiran Rathod, Nasser, Yuhi Sethu, Uma Riyaz Khan, Santhana Bharathi.
Music: Vidya sagar
Dialogues - Lyrics: Vennelakanti
Cinematography: Arthur A Wilson
Stunts: Vikram Dharma
Editing: M Prabhakaran
Choreography: Brinda - Dinesh
Story - Screenplay: Kamal Hassan
Presented by: Kamal Hassan
C Sundar
: Sangisetty Sabitha, G Lakshmi Narayana
Release date: 28th February 2003


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Satyam (Madhavan) is a savvy ad filmmaker who is stuck in Bhuvaneswar airport due to natural calamity. Sivam (Kamal Hassan) is a nerd-like handicapped man who is very raw. These two people with contrasting personalities meet each and become friends forcibly due to the situation they are thrown in.

Satyam is in hurry because his marriage is about to happen in 4 days. All the communication systems and commuting facilities are dislocated. Satyam and Sivam embark on their journey back to Hyderabad through various modes commuting. In their journey they encounter so many things. Satyam learns that Sivam is a wonderful human being.

Sivam has flashback where he fell in love with Bala (Kiran Rathod). The rich father of Bala spoiled his love relationship. When he is about to get married, Sivam meets with a terrible accident that makes him handicapped for the rest of the life. Through this accident, Sivam loses contact with Bala.

While traveling back to Hyderabad, Satyam and Sivam have close encounters and see a kid dieing in front of their eyes. The rest of the film is about how they realize that God is not somebody who lives in temples, but God is the one who lives in form of men/women who does good deeds.


Kamal Hassan: Kamal gave a terrific response as the 'Sivam' who goes through a complete transformation in the looks department. Kamal Hassan once again showed why he is regarded as the best actor from India with his perfect portrayal of this character. The makeup work done to him is superb. SP Balu dubbed Kamal's voice.

Madhavan: Madhavan did an excellent portrayal of an arrogant guy who is caught in a web, which made him realize what humanity and humbleness means. Though, he looks little over shadowed in the beginning of the film, as the climax approaches Madhavan character gets elevation. So is the scope to show his histrionics. The one who dubs for Venu has given his voice to Madhavan.

Kiran Rathod: Kiran put on a lot of weight. She looks extremely sensuous and charming as 'Bala' in the flashback. Her expressions are very apt and she sensibly shown her womanhood. The dubbing done by Savitha Reddy is perfect. Unfortunately Kiran's role is limited to half an hour.

Others: Nasser plays a typical villain role. But it was Uma Riaz who stole the show with her cameo as a fellow female comrade of Kamal in the flashback. The way she argues with Kamal about her secret admiration was simply hilarious.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay: The story of the film is just wonderful. Kamal Hassan has penned a story that has philosophical touch. Screenplay of the film is also good, though it's slow at times.

Direction: Direction by C Sundar is good. The comedy in the first half is entertaining. The timing of comedy in the flashback is very good, especially in the scenes where Uma confesses her love to Kamal. But the director has not done justice to the commercial elements in the film. He made it more like an art film than a commercial flick.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Vennelakanti are commendable. There are very good dialogues with philosophical touch. There is one dialogue which goes like - 'aadadanni & pustakanni vere magavaadiki ivvakoodadu. Okavela iste, avi manaki tirigi raavu'.

Music: Music by Vidya Sagar is average. Some of the background tunes reminds us of 'Enigma' and 'Titanic' sound tracks.

Others departments: Photography by Arthur A Wilson is average. Editing is also OK. There is one stunt by Vikram Dharma that is aimed at masses.

This film is strictly for the elite audience who does not mind having a look at the philosophical films. Laced with sensible comedy, this art-kind-of film does entertain the people who love Kamal Hassan flicks. 95% of the film has Kamal and Madhavan in all frames. This film might become a bomb at box office, but it would remain as one of the good films made in the recent times. You may watch it at your leisure.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Sathyame Sivam Review
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