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Chala Bagundi - A Review
EVV Cinema
Chala Bagundi
Jeevi Rating: 4/5
Jeevi Rating
4/5 (Four on a scale of five)
Srikanth, Naveen, Malavika, Asha Saini and LB Sriram
Music: Vandetharam Srinivas
Story: EVV
Dialogues: Janardhan Maharshi
Screenplay and Direction: EVV
Producer: EVV
Theatrical Release Date
18th February 2000

Vamsi is a wayward orphan who rescues Chandra Mohan of a gruesome accident. The impressed Chandra Mohan family members(consisting of Chandramohan wife<Prabha> and their kid Krishna) gives hostage to Vamsi. These two kids share a good number of vibes and turns out to be very good thick friends.

As the time passes by Vamsi(Naveen) and Krishna(Srikanth) become inseparable. Though these two friends are close enough Vamsi is in no position to get his close buddy away from the habit of boozing.

Seeta is a small time village belle who comes to Hyderabad for searching a job. Vamsi interviews her for his company and duly falls in love. When Seeta is going back to her village, she is spotted by dipsomaniac Vamsi, who gives her a lift to Railway station and takes her to remote place to malign her. When the inevitable thing is about to happen, Seeta escapes the scene by banging a brick Vamsi on his head.

Later on Vamsi realizes the impact of consuming liquor and vow to say bye to his boozing habit Meantime the family of Chandra Mohan visits the marriage of Chandra Mohan old time pal Chalapathi Rao. Vamsi meets his soul stirring lass Seeta again. And expresses his wish to marry her. But Vamsi and Krishna have taken a vow to select girl for each other. Now it's Vamsi turn to OK Seeta for Krishna. When these two people(Vamsi and Seeta) face each other, they could recollect the whole flashback that transpired between them. Vamsi OKs Seeta for Krishna followed by a marriage.

Seeta hates Vamsi for what he has done to her in the past and decides to make his life miserable by her clever manipulations. She do not believe that Vamsi is a changed man now. As the hatred and revenge in Seeta is growing day by day, the repenting agony in Vamsi sours to new heights. If you want to know what this different sensitive film has to offer in the climax, you must watch this film on the big silver screen to appreciate EVV's first venture as a full-time producer.



Srikanth: Srikanth found to be third time lucky with a good role to go with good story after 'Preyasi Raave' and 'Kshemamga Velli Labhamga Randi'. He character is an easy going one, but takes a swift shift in the end to give completeness to it. Srikanth excelled well in that role.
Naveen: Success seems to be eluding Naveen though he is not erring in his selection of projects. But this time he got everything right including the much elusive success. He did exceedingly well in portraying the repenting mass character.
Malavika: Malavika is not an extraordinary beauty. That's reason why she is selected for this film. She looks just like the girl next door with her innocent smile and sensuality of a female. She did well to balance the showing of love towards srikanth and showing of hatred towards Naveen in presence of Srikanth and let him not know about the existing rivalry between Naveen and her.
Asha: She did well in her insignificant, yet important, character. A steamy song showcases her dare to bare attitude.
LB Sriram: The ultimate killer in this film is LB Sriram (He is dialogue write who worked for films like Hitler and Hello Brother). He provided the same kind of impact that is provided by Rao Gopal Rao in 'Muthyala Muggu'. His Godari accent is a treat to ears. He is an excellent stage artist. Just like most of the stage artist, his strength lies in body gestures and pronunciation of Telugu. Though he is done a few insignificant roles in films like 'Kishkinda Kanda' and 'Hands Up', this film helped him as a launching pad into the popularity. He is supposed have grabbed half a dozen films with his performance in this film. His lingo 'Pusukkuna' makes people laugh uncontrollably. A new comedy star is born with this film.

Other Departments

Direction: EVV proved that stamina of small big film with 'Chala Bagundi'. He gave us a complete product in the form of 'Chala Bagundi'. He direction takes a new dimension in terms of slickness in this film. In the earlier films the comedy angle of the film takes unproportionate stretch and there by kills the pace of story. But in this film clean comedy is projected in the right proportion in the form of LB Sriram. Just like his earlier films, Sentiment is 'Chala Bagundi' plus point.

Music: Music is this film is very good. Koti gave good music for EVV and EVV relayed excessively on Koti for his films. Re-recording is very good in this film as it is done in DTS format.

Dialogues: Janardhan Maharshi gave good sensible dialogue with EVV flavor.

Production: The reason given by EVV for transforming himself as the producer is that he want to have a free hand at the budget of the film. He spent around 3.5 crores and all that money is shown in the form of richness on the screen. He quoted high for the distributors and finally he released the film himself in Andhra area and taken the help of Geeta Distributor to release this film in Nizam. After the release of the film distributors are queuing up to buy the rights of films outright.


EVV has a habit of giving lot of prerelease hype before the release of his films. He followed the same strategy for the last two films 'Pilla Nachindi' and 'Neti gandhi'. This time too he did the same by giving high blitz publicity. But this time he got another thing right in addition to good publicity. That is to make a film that is worth the publicity he gives. People like Chiru and Rama Naidu publicly acknowledge their personal opinion about 'Chala Bagundi'. EVV has the most powerful weapon as the publicity vehicle. That is a satisfied viewer. And all the people who watched this film are giving good feed back. And this mouth publicity is just doing what it is supposed to do.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Chala Bagundi Review
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