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Movie review - Sakutumba Saparivara Sametamga
Taranga Films
Sakutumba Saparivara Sametamga
Jeevi Rating: 3/5

Jeevi Rating: 3/5 (Three)
Family Drama
: ANR, Srikanth, Suhasini & Jaya Lakshmi

SV Krishna Reddy
Story, Screenplay & Direction: SV Krishna Reddy
Dialogues: Satya Murthy
Producer: V.M.D.Reddy and M.Mohan Gandhi Reddy

Theatrical Release Date: 21st December 2000



There exists a family in which mother is money-minded and father is a drunkard, brother is a gambler, and sisters wants to rob the house. Among these specimens, there are a couple of human beings. They are Vamsi (Srikanth) and his bhabhi (Suhasini). Srikanth is the sole bread earner in the family and bhabhi is the only responsible and sensible person in the family other than Vamsi.

Then Vamsi encounters a beautiful girl called Vasanti (Jayalaxmi) and falls in love with her. She too likes him, but sets a condition that her grandfather Janaki Ramaiah(ANR) should okay his proposal. Vamsi asks Janaki Ramaiah for his grand daughter's hand. Janaki Ramayya tells Vamsi about the plight of his daughter, who dies after being harassed by her husband and in-laws. And he does not want his grandgaughter Vasanti to enter the same situation. Hence, Janaki Ramiah puts a condition that he will come and stay in Vamsi's house as a guest of Vamsi and stays there for a month. If he were satisfied with the family, he would agree for Vamsi's marriage with Vasanti.

Vamsi quickly promises a bounty of Rs 50,000/- each for the family members (except for his bhabhi) if they act like good mannered human beings in the presence of the Janaki Ramaiah. The rest of the film is about, how Vamsi manages to accomplish the act of marrying the Vasanti.


ANR: ANR did a role that is different from his earlier roles. In this film, he is given a less footage and his acting involves playing the emotions under-current without uttering too many dialogues. That's the reason why ANR looked fresh and different in this film. Not too much of dramatization!

Srikanth: Srikanth played the similar kind of role he did in his first film as hero 'Aame'. For Srikanth these kinds of roles are 'kottina pindi', with he did with ease.

Jaya Laxmi: She is like a beautiful doll. And hardly showed any signs of meaningful acting. Even then, she is not become a liability for this film as her role is very small one in this film.

Suhasini: Suhasini played a suffering wife again after 'Egire Pavurama'. He impresses everyone with her natural acting.

Ravi Teja: Ravi Teja as a friend of Srikanth is a big relief in this film. He lived upto his role with his casual acting.

Technical departments:

Direction: This film possess a mishmash of EVV and SVK directorial skills. A sensible and good family orientation is shown from SVK's angle. And how family members exploit the sole bread earner is shown in EVV style (like Aame and Ammo Okato Taarikhu). Over all, this film lacks slickness in the direction.

Music: Music is mediocre. There are hardly any songs that can be remembered after leaving the theaters. Some songs come so often that it irritates the viewers.

Dialogues: Dialogues given by Satya Murthy are clichéd. The man who gave dialogues to remade blockbusters like 'Chanti' and 'Pedarayudu' could not put him charms on the viewers with his dialogues. SV Krishna Reddy looks vulnerable without having Diwakar Babu as the dialogue writer.

Analysis: This film is a routine film with clichéd story. The treatment is not different either. Apart from this, it does not have any negative points. The commercial success of this film depends on the moods of viewers. We have to wait and see how it fares at box-office in the near future

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Sakutumba Saparivara Sametamga Review
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