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Sultan - A review
Jeevi Rating: 3/5
Jeevi Rating
3/5 (Three on a scale of five)
Bala Krishna, Krishna, Krishnam Raju, Rachana, Roja, Deepti Bhatnagar, Brahmanandam and Ravi Kumar.
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Music: Koti
Screenplay & Direction: Sarat
Producer: M R V Prasad
Theatrical Release Date
27th May 1999
Please do not read the story, if you are going to watch the movie, as you will miss the initial suspense in this story.

Titles start with a TV news reader reading out the atrocities done by sultan in the country. Soon after titles focus shift to CBCID head quarters where Sekhar (Krishna) is given the task of nabbing Sultan. Sekhar is patrolling a place where he finds an old Muslim with a broken down bike asking him for a help. He ignores him and later on old Musalman use that bike to assassin a politician. Sekhar waste no time to realize that the old Muslim is none but Sultan. Then the chase begins. There is a ferocious dialogue exchange between them that lead to a fight. At the end of the fight Sultan escape from Sekhar.

Prithvi is doing patrolling in the forest with his subordinate brahnandam. Prithvi find a deer dead shot by Rachana and her bava. Rachana is caught as her bava give Prithvi a slip. After a little bit of kutchi kooing they fall in love and end up in marriage. Sultan is a very rough and unkind. Unlike other husbands he rapes his wife (Roja) while making love. He has a mistress, Deepti.

Meantime, Sekhar is busy tracing Sultan. At a super market he finds Prithvi and Rachana and arrests Prithvi on the spot. Sekhar keeps Prithvi at an unidentified place and harasses him to reveal the secrets. Prithvi is clueless about why he is getting beaten up. Rachana raises the issue of her hubby disappearing with mahila shangha's and shake the assembly with dharna. Government transfers the case from CBCID to CID. Mustafa is a CID officer. The day he was put on the mission, Mustafa gets a rude shock in the form of bomb from Sultan that he manages to escape. Sultan does in a style by asking him for light before bombing him. Thereby Mustafa gets confident that Prithvi and Sultan are two different persons. Meantime, Sekhar is having a gala time torturing the poor chap Prithvi. Mustafa fly down to Hyderabad to meet Sekhar and try to convince Sultan and Prithvi are lookalikes.


Prithvi's mother confesses in police station that Prithvi is the only son and she does not have any twin. Later on Sekhar and Mustafa(SM) finds out that Prithvi's mother adapted prithvi from the mother of Sultan for a paltry sum of Rs 1000/-. Now SM finds a strategy to nab Sultan by using Prithvi as a weapon. They take him to Andaman Island. Poor Prithvi is unaware that these guys(SM) know the truth and are still making him a captive. Prithvi tries to escape from the captivity of SM only to be caught by SM in the middle of the sea. SM tells Prithvi the history and asks him to help them out in the mission. Then Prithvi rebels by asking them why should he help them out? Then Desa Bhakti song follows and end of it SM forms SMP. Now Pritvi is ready for the mission with the help of training by SM on combating tactics.

Meantime Rachana spots Sultan and mistakes him for Prithvi. SMP starts their mission with tracing Deepti Bhatnagar, who later dies taking suicide pill. Prithvi seduces her to get the whereabouts of Sultan. Prithvi explores sultan house. In no time Sultan realizes that some this is amiss. He immediately contacts his mom and asks her to come out clean about his birth. After knowing that prithvi is his brother and then realizing the torture he made on his wife and mom, he send Roja with a suitcase with all the gold biscuits and stuff to SMP that he is ready to surrender. As expected by us, Suitcase turns out to be nothing but a bomb. Mustafa avoids it by throwing the suitcase out. Later on with the help of Roja SPM starts searching Sultan hideouts. In this process Ravi Babu (Right hand of Sultan) kills Roja and Mustafa before getting himself killed.

Prithvi tastes his own medicine when Sultan go to Prithvi's home and takes Rachana out to his Den. Climax is all set now with SP gets a threatening call by Sultan to surrender themselves and give him one million dollars as the ransom. Sultan also warns that he is going to bomb all the MLA's and MP's in India if one million dollars are not given to him. During the climax Sultan realizes that foreign militants used him as the pawn in the destruction process of India. So the focus shifts to two of the foreign militants that are present at the climax scene, luckily.

We have PS fighting tirelessly with militants, as Sultan is busy with making the missiles targeted on all cites futile. Surprise of the climax is that Sultan mother stabs Sultan, as she was not aware that Sultan is a changed man now. After a climax of 15 minutes audiences get a breather as Prithvi and Sekhar remains unconquered.

Actors: Balaiah excelled well in two roles very well. Sultan character does have the shades of Yuvarathna Rana. Prithvi's character is lovable. Balaiah get-up's in this movie needs a special praise. Krishna did his role with ease. He is as smart as ever in his character, which need mental smartness too. Krishnam Raju did his cameo role with professionalism. Rachana is given most of the lady portion. She does look sexy and sensible. Roja acted well in her character that is limited to getting raped by her hubby Sultan in a deglamorized role. Deepti Bhatnagar did her small role with elan. Brahmanandam is just used in a few scenes.

Direction and Screenplay: Director did not do justice to the movie. He tried his best, may be. So far his movies are of family dramas. For the first time he directed an action movie, that is too with three stalwarts as heroes and four roles play by them. Sarat is known for his sentimental scenes in his movies, which are amiss in Sultan. Too many fights are also another draw back to the movie. There is no comedy in the movie except for a few brahmanandam scenes and Krishna Trio Andamaan episode.

Screenplay: Screenplay is good in this movie unto interval. But after interval things seems to be getting mixed up. One has to really concentrate to coordinate with four major characters in this movie.

Dialogues: Dialogues are very good, but at a few scenes. Whenever it is possible Paruchuri brothers' scripted very powerful dialogues for Balaiah-Krishna face/off. Sultan's Hindi dialogues are powerful.

Song One: 'Chima Chima' …. It's a slow song between Balaiah and Rachana. There are no steps in this song. Shot at scenic locales of TalaKona forest.

Song Two: 'Nandi Konda' …. It's a dancing song for Saltan and deepti. Balaiah done a variety steps in this song. This song is the best one in Sultan with good picturization and choreography.

Song Three: 'Shabba Shabba' ….. Sultan dances with Arabic damsels in Dubai. Shot in Annapurna Sets.

Song Four: 'Panchadara Chettumeda' …… Balaiah dances with Rachana in Kulu Manali.

Song Five: 'Janaganamana' ….. Krishnam and Krishnam Raju tells Balaiah to join the mission to save India from sultan. This song is a patriotic song that is shot at Andaman. You can see andaman central jail as the backdrop for this song. This song is very inspirational one.

Song Six: 'O Kaliki Rama Chiluka' …. This song is for Roja and Sultan. This is the favorite song of all audio listeners. This song is shot at Annapurna studio sets. It would have given a great effect in picturization if this song were shot in the outdoors.
Sultan has a very powerful story that is not scripted well. 'Sultan' character is a strange one. Sultan is not a Muslim by birth. He decides his name as sultan as Sultan is synonymous to King. His aim is to make money, bed the damsels, and booze away to glory. His objective of life is to become Dictator for India. This is a negative point of movie. It defies logic. This role is not like that of Robin Hood's, which loots rich money to serves the poor. Here Sultan loots money to amass wealth. His childhood experiences provoked him to become a terrorist. But this terrorist does not have goal for the country. He is greedy for 3 W's. One more this is that SULTAN is a true multi-starrer. So it become increasingly difficult to accommodate 4 important roles without upsetting the rhythm. First half is full of excitement and suspense. Second half is a little boring. Twists are good. Songs are nice. Fights are more. Balaiah different get-up's and styles are good. About the box-office performance…. Well we have to wait and see how Andhra Audiences script the box-office future of Sultan.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Sultan Review
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