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Movie review - Swetha Naagu
Swetha Naagu

Jeevi rating: 2.75/5
: Snake story
Can kids watch this film?
YES (no Vulgarity & no violence)
CV Arts
Soundarya, Abbas, Sarat Babu, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Mallikharjuna Rao, Kallu Chidambaram, Sangeeta, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Abhinaya Sri, Brahmanandam, Pattabhi Ram, Raghunadh Reddy, Prudhvi (SA)
Dialogues: Sainadh
Editing: Lanka Bhaskar
Cinematography: Diwakar
Music: Koti
Producer: CV Reddy
Direction: Sanjeevi
Release date: 18th February 2004


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Madhumati (Soundarya) is a research scholar. Her thesis subject is a study on snakes. Her professor (Sarath Babu) tells her about 'naga sastram' (science of snake) that is written by few priests a few centuries back. That naga sastram is kept in Nallamalla forests with a snake protecting it round the clock. Madhumati reaches Nallamalli forests and tries to procure Naga Sastram. In this process she encounters Swetha Nagu (white snake). Swetha Nagu is after Soundarya to bite her. A Sadhu tells her that she killed a snake in her past life and that snake is seeking revenge now. He also gives her a talisman to protect herself from swetha nagu. The rest of the film is all about how Madhumati fights with Swetha Nagu and wins with the blessing of Naga Devata (Goddess of Snakes).

Artists Performance

Soundarya: This film is Soundarya's 100th film as an actress. This film is also her first film after marriage. She suited the role, though she seems to have lost that glamour she possessed before the marriage. She is good in emotional scenes. Sunita dubbed her voice.

Others: Abbas played second fiddle to Soundarya. Abbas seems to have put on little weight. Sarath Babu is fair. But the director made him give ambiguous expressions in the beginning parts of the film. One does not understand why Prudhvi is taken for an item song in this film. He is never known as a terrific dancer. Abhinaya Sree oozes sex appeal as tribal girl. Jaya Prakash played the role of tribal leader. The comedy by Dharmavarapu, Mallikharjuna Rao, Brahmanandam, Kallu Chidambaram and a Tamil artist is unimpressive. Sangeeta is OK as the mother of heroine.

Technical Departments:

Story: Story of the film is a routine one where an Indian snake tries to take revenge on a girl and how that girl sets everything right by a climax song as a prayer to Naga Devata.

Screenplay - direction: Screenplay of the film is average. Direction by debutant Sanjeevi is OK. The director shot a couple of scenes with authenticity. The director shot well with in the limited budget.

Dialogues: Dialogues by Sainath are partly good. He also tried to provide some food for thought by comparing how Indians and Chinese treat the same specie - Snake. Indians revere snakes as Chinese eat them. The difference between sentiment/belief and science is also explained with a good dialogue.

Other departments: Music by Koti is OK. But there is no need for songs in the film. Photography by Diwakar is OK. The visual effects of the film are average. The production values are decent. chosen are worth a look!

Analysis: The first half of the film is interesting. The second half is little boring. The plus point of the film is Soundarya. The devotional films in current genre are passé. One would prefer devotional film if it offers superb treatment to storyline and graphics (Ammoru and Devi). Swetha Nagu is an average devotional film. And the USP (Unique Selling Point) is Soundarya. We need to wait and watch if Soundarya's charms would draw the audiences to theater or not.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> End of Swetha Naagu Review
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