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Movie review - Taarak
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Jeevi rating: 3/5
: teenage traumas
Genre: Love
: NT Rathnaa, Shirmili, Krishna, Seetu Singh, LB Sriram, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Sudhakar, Chitram Seenu, Ali, Jaya Prakash Reddy,
Music: Mani Sharma
Camera: Poorna
Editing: Ravindra Babu
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Story: Vijaya Creations Unit
Thrills: Horseman Babu
Producer: Achanta Gopinadh
Presented by: Dr. N Shiva Prasad
Screenplay - Direction: Bala Sekharan
Theatrical release date: 3rd April 2003


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Jagadish Prasad (Krishna) - the editor of a popular newspaper - recruits Taarak (NT Rathnaa), who is an engineering gold medallist with a driving ambition to become journalist. Taarak becomes an under cover reporter and joins a degree college to study the youth and write articles to inspire them in positive way. Taarak under the guise of the name Ram starts observing how youth are getting depressed and writes weekly articles on newspaper of Jagadish Prasad to encourage youth. JP (Jayaprakash Redy) - the editor of rival newspaper - is in search of Taarak to recruit him to increase his circulation. The rest of the story is about why Taarak decided to become a journalist and how he cured the thinking process of the youth.

Artists: NT Rathnaa put on some weight in this film. He looks relatively better compared to his earlier films. He performed reasonably well. Heroine Shirmili is little over weight and she does not look glamorous. She did well with in her limitation. Krishna did an inspiring role of an editor. Chitram Seenu did well in a comedy role.

Technical Departments:

Story: The basic storyline is inspired by Drew Barrymore's flick 'Never Been Kissed'. The background of the story is changed from love angle to a social. The climax in which heroine tells the time and wait for the hero in a football court is also a straight lift from 'Never Been Kissed'. Vjaya Creations unit takes credit for this story.

Screenplay - Direction: Balasekharan did a decent job as a director for this film. The narration of the flashback scene where hero's sister suicides in a jiff of frustration is very authentic.

Music: Mani Sharma did a very good job of providing some thumping music for this film. All the tunes sound very familiar to us. The best mass song of this film is 'Sarasamika Sunday'.

Dialogues: Paruchuri brothers did a decent job as dialogue writers. But they could not refrain from giving unnecessary references to 'anna garu' and 'vamsam'.

The basic point of youth taking quick decisions to go for suicide is a powerful point. The director tried to create an impact of that using the flashback. But the narrative meanders from the basic objective towards the love track between hero and heroine. Over all it's an average flick.

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