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Movie review - Thank You Subba Rao
Thank You Subba Rao
Thank You Subba Rao
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Jeevi Rating: 3.25/5 (Three and quarter)
Cast: Srihari, Prakash Raj, Abhirami, LB Sriram, Brahmanandam, Kota, Rama Prabha, MS Narayana, Chalapati Rao, Mallikharjun & AVS
Story: Bhupati Pandyam
Music: Vandemataram
Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja
Screenplay - Direction: EVV Satyanarayana
Producer: Jeetu

Theatrical Release Date: 12th October 2001



Subba Rao (Srihari), an age-barred unemployed graduate, starts a detective agency to make his living. His first assignment is given by GK (Prakash Raj), a millionaire industrialist, to spy on a Dr. Suseela (Abhirami). Dr. Suseela is the fiancée of GK.

Subba Rao does not the like the idea of GK suspecting the character of Dr. Suseela. Subba Rao feels that the marriage should happen when you trust your partner. Subba Rao tells GK that Suseela character is not good. He does it for benefiting Dr. Suseela as she gets rid of a guy who is paranoid about his fiancée. In the meantime, Subba Rao starts dreaming about falling in love with Dr. Suseela.

In the flashback, we come to know that GK and Dr. Suseela are happily married couple. GK does not like Dr. Suseela doing the job. He wants her to sit at home and serve him. Dr. Suseela is very much dedicated to her noble profession of serving patients with her knowledge. Over a period of time, the minor differences between the couple turns into major problems and they separate.

After six years, GK appoints Subba Rao to find out the character of Dr. Suseela. The rest of the film is about how Subba Rao unites the separated couple to put everything in place.



Sri Hari: Sri Hari has done excellent job as the comedy hero in this film. His dialogue delivery and comedy timing is very good.

Prakash Raj: It's a routine role for Prakash Raj. But Prakash Raj has tried to be different by changing his track. The final comedy scenes in which Prakash Raj feels pathetic when he comes to know that his wife is in love with LB Sreeram are pretty hilarious.

Abhirami: Her role in this film is a vital one. He did her bit with the sublime action.

Technical Departments:

Story: A Hollywood comedy film 'Stakeout' (1987) inspires Story of the film. In that film a gangster appoints two detectives to spy on his ex girl friend and ultimately the detective falls in love with the girl. This subject has lot of scope for the comic antics.

Screenplay and direction: This film is a typical EVV film. Over a period of time the comedy of EVV got branded. This film too has an EVV brand of comedy, which is already over-exposed to the regular moviegoers. The deft handling of sentiment in the second half has balanced the overt comedy in this film. EVV is at his best, when it comes to comedy handling.

Comedy: This film has got all the comedy actors. But most of the comedy actors do not have a role to play in the film except for LB Sreeram. There is also a talking-dog named as 'Shakeela' acted in this film.

Dialogues: There are lots of 'pun' oriented dialogues. Marudhuri Raja could not go beyond EVV's scope of comedy dialogues. They are no different to the dialogues penned by Janardhan Maharshi in the past for EVV.

Music: This film does not have any songs, which is a biggest asset of the film. The background music by Vamdemataram is good.

Analysis: The first half of the film has no story and is full of comedy. The second half has a little bit of story and sentiment along with comedy. The comedy of the second half is very well received (mainly due to the presence of sentiment). This film is recommended for all the comedy lovers. But at the same time, this film is no different from EVV's comedy films in the past. 'Thank You Subba Rao' has got all the ingredients of comedy entertainer. The producer of this film has retained the rights of the film and released it through Mayuri except for two areas. This shows the confidence the producer has in his film. Will the audience prove the faith the producer has in this film to be justified? We gotta wait and see!

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Thank You Subba Rao Film Review
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