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Vamsoddarakudu - A Review
Dr T Subba Rami Reddy
Gayatri Films

Jeevi Rating: 2.25/5
Listen to the songs of Vamsoddarakudu
Family Oriented
Jeevi Rating
2.25/5 (Two and quarter on a scale of five)
Balaiah, Krishnam Raju, Radhika, Saakshi Sivanand and Ramya Krishna
Music: Koti
Story & Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Screenplay & Direction: Sarat
Producer: Dr. MS Reddy
Theatrical Release Date
14th January 2000

Suryam (Balaiah) is a physical director in a local college. His mother (Radhika) is a widow. The college in which Suryam work belongs to an Industrialist called Sudarshan Rao (Charan Raj). Sudarshan Rao is the brother-in-law of the business magnate Raja (Krishnam Raju). Raja has two sons, Brahmaji and Ravi Babu.

Sudarshan Rao has a son, Srihari and a daughter, Saakshi. Saakshi is a student in the college. Satyabhama (Ramya) works as a junior PD (Physical Director) in the same college. Suryam and Saakshi used to have regular fights (amir heroine gareeb hero). After a few days they fall in love. Satyabhama too loves Suryam.

When they visit 'Khajuraho' on a college tour, Satyabhama implicates Suryam that he tried to rape her. After a couple of scenes we come to know that Sudarshan Rao inducted Satyambhama into the college to malign the image of Suryam so that his daughter (Saakshi) hates Suryam in that process. Later on we come to know that Satya is the daughter of a conspirator Giribabu. She is asked to play the trick on Suryam in order to save her ailing father. Sudarshan Rao agrees for the marriage of Suryam and Sakshi. But he wants to know why the mother of Suryam is appearing as widow even though her husband is alive. Suryam caught unawares with this question, as he is not aware that his father is alive.

Later on Suryam comes to know that Raja is his father. Suryam's mother used to work as a maid in Raja's house. When Raja gets involved in a murder of a thief, she takes up the responsibility and gets ready to go to the jail. Moved by the unconditional sacrifice done by his maid, Raja married his maid. Sudarshan Rao, brother in law of Raja, makes sure that the maid is thrown out of the house by doing manipulations. The maid comes out of the house and raises her kid (Suryam). After knowing the flashback, Suryam decides to go back to his father and win his laurels and there by set the house right. You gotta watch the film to know hoe Suryam accomplishes it.


Balaiah: Balaiah did well with in the boundaries his character allows him to do.
Ramya and Saakshi: Both these heroines are taken to play the roles of glamour dolls.

Story: The story is old and cliché.

Direction: This film is suffered by the pathetic and unimaginative direction.

Dialogues: There is no freshness or punch in the dialogue written by Paruchuri brothers.

Music: Koti gave an insipid music for this film.

Songs: The first song 'Nee choopu balle balle' was taken on a shady dance floor. You can observe that this song is shot in a single set with single costume for the hero and the heroine for the entire song. Balaiah did a few variety stpes in 'Kondapalli Bomma' song. The much hyped 'Khajuraho' song suffers from a dim light.

Production: This film lacks quality both in terms of print and production. Since they kept 'Sankrathi' as the deadline, they did lot of compromizing in terms of post productions activities. There by it resulted in bad editing, insipid re-recording, no DTS, wrapping up of songs picturization.

Watching this film gives you a feeling like you are watching a typical commercial film of early 1980's. Times are changing and the technology is advancing. New treatment is coming in terms of direction. But this film is badly effected by the unimaginative direction(Sarat), insipid dialogues and cliché story(Paruchuri Bros) and uninspiring music(Koti).

Balaiah has to seriously rethink about doing unnecessary favourism to Sarat and Koti. SA Raj Kumar, who was the original music director for this film was unceremoniously dropped to accommodate the Balaiah's favorite 'Koti'.

The other people who are equally responsible for this half cooked film are the producers. They tried to cash the Balaiah's image. Not even a single constructive effort by the producers is shown on the screen.

Only saving grace of this film is the massive mass image of Balaiah that drive the masses to this film. But once viewers are seated in a theater all they experience a rude shock for the way this film is made. We have to wait and see how the people react in terms of box-office collections.

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