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Movie review - Vendi Mabbulu
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Vendi Mabbulu
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Jeevi rating: No Rating (does not deserve it)
Banner: Jagannada Creations
Cast: Balayya, Pulakit, Anil, Mona Chopra, Meghana, Mitika, Brahmanandam, Mallikharjn, Ramya Sri, Anant and Kallu Chidambaram
Story - Music: Rupali
Screenplay - Direction: Aditya Kumar
Presenter: Jagannatha Creations - Sarojini Multimedia

Theatrical Release Date: 3rd May 2002



Ravi (Pulakit) is a playboy and manages Janaki Ramaiah book publishing company of his grand father (Balayya). Divya (Mona Chopra) is a skimpy dressed Telugu novel writer. She seduces Ravi and exploits him by extracting maximum money from his publication. Radhika (Mitika) is a well-mannered girl, who is a family friend of Ravi. Ravi becomes a gentleman, ditches Divya for her vices and falls in love with Radhika. Radhika meets with a car accident.

Radhika becomes a ghost and hints Dr. Aditi (Meghana), a family doctor of Ravi, that her death is not natural. Ravi and Dr. Aditi start investigating to realize some startling facts like Divya is a psychopath and she killed Radhika. Divya is also a four-time widow (she killed all her ex husbands). In the climax, she kills Ravi too. Ravi and Radhika takes rebirth as Julia and Chris in San Francisco, USA. The entire story is narrated as flashback. This film tries to prove that 'Love Never Dies'. It only changes the bodies.


Pulakit's histrionics of very immature. Mitika is good. But her lip sync to dialogues is very bad. Mona Chopra oozed oomph by baring her skin at the drop of the hat. Meghana is good in looks and histrionics. The action by Anil is apt. There is a separate cheap comedy by Brahmanandam, Mallikharjuna etc, which only makes you curse yourself.

Technical Departments:

The screenplay and direction of the film is very bad. The production values for 'Vendi mabbulu' are worse than a third rated TV serial. Music is as good the orchestra work at cheap bars in the town. There is nothing digital about the photography of the film.

Analysis: This film is touted as the first digital film in India. The only two names you see in the credits of the film are Aditya Kimar (Screenplay - Direction) and Rupali (Story - Music). They did not bother to mention the names of other technical persons of the film. All we see in this film is a cheap special effects, which would make even kids yawn at them. If awards could be given for the worst films of the decade, this film would definitely get a place in top 10. Don't get tempted by the 'digital film' tag and stay away from it.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Vendi Mabbulu Film Review
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