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Cast: Gopichand, Meera Jasmine, Ankita, Sivaji (special appearance), Ashish Vidyarthi, Venu Madhav, MS Narayana, Chandra Mohan, Jayaprakash Reddy and Sumitra.


Music: Mani Sharma
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Dialogues: Chintapally Ramana
Cinematography: Ramanatha Shetty
Lyrics: Anant Sriram & Chinni Charan
Story Screenplay & Direction: Udaya Shankar
Producer: GVG Raju

Movie release date: 20 October 2006

About the film:

GVG Raju who produced the classy film Godavari this year is coming up with a mass film this time titled Raraju. Udaya Shankar who delivered a hit and a flop in Kalisundam Raa and Prematho Raa respectively is testing his luck at the box office after a gap of five years. Gopichand who is branded as a minimum guarantee hero is doing the main lead in this film. Award winning actress Meera Jasmine and glamour girl Ankitha are doing the female leads.

Gopichand: Gopichand plays the role of Kali who owns a mike service in a slum. He is the king of his domain. He has a peculiar habit. Every night before going to sleep he drags his bed onto the streets believing that the face of the person he sees first thing in the morning would decide his fate for the rest of the day. If something bad happens he tracks down the person and makes him pay for ruining his day. Similarly he rewards the person whose face, be it a man or a woman has proved lucky for him.

Heroines: Meera Jasime is said to be doing the role of an intelligent girl dreaming of joining the civil service .Ankitha plays a cop to entertain the masses. In earlier films such characters were used for brief sundry appearances and this is the first time a cop's role is being used to provide entertainment.

Hero Sivaji does a guest role in this film and Ashish Vidyarthi plays villain.

Mani Sharma is the music composer. Strangely the music album release was totally low profile. Chintapally Ramana who is well known for comedy is the dialogue writer and Marthand K Venkatesh is the editor of the film. The film releases on 20th of October 2006 with more than 100 prints.

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