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Innovision cinema - Nikhil Siddhardh & Megha Burman

Hari Yelleti is directing his debut feature under the banner of Innovision Cinema. His Film is an urban take on the lives of 5 friends who are pursuing their dreams after college. It follows their friendships, their loves, their careers, their choices. What makes these 5 characters happy, is a question that the Film looks at. Primarily, it is a love story between the two main leads Nikhil(of Happy Days fame) and Megha(of Bru commerical fame).

Hari Yelleti is a Postgrad from US who worked as a Hardware Engineer for a few years there and later pursued Film Studies in US before moving to India to make movies.

Innovision Cinema is founded by Kishore Ganji(an entrepreneur from US), Hari Yelleti, Raghu and Jakkampudi Venkatesh, all NRIs from USA and the banner is commited to bringing out novel themes onto celluloid and entertain audiences.

Male Lead -- Nikhil Siddharth
Female Lead -- Megha Burman
Producer -- Kishore Ganji
Co Producers -- Hari Yelleti, Raghu and Venkatesh

Chief Technicians:

Director - Hari Yelleti
Cinematography - Malini Dasari(FTII Pune)
Editing - Marthand K Venkatesh
Music - Vinu M. Thomas
Art – Ramana Vamka
Script - Hari Yelleti
CoDirector - T. Satya

Other cast :
Venu, Surya(Ping Pong), Pradeep, SreeLatha, Revathy, Naresh, Seetha & CVL Narasimha Rao


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