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the good, the bad and the ugly
Himsinche 23va Raju Pulakesi (2007)

himsinche 23va raju pulakesiGenre: Comedy
Dubbing (Tamil)
Mega Super Good Films
Cast: Vadivelu, Mounika, Manorama, Nassar, Nagesh, Tejasree


Dialogues: Sri Rama Krishna
Music: Sabesh Murali
Art: Krishnamurthy
Cinematography: Arthur Wilson
Story - screenplay - direction: Simbudevan
Producer: NV Prasad & Paras Jain

Release Date: 3 August 2007

the good, the bad and the ugly
The story is set against 17th century. Mani Varma is the king of a Tamil country. After 22 abortions, the queen finally give birth to twins. The Raja Guru and maternal uncle (Nassar) eyes the crown. Hence he lies to king that only one kid is born. He sends the other kid away. Since this baby is born at the 23rd attempt after visiting Pulakesi temple, the baby boy is named as 23va Raju Pulakesi. Raja Guru makes sure that Pulakesi is bred with bad wits. Pulakesi starts harassing everybody around after crowing as king. The other twin Bhargava grows up in a place far away as a common man. He is a clever guy and has lots of patriotism. After finishing his graduation, Bhargava realizes that he is a look-a-like of the king. He switches the places with the king. The rest of the story is all about how he teaches lessons to Raja Guru and the British.

the good, the bad and the ugly

1. The concept of having a comedy flick with 17th century backdrop. It is a period film. Hence it needs extravagant budget.
2. Brahmanandam’s dubbing helped a lot in establishing Vadivelu character. It is easy for Vadivelu to do two characters because he can show variation between these two character with his make-up and costumes. But to dub differently for these two characters is very hard and Brahmandam does it with great ease. The familiar voice of Tanikella Bharani as mantri also helped the film.
3. The production values. The producer has spent over 7 crores as budget for a film that features Vadivelu as hero.

the good, the bad and the ugly

1. Tamil nativity: The story suits the taste and sensibilities of Tamil people. But for Telugu audience, there are lots of boring moments.
2. Watching two Vadivelus for two and half hours is little uneasy on our eyes.

the good, the bad and the ugly

1. The scenes involving puking and spitting.

the good, the bad and the ugly

1. Showing a lizard and describing it as one of the characters in the set up.
2. The scene in which Pulakesi escapes from the jail

the good, the bad and the ugly
Pulakesi is an example of a typical Tamil blockbuster that could go wrong in Telugu because it does not appeal to the Telugu sensibilities.

By Mosagallaku Mosagadu

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the good, the bad and the ugly
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