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Number Two Blockbuster of the year 2001 - Kushi

Jeevi Rating: 4.5/5 (Four and Half)
: Pawan Kalyan & Bhumika

Mani Sharma
Fights: Pawan Kalyan
Photography: PC Sreeram
Costumes: Renu Desai
Story, Screenplay & Direction: SJ Surya
Producer: AM Ratnam

Theatrical Release Date: 27th April 2001
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Kushi is the only film, this year, in Telugu cinema industry that has got positive talk and expectations right from the beginning of the film. Pawan's maverick style of not entertaining the filmy people to come and see shooting did also help in attaining an enigmatic aura about how the film is being handled. The movie's release date kept on postponing owning to the perfection. Pawan Kalyan himself edited the film.

The movie was finally released on 27th of April 2002. Like Narasimha Naidu, this film too has got super hit talk right from the show one. All the film critics loved this film. But doomsayer's predicted this film to be a hit in metropolis and urban areas. But Kushi went on to become biggest grosser in the initial weeks in all centers alike. Surprisingly, Kushi created records in Ceded area and C centers too. At one point of time, the trade pundits predicted Kushi to cross Narasimha Naidu. But Kushi collections came down slightly after 50 days run. And finally, it became the second film in the 20+ crore bracket by lagging behind Narasimha Naidu by approximately 2 crores.

Pawan Kalyan improved his histrionics by miles in Kushi. He proved to be exceptionally good with his comedy timing. Though this film is one-man show, it also boasts off three other major contributors. Bhumika Chawla became the darling of masses by over night with her subtle and lovely expressions in that film. Mani Sharma has given his best work for Kushi in terms of foot-tapping songs and excellent background music. SJ Suryah gave wonderful screenplay to make the viewers glue to the seat with a wafer-thing storyline.

Producer AM Ratnam sold Kushi on MG basis. Later on he sold all the areas out right for an astronomical price. Bhoomika Chawla is flooded with offers from all big heroes after this film. She is accepting films with the top 6 heroes only. Pawan Kalyan retreated into his shell again and started doing the homework for his next film. It's been 8 months now and his next film is not started yet. Pawan Kalyan is a kind of guy who let his movie's success speak on behalf of him.



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