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Top 10 of year 2005 by Vanaparthy Ranganath
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Chandrullo inde kundelu kindikochinda, kindikochi neela marinda
Chukkallo unde jigelu ninnu mechinda, ninnu mechi neelo cherinda
Muvvala saage dovantha, raavala thooge neeventa
Nuvvelle dare marinda neevalle teere mari erai parindemo nelanta..

Goes the soothing song with two beautiful lasses dancing merrily and enjoying the beauty of the nature. Trisha, dressed in a simple half-sari and Veda (Archana) in a salwar added spice and glamour to the slow-paced steps given by dance-master and director Prabhu deva for the first hit of the year 2005, ‘Nuvvostanante Nevaddantana’. In this article, we present you the top ten hits of this year sorted by their release dates.

Nuvvostanante Nevaddantana:
Paruchuri brothers said in the audio function of the movie ‘Mass’ last year that whenever they work with a new director, the movie turns out to be a super hit. In 2004, they proved themselves right when the movie Mass was a big hit. Come 2005, they proved it right again when they worked with Prabhu deva for the movie Nuvvostanante Nevaddantana. The movie completed the hat trick for the producer M.S.Raju. Coming to the story, the movie is about a poor rural girl who falls in love with a rich guy. The rich guy’s parents belittle the poor girl’s brother when they meet him in a marriage function. The rich guy comes searching for his lady love and wins her after a stern test given by his brother. The story might sound simple but the treatment given by Prabhu deva, the apt dialogues by Paruchuri brothers, Devisri’s hit music, acting of trisha, siddharth and veda made this movie the winner of Sankranthi movies.

History tells us that whenever Venkatesh acts in a soft role for Super good films it turns out to be a money-minter for the producer and the distributors. This year proved no different. Venkatesh started this year with a bang when he acted in the role of ‘Raghavendra’, the eldest brother in a family of four brothers for this movie Sankranthi. Venkatesh’s brilliant portrayal of the role coupled with Srikanth’s soft demeanor provided life to the movie. The close-to-life dialogues given by Paruchuri brothers gave them the second hit this year with this movie. Muppalaneni Shiva’s conviction and experience in handling the megaphone for family stories proved fruitful to the industry again this year with this movie.

After Gangotri and Arya, stylish star Allu Arjun completed his first hat trick with Bunny in this year. The movie was a different one for Arjun from his previous two films. The movie is about a college going student and his struggle to fulfill his father’s dream of constructing a dam for the poor farmers. Allu Arjun’s numero uno dance steps, his flexibility and ease in front of the camera coupled with Chandrabose’s catchy lyrics, Raghu babu’s comedy and V.V.Vinayak’s directorial expertise set the cash registers ringing with this movie.

Tamil superstar Rajnikanth’s dubbing flick Chandramukhi set the box office a blaze with the movie Chandramukhi. Telugu audience once again proved this year that they do appreciate a dubbed movie if it is good. Rajni as Shivaji, Prabhu as his close friend and new comer Nayana tara as Durga formed the main character’s of the movie. But it was the sizzling performance of Jyothika that made the biggest difference in this movie. Infact, a director of K.Balachander’s calibre opined that there was no heroine in the present generation who could have done the role of Chandramukhi like Jyothika performed and the one and only Mahanati Savitri could have done it well, such was her performance. P.Vasu’s direction and Thota Tarani’s sets also helped the movie greatly.

After the average flicks in the previous years, Nandamuri Kalyan ram started this year with the first hit of his career in the form of ‘Athanokkade’. Directed by debutante Surendar this movie proved to be a successful venture for all the parties involved. Kalyanram’s body language, his amazing flexibility in action sequences coupled with Surendar’s taking and Marudhuri Raja’s sensible dialogues proved to be the backbone of the movie. Mani sharma’s music and Sindhu Tolani’s acting also helped the movie.

This year proved to be a hat trick year not only for M.S.Raju and Allu Arjun but also to Dil Raju as well. Dil Raju known for his careful story selection gave Tollywood another faction movie in the form of Bhadra. The movie was directed by Boyapati Sreenu.His freshness in shot taking was seen the scenes where the heroine is introduced, Ravi Teja showing his pranks to his college mates, action sequences etc.

Shankar known for his high budget movies and multi-lingual flicks came in front of the audience with the movie Aparichitudu. The movie deals with the issue of Multiple Personal disorder and how a person with that psychological disease tries his hand on cleaning corruption. Vikram’s histrionics as Ramam, Romeo and Aparichitude was a massive hit with the audience. The music in the movie and Sadaf’s multi-dimensional acting capabilities proved to be very helpful to the movie.

If the prince of tollywood mesmerized the telugu audience with Arjun last year, he did the same with Athadu this year. Mahesh babu in the role of a professional killer was shown from a different spectrum by the writer-director Trivikram. The chirpy one liners of Trivikram coupled with Trisha’s innocent mischieviousness proved to be an instant hit with the audience. Mahesh’s babu’s controlled emotions coupled with Manisharma’s foot tapping music being the biggest highlights of the movie.

S.S. Rajamouli continued his winning streak this year with the movie Chatrapathi. His idea of showing Prabhas in an out and out mass role coupled with the histrionics shown in sentimental scenes were the biggest assets of the movie. Prabhas’s ease in front of the movie in terms of dance, action sequences and above all heart-touching sentimental scenes were never seen before in his earlier movies and no wonder proved to be a massive hit with the audience. Shriya’s acting also was very well appreciated and so was Keeravani’s music.

Ghazini joined the other succesful Tamil flicks Chandramukhi and Aparichitudu in the top ten movies of this year. Surya in the role of Sanjay Ramaswamy suited the role to the tee. His amazing body language in the action sequences and his histrionics in the scenes where he suffers from short term memory loss coupled with Asin’s ease in the comedy scenes provided the biggest support to the movie. Murugadoss’s excellent taking was also well appreciated by the Telugu audience.

This year has witnessed the entry of a large number of dubbed movies into Tollywood which proved to be successful too. The absense of a big hit from the biggest of the star’s also reduced spice in the competition. Let us hope that the New Year brings bigger hits to Tollywood and helps the ailing industry,

Note: The above list is compiled as per chronological order.

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