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Amrutham now on Zee Telugu

November 24, 2007



Amrutham Now on Zee Telugu

Arutham the out and out comedy entertainment serial is set to continue its journey on Zee Telugu. This time it is coming as a daily from 26th Nov every Monday to Thursday @ 9.PM.

No introduction is necessary to this popular sit com, which was the longest running comedy on Telugu small screen. When soaps were mostly women oriented Amrutham came as a breath of fresh air with four male charecters in the lead.Amrutha Vilas became a household name in AP and all the charecters Amrutha Rao,Anji,Appaji and Sarvam became lovable charecters and the viewers waited to watch them in every episode.

Eedadugulu A new Soap in Zee Telugu

This is the story of a simple middle class girl who gets married into a rich family.Only when she enters the family as a daughter-in-law does she realise what she is into.A trap is set for her without her knowledge and unknowingly she falls victim to it.She feels helpless and insecure as she is betrayed by her own people. Her husband whom she believes and trusts also imposes strange conditions. How she copes.adjusts and finally triumphs forms the rest of the story.

This has Sujitha who is a mega heroine in telugu TV as the female lead and Ravi Kiran another new rage on small screen as the male lead. Several famous artists like Balayya,Chinna, Madhu Mani,Anju Asrani etc play lead roles in this gripping family drama.The title song is written by the living legend Sri Veturi Sundara Rama Murthy. It is sung by the famous playback singer Anuradha Sriram and is  shot beautifully on the beaches of Vizag and in the exotic locales of Bhimili. This soap has doses of comedy,sentiment and tragedy to woe the female viewer and is sure to make them wait to see the next episode.

Its going to hit the Zee Telugu Screen from 26th Nov every Monday to Thursday @ 7.30 PM.


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