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About Chiranjeevi's decision to select Uday Kiran

17th April 2003
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Megastar Chiranjeevi is always one-step ahead both professionally and personally. He is one person who always walks his talk. And now this mighty star has taken a laudable decision about his elder daughter's marriage. He chose famous youth hero Uday Kiran as the bridegroom for his daughter Sushmita. Their engagement will be held on April 18th at 5 pm. Please read on for more details of this arranged marriage.

Chiranjeevi has several reasons for his decision of choosing Uday Kiran as his would-be son-in-law. All of us know that Uday Kiran has expressed his affection and admiration for the Megastar many a time in various occasions in recent times. But that is not the only reason that has prompted Chiranjeevi to think about Uday as a prospective bridegroom for his daughter. Uday, very much like Chiru himself, has established himself as a hero with out any godfather in the industry. Taking every criticism in his stride, Uday has put in gargantuan efforts to prove himself and disprove the critics who tried to snub him. His efforts did show positive outcomes with his movies not only becoming box-office successes but also establishing him as an actor who is here to stay for a long time.

Uday never involved himself in any flings in the industry and has kept his reputation of a decent person in tact despite achieving fame. When Megastar approached Uday Kiran about the proposal, it came as a pleasant surprise to Uday and his family. It took some time for them to come to terms with this good news. Megastar told Uday Kiran that he was impressed with both Uday's hard work in his profession and also his character. Uday Kiran and his family happily agreed to the proposal in real time.

During the same time, people close to Megastar brought up the issue of 'caste' because conventionally 'caste' is an important consideration for every marriage in our state. And Uday Kiran and Megastar come from different castes. But Megastar immediately condemned those words. He is believed to have said that, in this 21st century all these trivial issues like caste should not hamper progressive thinking. He also went on to say that, as a father all he cares about the guy he chooses as his son-in-law is the guy's character and behavior and not what caste he belongs to. With that the Megastar has set an example to defy caste system that is prevalent in our society.

These are the full details about this marriage. Kudos to Megastar and hearty congratulations to Uday and Sushmita from all of us here at

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