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LBW (Life Before Wedding) film song teasers

1st December 2010

LBW (Life Before Wedding) is a film made by NRI Praveen Sattaru. This film is shot in Dallas and Hyderabad. Anil R composed music. Music of this film will be released on 3 Decmber by Sony BMG. Here is the preview of songs of LBW. Director Praveen Sattaru explains us the situation of each song -

Singers: Benny Dayal
Lyrics: Krishna Chinni

A Friend In Need: Break-up’s and Make-up’s are quite common in friendship. When your friendship is questioned, what would you do? Almost every other friendship goes thru this phase and so did Jai’s (one of the main characters in LBW). The lyrics of this song talk about an emotion called “friend” in a very subtle yet effect way. Here is a foot taping song with the right melody and apt lyrics.

Track 2: MEGHAM
Singers: Javed Ali
Lyrics: Krishna Chinni

Strange feeling: Some say, a relationship between a boy and a girl cannot just be friendship. It always is more than that. At the same time an equal number disagree. Everyone has a right to have an opinion. However, this song is for those folks who have a friend who is a girl or a boy and are starting to develop a strange feeling which is beyond friendship. This song talks about that very feeling of yours when you saw your “friend” with a completely different set of eyes for the very first time and you never knew you had such feelings towards the other person. This song speaks for you.

Track 3: HEY ENTO
Singers: Ramya
Lyrics: Krishna Chinni

First Love: First love is always special, especially when you encounter it in your tender years. 18, is when you are not sure about anything but you have an opinion about everything. You don’t know anything but you think you know everything. It’s even strange for a girl who doesn’t have many friends apart from her mother. When she suddenly encounters this boy who is very flamboyant and gives her all the attention she deserves, there are a lot of questions on her mind and here they are….

Singers: Javed Ali & Ramya
Lyrics: Krishna Chinni

Lost Love: Strange is the feeling of love and what’s more strange is why you love someone you love. There are no answers to certain questions. But, where it gets complicated is when you express your love and you find out that the other person does not love you. That’s when you go thru a phase in your life, a phase that alters your life for good or for bad. Beautifully written by Krishna Chinni for an awesome tune from Anil. This is the director’s favorite.

Track 5: AA ROJULE
Singers: Zaid
Lyrics: Krishna Chinni

Time to Move on: …and that’s the right thing to do. Ok, things did not work out the way you thought they would, big deal. Pick up your broken pieces and move on…. You don’t know what future has in store for you. Bygones are bygones. Don’t get left behind. Find a reason to live. This is an experimental tune for Telugu cinema. A very simple and subtle song with emphasis on lyrical content.

Singers: Naresh Iyer & Rohit
Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya

Love indeed: Yes, it is. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a couple who just expressed their long lasting love for each other after battling with their inner self for so long and if their moment of joy ends as quickly as they were united for a very long time by a great distance. The only source of communication is voice and the only hope of survival becomes their love. There is so much emotion in the first four lines itself that no one could have expressed better than Krishna Chaitanya.

Track 7: VEDHANE
Singers: Karthik
Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya

Life in Ruin’s: Some decisions in life costs us so much that we beg for a second chance. But in life, there is no second chance. That’s when all hell breaks down; life stands still, every bone in our body gives up and every drop in our veins dry out. We are left alone hanging, reflecting on the past, what could I have done differently and why am I being punished? Our whole life flash’s before us. We know our life is in ruin’s…. an awesome performance from karthik.

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