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22nd March 2000

Badri getting shaped up for 20th April Release

Pawan Kalyan's 'Badri' shooting is over. Dubbing and Mixing is going on at Annapurna Studios. Audio of this film is expected in the first week of April. This film is slated for 20th April release.

Pawan Kalyan opines that the character of Badri is close to his heart and his life style. This film is produced by T TRivikrama Rao, directed by Poori Jagannath. Music is provided by Ramana Gogula.

'Okkadu Chaalu' is the title for Rajasekhar's new film

Vizag Raju has decided 'Okkadu Chaalu' as the title for him venture staring Rajasekhar, Rambha and Sanghavi. Ravi Raja pinisetty is directing this film. Rajasekhar is playing cop again. He is playing as the security gaurd for the CM.

This inspiratioal film is supposed to be message oriented. The mega success of 'Oke Okkadu' seems to have driven the producer to chose this title. Koti is providing music for this film. 'Okkadu Chaalu' is slated for 27th April release.

Nuvvu Vastaavani speculates lot of hopes

Nag is going through a bad phase and has reached the bottom. All he can do is to go up from this level. And 'Nuvvu Vastavani' provides the necessary plotform to catapult Nag to the stardom. This film is produced by RB Chowdary. VR Pratap has directed this film.

Audio of this film released this month and generated a great amount of interest among the listeners. Producers are planning to organize the platinum disc function of this film by the month end. The glamour doll Simran is given a very powerful role in this film. 'Nuvvu Vastavani' is slated for 5th April release.

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