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Music album with Top 10 of Sarigamapa Voice of Youth 2008 coming soon

August 6, 2008


Voice of Youth 2008 Sarigamapa Voice Of Youth – 2008 Top 10 – this is the album which is going to come soon. Telugu Film Producers Council President Tammareddy Bharadwaja today held a press meet along with the representatives of the Zee Telugu and Pyramid Saimira and one of the sponsors Vishal Projects Limited, at Film Chamber Building, Hyderabad. Koti, KM Radhakrishna and Nitish Naran (debutant) are scoring music for this proposed album.

Tammareddy Bharadwaja said: “When we (TFPC) wanted to form a talent pool of playback singers, the Zee Telugu came with apt programme – Zee Sarigamapa Voice of Youth. It really helped a lot of youngsters aspiring to become singers. As promised earlier, now we are going to produce an album with the top 10 singers who participated in the 5-series program. Koti, KM Radhakrishna and Nitish Narayan will score music for these ten songs. Nitish is a new entrant, whom we have introduced. Vishal Productions (a construction) company also came forward to be partner with this project. This kind of album making will create a lot of interest among a number of upcoming singers. This will also help us stop the importing of singers from the North.”

Koti said: “I am really happy that I participated as judge in all the five series of the programme – Sarigamapa Voice of Youth. True to our conviction, we introduced a good number of singers to the film industry.”

Radhakrishna said: “Actually, I felt embarrassed to judge the show performers. But, with the encouragement from Bharadwaja garu, I took up the job as my responsibility. It is a welcome sign that the ZEE and Pyramid Saimira are doing a wonderful project, identifying the talented singes, which directly would benefit the film industry and music lovers as well.”



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