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Condolences to Soundarya's death
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18th April 2004

Movie Artists Association (MAA) has arranged a condolence meeting on 18th April 2004 at 6 pm to mourn the death of actress Soundarya. All the celebrities of Telugu film industry came to this meeting to share their grief.

Akkineni Nageswara Rao
ANR said that it is a very sad incident and he admires Soundarya.

Veteran actress Jamuna said that Soundarya is like a Teluginti addapilla. Jamuna said that Soundarya belongs to the league of actresses of golden era.

Superstar Krishna said that the actress Soundarya made her debut in Telugu with him in Raithu Bharatam. He said that he predicted that Soundarya would attain superstardom one day. Later on she acted with Krishna in 'Number One' film. She also made her debut in Hindi in Padmalaya's Suryavansh. She is one heroine who attained the status of super heroine without exposing in films.

Kota Srinivasa Rao
Kota expressed her sorrow over the premature death of great actress Soundarya.

Hero Venkatesh said that it was a wonderful time he worked with Soundarya in the past. He said that it is very unfortunate to lose such a wonderful actress at such a young age. He remembered that all the films in their combination became blockbusters. He remembered that Soundarya called him 10 days back and said that they should make film with matured love story. And she spoke to him for a long time. On that day itself she sent an SMS to Venkatesh that 'it was nice speaking to you'. Venkatesh opined that she knew the call from God even before.

Raja Sekhar
Hero Raja Sekhar said that Soundarya is a good actress. He worked with Soundarya for five films. He felt that its an unfortunate incident.

Tanikella Bharani
Tanikella Bharani said that she started an art film titled 'Kamali' in the direction of KNT Sastry in which Tanikella would be played a major role. She had to stall the production as she got involved in politics. When Tanikella Bharani did not find any vegetarian food one day at a shooting, Soundarya sent him some veg food through his brother Amarnadh.

Brahmanandam said that though Soundarya expired, she is still alive in the hearts of millions of movie lovers.

Achi Reddy
Achi Reddy said that Soundarya is a actress of good manners and great heart. She acted in films like Rajendrudu - Gajendrudu, Mayalodu and Number One in which Achyut Reddy is involved. When they wanted to cast Soundarya opposite Ali in 'Yamleela' film, Soundarya's father said that Soundarya would not do that character. Later on, Soundarya came to know about it and said that she is willing act in Yamaleela. But Manisha banner has taken decision not to cast Soundarya as she is getting in to top actors bracket. Soundarya made sure that she acted in a special song with Ali in a film titled 'Subhalagnam' later. He said that she is not a woman who after fame and money.

Muthyala Subbaiah
Director Muthyala Subbaiah said that Soundarya is a very respectable lady. She is suitable any kind of character in films, he observed.

Uday Kiran
Uday Kiran said that Soundarya is a beautiful girl. He remembered that he worked for Chitram for Ramoji Film City while Soundarya worked for 9 Nelalu film. He said that he has lots of respect and admiration for Soundarya. He always wanted to work with Soundarya. When his dream is coming true with Nartanasaala in which he is supposed to play Abhimanyu and Soundarya is supposed to play Droupati.

Nara Jaya Sri Devi
Nara Jayasri Devi said that Soundarya acted in her film with Chiranjeevi 'Sri Manjunatha'. Later on she also acted in a Kannada film produced by Nara Jayasri Devi titled 'Sri Renukamba'. She said that 'Sri Renukamba' celebrated 100 days on 6th of March on which Soundarya was awarded with '100 days shield'.

Vijaya Nirmala
Vijaya Nirmala said that it is a shocking news for her. Its is very unfortunate about the death of Soundarya who has tremendous future in Tollywood. She said that Soundarya acted in 'Puttinti Gouravam' directed by Vijaya Nirmala. She said that she was amazed by the abundant talent possessed by Soundarya. She described Soundarya as 'Sahaja Nati'. She said that Soundarya is the most co-operative artists and she is a delight to the producer and director.

Raasi expressed her deep sorrow over this ghastly incident. She is a very good friend of Soundarya. Soundarya is a great artist and Soundarya's death is a personal loss for Raasi.

Laya said that she is a great fan of Soundarya and always wanted to act with Soundarya. She said that she has taken Soundarya as role model in terms of behavior, character and personality in addition to the histrionics.

Siva Parvathy
Character artist Siva Parvathy said that she acted in 15 films with Soundarya so far. She said that it is an unfortunate incident.

Ahuti Prasad
Ahuti Prasad remembered that he acted with Soundarya 10 days back for 'Shiva Shankar' film. Ahuti Prasad remembered the last scene she acted for Shiva Shankar film. That scene is about Soundarya in which she is believed to be dead and she makes re-entrance. It is co-incidental that she has met with death just 10 days after acting a similar scene.

Rallapally said that his daughter dies a few years back. And the death of Soundarya is like his own daughter. Rallapally said that Soundarya is very fond of Hindi song 'Kabhi Kabhi' and he always used to sing that song when Soundarya was around. He said that he acted in films like 'Assale Pellaina Vaadini' and 'Osi Naa Maradala'.

Sivaji Raja
Sivaji Raja said that Soundarya is a great actress of good behavior and she is like his sister.

Jeevitha said that everybody has to die sometime. Soundarya is like a family member. Jeevitha said that she hates God for taking Soundarya away from us.

Veteran actor Jagga Rao said that he acted as grandfather of Soundarya in Krishna Vamsi's Anthapuram. He compared Soundarya to old heroines like Savitri and Kannamba.

LB Sriram
LB Sriram said Soundarya acted in films - Prema Pandiri, jagadeka veerudu, Osi Naa Maradala and Arundhati - for which LB Sriram write dialogues. He opined that Soundarya is one actress who lived up to her name.

Gummadi, Rama Prabhas, Mada, Venkat and Manik also spoke during this event.

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