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SS Rajamouli explains about his NRI comments regarding online piracy

24 July 2012

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saw some angry outbursts on my comments regarding illegal content downloaders, somehow my video was interpreted as an "arrogant warning to all NRI's." I apologise if I sounded like that. It was an anguished warning “only for serious/serial offenders.”

Some of the comments were misunderstood, some of them plain stupid and few justified. Here's my expanded version for the misunderstood and justified. Stupids are best ignored.

First, whatever I mentioned about antipiracy is not just about Eega but for any film.

Second, the action taken is not by me but the AP Film Chamber appointed ANTI VIDEO PIRACY CELL.

The Anti Video Piracy Cell has established close ties with the Motion Picture Association and is also working closely with other Anti Piracy Agencies in various countries like Federation Against Copy Right Theft (FACT) and Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy ( International Chamber of Commerce). AVPC is also working with the US Consulates through which it would have quick access to other Enforcement Agencies in the US like FBI and even INS. This allows AVPC to leverage the relationships and also go after online pirates and infringing actions of individuals in a multitude of ways.

The AVPC’s Cyber Piracy Cell is tracking IP addresses and is segregating the down loaders as per their frequency / tendency to download pirated content.

The AVPC then would approach the various agencies and to initiate a graduated response against those with the higher tendency to download illegal content.

Several countries in the Europe ( Hadopi in France (Digital Economy Act in UK ))and Asia have adopted the Graduated Response already. US too has started the 5 strike approach.

The AVPC will be pursuing with the local ISPs and Agencies to temporarily suspend, or disconnect Internet access to the use who had received three warning notices of instances of copyright infringement.

Besides initiating enforcement actions against illegal down loaders under all the available acts and jurisdictions, AVPC also would be reporting such frequent illegal down loaders to the US agencies with a strong request to view his tendency to infringe on copyrights also as a potential threat to the IPR even in US.


The implications of being caught engaged in online piracy are not simple. Just because one downloads an illegal torrent does not mean one is innocent. They become party to the act and guilty of copyright infringement.

Last week few B Tech graduates and software professionals were arrested in Hyderabad in connection with Online Piracy. While some of them are doing it for wrongful gains and were monetizing pirated movies files by posting them and spreading them on torrent sites, several others particularly youngsters in their group were doing it without realizing the seriousness of their illegal actions or that they are leaving their footprints behind in the form of their ip addresses and that they could be tracked down and reported sooner than later.

Cases of copyright infringement can be booked under Indian Copyright Act, Information Technology Act and even DMCA in the USA and other relevant acts elsewhere.

There are 6,55,000 illegal downloads of Eega within a week of it's online leak. Additionally there will be thousands of other movie downloads, which takes total downloads into millions. This makes the probability of finding the illegal downloader into one in thousand or a million.

But the point is... WILL YOU RISK IT?

If I were in that position I wouldn't.

The choice is yours!

Many commented that what right do we have to comment on piracy when we are guilty of plagiarism.

Let's say I have violated the copyright...

Does that give you the moral right to download illegal content or watch a pirated DVD?

The logic completely beats me.

Friends, I am sorry to say that most of the commenters don't know what is a copy, inspiration and which of these are actually copyright infringements.

When MPAA is through with APVC on anti piracy process, the obvious Next step would be looking into copyright infringements.

Now if my films are found by them to have violated the copyright act, I am ready to face the consequences. In fact, I am looking forward for that.

A few comments justified piracy because of high ticket prices.

If Maruti 800 is priced as much as Ferrari, What do we do? Steal or just don’t buy?

Guys C’mon, you know how supply and demand works. If the supplier feels that there is drop in buyers, he'll drop the prices and vice versa. This implies for any product, not just for films!!

Personally I don't know how the distributor is charging more on tickets for a telugu film than a Hollywood film. It completely baffles me. But he is the investor, so I have no right to ask him to drop the prices or interfere with his business model.

I am sane enough to understand that the fight against piracy is a herculean task, but the reality is if no action is taken against piracy now, then the future of entertainment industry is bleak, and I am committed to fight against piracy to the best of my ability!


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