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Transcript of Hari Yelleti's chat with the visitors of

Sep 2, 2008

hari yelleti

Hari Yelleti has become the first celebrity to chat live with the visitors of His directorial debut film Ankith Pallavi & Friends in the direction of Hari Yelleri is releasing on 5 September. We are presenting you with the first part of the transcript -

  hari-yelleti joined.
jeevi hi guys - hari is here
fbd heyy Hari
mostwantedguy meeru mee movie ki Apf pettadaaniki kaaranam?
jeevi shoot at him
hari-yelleti hey guys
Raider hello Hari garu
mostwantedguy meeru mee movie ki Apf pettadaaniki kaaranam?
hari-yelleti mostwantedguy, thats because its a stoy of love and friendship
hari-yelleti hi raider
SriReal hey Hari, This is Sri from Usa, How are you this evening
fbd welcome to the crowd, i guess they will eat you like anything
hari-yelleti hey sri, whassup
murali Hi Hari, How do you rate Apf, On a Scale of 1 to 5
mostwantedguy Music Response Ela Undi Movie Di????
hari-yelleti 5
G-Veerudu Hi Hari Yeleti Garu, Its plesure meeitng here, How are you doing?
hari-yelleti I am never modest, eh?
hari-yelleti hi G-veerudu, same here
sr What we can expect from Apf?
SriReal Hari is this your first movie? What was your previous experience ?
G-Veerudu Thanks Hari
G-Veerudu How did you feel woking with Nikhil and Megha Berman?
mostwantedguy musiccccccccccccccccc?
hari-yelleti yes, its my first movie but I did make a couple of shortswhile @ film school
mostwantedguy Music Response Ela Undi Movie Di????
mostwantedguy U Worked For Any Past Movies
fbd i got a tough Q for you hari, how exactly you were able to get a chance of being a movie director
hari-yelleti music response has been great, that is what has brought us credibility in the industry and in audiences
narendra hi yelleti garu
G-Veerudu As we seen Nagesh kuknoor and shaker kammula and we hope you also from same cream of director with good taugths and message and hadle good subjects, we glad and respect you for you step in to the movie making.
shiva hi sir hari yelketi garu
narendra how r u?
shiva he r u
hari-yelleti thenx G-veerudu
mostwantedguy Did U Worked For Any Past Movies
hari-yelleti hey shiva and narendra, whats up?
shiva nothing sif
shiva sir
hari-yelleti fbd, you have to go get a chance, its not been easy
hari-yelleti hi shiva, shoot it
shiva your movie is going to release on 5th sep
mostwantedguy Hari Sir Mee Movie Story Depends On
hari-yelleti yep, its a funmovie, go for it
mostwantedguy ??????????
fbd yes it;s not easy, can you tell in short
G-Veerudu How is Ankit,pallavi & Friends? Is it more like Happy days movie type or any message in the movie for the youth.
shiva okk kk
Raider Hari garu, can u breifly tell us how u ended up in the movie industry..and when did u realize you should go for the movies.
murali Are you comfortable? Coz, Ashta Chemma releasing on same day.
narendra Is Apf based on your own life?
hari-yelleti depends on a bunch of kids trying to understand what they want from life
fbd may be some one out there might understand the back story
mostwantedguy Thats Good Story Line Sir
mostwantedguy ::laugh
  kiru joined.
hari-yelleti murali, two good movies can always feed off each other, we have seen that before
mostwantedguy Low Budget Film A Sir Apaf?
hari-yelleti narendra, it has some of my experiences, some of my thought procsesses and most of my values
G-Veerudu So You are from a teche background and Phd person , how you feel movie making?
murali thanks hari, I like Apf songs, unfortunately I am not able to find Cd in usa
hari-yelleti mostwantedguy, it is a high values Film :)
mostwantedguy @murali Download From Net Man
kiru Hello are you? Firsly I like the confidence in the article you had written in idelbrain eralier...i wish you good luck and hope directors like you change the trend in Tollywood..if the movie is released in Portlsnd, i will definetly go and watch it
dopa hi hari congrats on the release of your first film..
hari-yelleti kiru, thanx, I hope it does release in portland, its a lovely place, intel interviewed me ther eonce
hari-yelleti thanx Dopa, its exciting!
dopa can you tell us.. what was ur background like.. where were you born and brought up..
fbd wow
naren Future Maniratnam Garuuu ,,,,how are you
  test joined.
murali so, I have downloaded songs. Is there a way movie industry can release songs in Us on the same day
fbd so in other words s/w can also become directors
hari-yelleti I was born in Vizag, studied and worked in Us
hari-yelleti naren, stop kidding yaar
G-Veerudu Are you nervous as your first Movie Apf about to release
hari-yelleti fbd, I am an Asic designer
hari-yelleti I was
fbd avna
fbd cooool
hari-yelleti little bit nervous, but mostly relieved
hari-yelleti and happy
hari-yelleti happy days are here again :)
hari-yelleti a big Thumbs Up
hari-yelleti :)
G-Veerudu All the best Hair for Ap&f
narendra Megha Burman is not so good looking. What is the reason for putting her as heroine?
murali Hari, Why it took so long to release Apf?
G-Veerudu *hari
kiru are you from an It background?
hari-yelleti she is a %%%% good actress narendra
hari-yelleti kiru, I was a hardware engneeer
kiru its really nice to see the trend of educated directors coming to this field
teja hi hari wt made u leave such a peaceful career
fbd 5th antey friday
fbd prasadz lo emanna premier ?
murali Hari, What is your next movie?
hari-yelleti murali, we lost time because adlabs was ready to buy it and release it, but they wanted to release in october, 'cos htey have 4 releases b4 mine, i cudnt wait any further, so i walked out of the deal and am releasing it myself
raz Good Evening Hari
tester looking for Colors Swati..
hari-yelleti fbd, we cud have a premiere but nothing concrete of yet
hari-yelleti hi raz
hari-yelleti tester, me too
narendra Are you nervous about Apf release?
murali Good job, these corporates can not control our lives
hari-yelleti narendra, not so much nervous as I am excited
test Hi Hari
hari-yelleti apf is a bloody good film, so no worries, I leave the rest to God and audiences
hari-yelleti hi test
fbd more possible nikhil can get some crowds
nikil hari, i watched okkadunnadu..its nice movie..but, why do u think didnt reach people
santu hi
hari-yelleti hello mani sir, how are you doing?
kiru Hari..did you have any experience in film making before,,,i mean like asst. director etc etc
maniratnam hi hari
fbd movie kastha bagunna u have crossed the first hurdle
hari-yelleti no kiru, i didnt work for anyone, i am my own man
raz What is the Story line basically ???
teja u sound vry confident hari, wt r u counting on in the film-- any highlights?
hari-yelleti teja, i am counting on freshness
fbd heroin is sweet
hari-yelleti nikil, I dont remember much abt okkadunnadu, so sorry
murali I like your bolgs, I like your confidence and I really appriciate your guts
maniratnam what makes you to think that you will be the next maniratnam
hari-yelleti thanx murali
hari-yelleti manirathnam, I was metaphorical and funny when i wrote that article
murali Are your coming to Us to promote your movie? :)
hari-yelleti fbd, she is a very talented and intelligent actress, a very smart girl too
hari-yelleti murali, i will if I have to
narendra Which of the recent Telugu films did you like the most?
Sample Hi Hari
hari-yelleti hi rahul
rahul1234567890 heloo hari garu
maniratnam ok , can u pls explain how far you acheived technical excellence with ur Apf
kingofqueens hi excited about apf? wht can we expect from apf? apf moneys worth?
hari-yelleti narendra, i liked pokiri and happydays in past one year
tester Hari all the best, thanks for giving chance to freshers.
kiru Hari...i undertsand the meaning of talented actress...what does an intelligent actress mean?
raz Hari what do u rely willbe the turn around for the Apf ???
hari-yelleti king, apf is more than ur money's worth, it makes you think
honey hi hari, i like the level of confidence you have towards apf,good luck
rahul1234567890 hari, why is that movie diff from other movies?
srinivasrao hi hari
hari-yelleti it will entertain you as well
hari-yelleti thanx honey
Sample it make you think? In what way?
murali I heard that Apf is only 2 hours 14 minutes long, is there a intermission in between?
hari-yelleti rahul, it is diff because it is original and straight from me, no inspirations, no borrowings
kingofqueens hari u have any fav hero and fav movie?
hari-yelleti yes murali, there is an intermission
vfv_2.0 hari garu namaste. here's to hoping that Apf is a smash hit and u join the brigade of neo directors that are changing the pulse of telugu cinema.
hari-yelleti sample, it poses questions
srinivasrao hari who is ur fav director
hari-yelleti thanx vfv
hari-yelleti in telugu, srinivas?
srinivasrao yes
raz Whats ur idea of making Freshers act in Apf ??
Sample "no inspirations, no borrowings" good to hear
hari-yelleti hi gudur
Gudur Good luck for your Apf...we are seeinglot of news in
hari-yelleti thanx bro
teja kishore in his interview mentioned the educational backgnrd of ppl involved in the film, hari do u think such ventures shd happen more often
vfv_2.0 and thanks for introducing all of us to a tremendous talent...vinu Thomas
hari-yelleti raz, there are only two freshers among five in apf
Gudur If I want to send you a scrip how cam I do that your help is neede
chandu hiii hari..u sound young... can v know ur age?
hari-yelleti hey vfv, i agree man, he is a serious talent
hari-yelleti chandu, I am 23..........wishful thinking :)
narendra How are you going to entertain us with Apf?
vfv_2.0 lol
raz hari what is Apf all about ??
chandu 23?? :o... gr8 ya...
chandu and cool too
hari-yelleti raz. apf is about choices we make in life
vfv_2.0 if u r 23, the chinese gymnasts are not underaged :)
darren Hi jeevi Iam Darren
rahul1234567890 23, i must say its quite an acheivement at such a young age!
Gudur you aree 23 now or a decade a ago...just kidding
kingofqueens hari what are your future projects?
dopa hey hari, what do you think abt acting talents of nikhil
chandu yeah i was to say the samething..
hari-yelleti it is abt individuality vs societal obligations, it is about many thigns bro, plz read my latest blog
murali chandu, that is hari's wishful thinking
narendra I liked ur ticket to fame article in Ib. They are witty with good content. Is Apf is going to have humor too?
hari-yelleti darren, gv is a cool dude man, don be so angry
rahul1234567890 hari, do u plan to make future movies with starcasts or do you want to keep introducing freshers like sekhar kammula?
hari-yelleti narendra yes, apf is witty as well
hari-yelleti it has a lot of me
hari-yelleti rahul, my scripts are going to determine my acors
Raider can somebody get darren and payal out of this
hari-yelleti kiru, to answer ur question, in telugu, my fav director is sekhar kammula
kingofqueens darren ru drunk lol
vfv_2.0 when will u think abt ur second film, hari?
rahul1234567890 how many prints is apf releasing all over the world?
maniratnam hi jeevi
Gudur Hi Hari Iam from Australia and want to send you a script how can I di that
kingofqueens hari can we expect mass masala enterainers from u in future?
Payal Hi Hari, I am 20 f hyd, North Indian Model and good looking. Pls give me an oppurtunity to work with U. I will return your favour in any form u want..anything!!!
maniratnam what do you think of your self?
hari-yelleti vfv, I have been writing my 2nd film for quite some time
kingofqueens gudur where in aus?
hari-yelleti sri, its there on idlebrain
Gudur In Sydney......
G-Veerudu Got to go Hari, Nice chating here, all the best for Ap&f!!
chandu i really appreciate u man for taking newcomers in ur film.. for atleast directors hav realised its not stars not that make the movie..its the script that does it!!!
hari-yelleti hey thanx g-veerudu
hari-yelleti same here man
rahul1234567890 so hari, have u screened the movie for the actors? what did they think about the final print?
hari-yelleti script is the king chandu, but stars do bring in a lot of charm to it
vfv_2.0 are u following in sekhar's footsteps...he released Anand with a limited number of prints....i remember people fighting for tickets even after it finished 50 days.
sr How do you feel about enjoying fan fare much before release of your first movie?
rahul1234567890 any room for improvement?
Gudur i am Hardcore fan of telugu movies so want to caht with Hari
santus hi sir my name is santosh nice 2 meet u
hari-yelleti sr, i think the fanfare is for nikhil man!
kingofqueens hari ru related to chndrsekhar yelati? director aithe?
PalCricketer hello Hari Yeleti, how much of an influence does chandra sekhar yelelti type of film making is on you
hari-yelleti hi santus
narendra Tell us about your next film?
murali Hari, We need people like you in the movie industry.
maniratnam have you done any film course hari?
dopa hari, do you think there is another would-be-superstar in Nikhil?
hari-yelleti none bro, except that i like his work
Gudur Nikhil is cool
vfv_2.0 are u looking for Apf to bring u commercial success or critical acclaim. If u have to choose one, which one wld it be?
hari-yelleti dopa, nikhil has a lot of potential, he is very young, let us give him some time
rahul1234567890 where did you get a hold of nikhil?
sr He is next Raviteja
SriReal Hari what ist he impact of corporates entering into films, and what is the impact of multi screens ?
santus ur pcture is releasing on 5th here in apsara vijayawada
Dark_Knight hi all
hari-yelleti vfv, both bro
vfv_2.0 im hoping for both too hari...
hari-yelleti corporates take too much time bro, they have to clean up their act
santus looking frwd fr it.......telugu cinemalu bore kottestunai meranna kothaga teyandi sir
hari-yelleti santus, yes, i hear it is a good theater
PalCricketer hari yeleti what movies do u say created interest in you to become a director
Dark_Knight namaste Hari garu
SriReal but in long run I think they going to kill Individual producers like now
hari-yelleti namaste dark_knight
Gudur Ho Hari can I get your mail send my Script
Dark_Knight first of all " good luck" to you
hari-yelleti Palcricketer, its like all good movies
chandu I am jus thinking abt to ask any question related to filmy i come uo with one.. Don u think producers wasting a lot of money for publising the movie rather than concentrating on the essence of the movie is a brainless deed??
Dark_Knight for your Ankit , Pallavi and friends
Dark_Knight songs are simply awesome
hari-yelleti chandu, marketing is as important as making the film
vfv_2.0 is there a long list of aspiring asst directors that want to join u for your next film?
hari-yelleti thanx dark knight
Dark_Knight publicity designs are so cool
hari-yelleti thanx dark knight
murali Hari, which song you like the most in Apf?
Dark_Knight no. thank you for giving me such nice film
hari-yelleti murali, alugake allarivayasa and leletha poovule
narendra Who is your favorite hero?
Gudur Is Kishore ganji your friend
kingkhobra hai hari garu,ela unnaru
rahul1234567890 Hari, which scene in the movie did you like the best?
hari-yelleti pawan kalyan in telugu, shawrukh in hindi
chandu do u think so??.. i believe if the film is really worth it.. it will automatically take care of the marketting thing
kingofqueens narendra how is ur fav hero?
santus hari sir i think mixing of songs is not gud.........altough music and lyrics r gud...i think mixing is not up to mark
PalCricketer hari garu, do u think songs in your movie are meant to move the story forward or space fillers for regular movie format
hari-yelleti rahul, u wudnt understand it even if i tell u now, let me tel it after the release
Dark_Knight yep Hari. both songs are so nice
rahul1234567890 haha, ok. but how would you let me know :)
hari-yelleti santus, mixing is good but madhura made a bad job with discs
Gudur hello sir can i get your mail id please
hari-yelleti in another chat after release rahul
hari-yelleti yup dark_knight
Dark_Knight the baby giggles in leleta puvvule song is very cute
vfv_2.0 hari, describe in a few words abt ur struggles the past year or so...before u got this break...
hari-yelleti gudur, it is [email protected]
kingofqueens hari ur from hyderabad?
SriReal In telugu, even after so many young directors there is no much new thinking, when they say their film is different, its just they added a new twist, or new equipment etc, but they are not able to come up with stories based on current social issues, for ex until koshla ka goshla* we are not able to
Dark_Knight Vanamali has given beautiful lyrics
hari-yelleti sri, gamyam is a great movie
SriReal ya
SriReal gamyam is good one
kingkhobra hari garu can we expect a movie withpavan kalyan
Gudur Apf is team of educated peoplae and Kishore sir's interview today in idlebarin is great
hari-yelleti talks of so many issues in a very subtle manner at times and not so subtle at time
ShilpeReddy2005 hi hari
SriReal and even I liked the a nalugu ru
hari-yelleti kobra, it depends on power
santus oh i dont abt dat but there is lack in clarity in audio......y did u choose madhura den.......will it be perfect wen it comes to theatre Sir?
narendra Are you married?
hari-yelleti yes, it will be great in theaters
hari-yelleti hi sadhu and anna
Gudur do you have time to see new scripts
hari-yelleti gudur, yes
rahul1234567890 ok sounds good! well hari, it was nice chatting with you! i've to get back to work. but before i go, i have one suggestion. In telugu movies, the presence of songs should move the movie forward. But now-a-days, in most movies, songs lengthen the torture of bad screenplays. I would suggest you to pla
sadhu hi harri
hari-yelleti bye rahul, it was nic etalking to u
hari-yelleti thanx for suggestions
rahul1234567890 one very good explan of what i was talking about recently was baladhoor!
hari-yelleti shilpe, someting with a broader scope
rahul1234567890 good luck in your future endeavors!
PalCricketer do u like soft romantic or any speicific preference
moviebuff Hi Hari, I love the songs in the movie and am hoping that they are a treat visually as well. Am so looking forward for the movie. - Kiran
anna hi hari what is the fate of telugu movies in the future??
hari-yelleti Pal, i like all good movies of all genres, i did films of all types
PalCricketer can u name few u worked on
hari-yelleti anna, it is exciting times, with newcomers coming in and audiences accepting more than eve b4, gamyam is a great exapmle
hari-yelleti moviebuff, thanx bro
ShilpeReddy2005 I am a big fan if Rajesh. will u be choosing him again
sadhu how you rate nikhil as an actor
vfv_2.0 good answer jeevi
hari-yelleti snowtrain, dude, i am a movie director
SriReal Idee Sangati is also well made movie, but I was surprised to see it did't made a great success
Gudur you encourage newvomers in only action dept or writing as well
santus what d budget fr d mve sir......dnt tell its a trade secret
anna I understand that but very few to name like that, always the same romance, violence, nothing has changed
narendra Will you make action movies in the future?
hari-yelleti narendra, i wud love to
SH lol jeevi
hari-yelleti Rajesh is full of energy
SH what excites u to select a script hari
hari-yelleti most of the time, u r trying to control his energy levels
sr What about Ankit?
hari-yelleti ankith is a smart kid
hari-yelleti very independent fellow
santus what d budget fr d mve sir......dnt tell its a trade secret
ShilpeReddy2005 is she hyderabadi
hari-yelleti shilpe, she is from Bby
anna I thnik bollywood is changing a lot although skin show is taking over, but tollywood long way to go
Gudur whats your view abt new writers
hari-yelleti tollywood is changing too bro
SH tella tholu
hari-yelleti bcoz there arent many from Hyd
chandu Lcxyjz7v
hari-yelleti not much of writing talent here gudur
santus parledu chepandi jeevi garu meeru telugu eng mves ki crct ga reviews istaru......i respect ur reviews......but cming to hindi u r taking dat side y like dat
ShilpeReddy2005 who is the girl?
anna hari please answere my question
moviebuff I would like to meet you when am in hyderabad - would your schedule permit? Am interested in working with you in your next project if our wavelengths match. Do you give opportunities for newcomers. I do have limited experience.
PalCricketer folks why don't we ask questions to hari than jeevi
hari-yelleti anna plz repeat ur q
raz After Apf, What ?????????
santus hari sir hope u will become like sekhar sir and krrish sir
hari-yelleti movie buff, email me ur bio bro
chandu yeah i agree santus.. answer us jeevi...ur reviews for hindi movies r very biased
ShilpeReddy2005 who is the Pallavi
murali Hari, it was pleasure chating with you. I am leaving now, I have to go to office..i wish you best of luck. Hope fully I can meet you some time in Hyderabad or in Us. Bye
hari-yelleti thanx santus
hari-yelleti bye murali, have fun, go watch apf
moviebuff what is your email hari?
kingofqueens chandu my be he is threatened by telugu movie director.....coz he may be writing bad review lol
Gudur will you be able to see my script..
narendra do you think our audience are ready for sensible films?
hari-yelleti [email protected]
chandu ohhh... is it @kingofqueens
anna well my question is Why is there no change in genre of tollywood movies, same romance, north indian girls, or violence. Recent time salthough godavari,bommarillu are noteworthy movies
ShilpeReddy2005 hari ur not talking to me
hari-yelleti ys, they are, the blame is with producers not with audiences
santus will u cme to vijayawada to watch preview sir......i am looking frw to meet u
mohan01527 hey hari... finally the release date for Apf has come out... i think it must be exiting to see ur name on silver screen... y did u choose heroine from bombay as we hav a lot of talented ppl from hyd itself???
murali I will, I am the first one to watch in Los Angeles
hari-yelleti mohan, cant wait bro
Gudur thanks hari....
ShilpeReddy2005 Who is playing pallavi?
hari-yelleti thanx murali
hari-yelleti Megha Burman, of Bru commercial
anna How about directors hari??
raz Murali Howz Apf ??????
vfv_2.0 Gotta run hari. Keep up the good work man. Here's to "change". Go Apf!
vfv_2.0 bye jeevi
Gudur do you write ur own script or u have script writers
hari-yelleti i write everyhting myself bro
santus jeevi garu mee full name enti
hari-yelleti hi vjeedigunta
vjeedigunta Hello Hari
jeevi later about me santus
raz Hari wat did budget scale up too ????
sanjay Hello Hari
Gudur thats why you make good movies
vjeedigunta This is Vijay Saradhi
hari-yelleti hi sanjay
vjeedigunta Waiting for the movie release
mohan01527 hari did u attend any film school??? bcoz i know u r writing articles in idlebrain since the time i know idlebrain...
hari-yelleti thanx vjeedigunta, go watch it its a good film
hari-yelleti mohan, yes, i went to filmschools
Gudur is Apf releasing in Australia
hari-yelleti defintely, if my script suits them, i wud love to
hari-yelleti they are two gud actors
sanjay iam completely new to this one, I am from philadelphia, frankly not sure your movies too, r u coming up with new movie?
kingofqueens yes in sydney and mebourne i guess
hari-yelleti sanjay i am a debut director
Gudur kingofqueens where are you fron
santus hari sir i want you to remake casablanca.......none of our directors are remaking it.....lets try it sir
vjeedigunta Hari I read your write-up 'I gonna be next maniratnam"
dhiraj hi hari
vjeedigunta good one
hari-yelleti santus, make something from ur heart
vjeedigunta but how do you find the industry
vjeedigunta does it give you a chance to realize your dream
hari-yelleti vjeedigunta, its just a funny intro of myself
vjeedigunta how tough is out there
raz Hari All the Best for Apf, Success will Cherish You !!!!!!! Nice chatting to U, take care Bye
kingofqueens do u live in paramatta or strathfield? gudur....coz many live there
hari-yelleti industry is little rigid, u have to take it by horns and change the mindset like sekhar and krish did
santus hari sir ......can u tell ur fav films
hari-yelleti raz, bye yaar, enjoy, watch apf
Gudur In strathfield....whats your name is Raghunandan
vjeedigunta I do understand
sanjay oh cool sure u have lot of stories .... if you are making a new movie can you touch the life style and relationships of Us based indians....something like Kank hindi movie
SriReal Ok Hari, It was nice talking to you, with you all the best
hari-yelleti sanjay, people have done that b4, lot of films came in that genre
hari-yelleti srireal, bye bye yaar
kingofqueens gudur .... ankith lol.....waiting for pallavi
dopa hey hari, what is the indication for people like me who dont knw anything abt making films, whether to try and find some career in films?
vjeedigunta I am sure Apf release will get you the much needed relief.. Are you aready planning for next ventures or just planning for a wait and wathc game
narendra do you have any content for frenchbencher in Apf?
santus hari sir meeru iwala kanna meeru cinema release ayyaka ravalsindi.......appudu meetho matladataniki prep ayyevadini....malli vastara
hari-yelleti dopa, follow ur heart , u will be alright
moviebuff Hari, What camera did you use for filming?
Gudur I have a script suits Nri's and is a comedy...interested mail [email protected] a different genre
hari-yelleti vjeedigunta, i am taking it by day, although i have a few scripts in hand, its all gonna be relative to the success of apf
mohan01527 hari wat r ur future projects after Apf??? don't tell me tat u r waiting for Apf or haven't planned... bcoz i know u must be having a long vision...
hari-yelleti gudur, u can contact me on email
hari-yelleti mohan, i did plan a couple, lets see
sanjay yup but I believe did not do a movie with real theme, all of them were happy endings or not exact feelings of persons and their changes as they come here....iam not talking regular lifestyle....
kiru Hari..did you watch the movie Farenheit 9/11...i wish we could make movies(its more like a documentary) in India,and especially in Tolllywood....
chinnichiru Hari Gaaru Apf movie yela vachindhi
Gudur sure I suits present trend
prema hari - pelli vishayam em cheppadam ledenti
hari-yelleti sanjay, why dont u write one and send it to me :)
hari-yelleti kiru, no, i heard its a gud one
Pallavi hi hari
hari-yelleti hi prema
Pallavi How are you
hari-yelleti chinnichiru, neneu expect chesinatte vatchindi
hari-yelleti hi pallavi
hari-yelleti i wish ankith was here
Gudur is ir in the lines of Happy Days
Pallavi Ohhhh
santus sir cinema hit ayitey ipudu chat chestuna users andariki party istara........................
bkarthik83 good evening Hari...liked your blogd on Ib especially i'm gonna be next mani rathnam...very inspiring...all the best for apf...
hari-yelleti gugur, please read my latest blog, u will know more abt, apf
hari-yelleti sure santus
kiru Ankith was here last pallavi is late by a week...this is cinematic in itself lol
hari-yelleti bkarthik thanx bro
chinnichiru Jeevi ni 3.25/5 ivvamani 3/5 chudalekapothunnamu...
hari-yelleti thanx karthik
Pallavi Hari, Do you have seperate blog going with your name , what is the web address fo rthe Blog
hari-yelleti tehre is no seperate blog pallavi, its right there on idlebrain
sanjay haha i cannot write that good stories....but can tell some real time life incidents which will interest any one interested in making a movie
hari-yelleti there is one right now, on the homepage
Pallavi ok
hari-yelleti hi spazzo
narendra are u getting any nightmares about Apf?
Spazzo hello mr.hari
Gudur hi you go by bonded script or it cahnges
Spazzo hw r u
kiru you belive in this concept of mass and class?..bascially, I do not undertand what is a class image and a mass image
hari-yelleti narendra, not really, it is a good film, i am sure there will be appreciation
santus hari garu y u selected lady as cinematographer ..i mean its rare in mve industry
hari-yelleti hi seshi
hari-yelleti i am gud spazzo, howbt u
hari-yelleti santus, malini is very talented, also very highly educated and motivated
hari-yelleti she is going to make it big
bond3287 Hi hari this is nivasreddy from Columbus ohio
Gudur How is the work of she is from Iim
hari-yelleti hi 007, whassup
Spazzo am good to... thought i couldnt make it to the chat....... anywayz hwz it goin... .APF realeasin after many hurdles i supose
bond3287 Apf music is good
hari-yelleti gudur, she rocks
hari-yelleti thanx bond
chetan_kum hi Hari, Did u take anu special precautions to make sure public doesnt compare this movie with happy days?
Gudur thats great..
hari-yelleti yes spazzo, very excited actually, cant wait fo r5th
santus sir u didnt told d budget of d mve
hari-yelleti hi kingsubbarao
bond3287 if you remember I chatted with you long time back
bond3287 before you started Apf
hari-yelleti chtan, u cant control public, let them come watch the movie and make their own judgement
bond3287 what was the total budget expended for Apf
hari-yelleti bond, i don remember, sorry
Gudur you left the job and entered industry how are you feeling....
Spazzo well I never read your blogs actually, but went through all of them jus yes'day ..... kinda appreciate ur passion for films
bond3287 I am also interested in movie making
hari-yelleti hi ravali
hari-yelleti thanx spazzo
hari-yelleti sure bond, follow it
sanjay hari - one question , r u in Usa lot of times ,anywhere near philadelphia?
hari-yelleti sanjay, nope never been to philadelphia
moviebuff Hi Hari what camera did you use for filming - Arri or? When is our industry starting to use digital camera as it cuts down so much on production? Are you planning for production in Us where the story revolves around here if as mentioned by raghunandan if you like it?
Spazzo which film schoolo did u attend hari
narendra If you had big budget and big banner - who would u choose for hero and heroine roles in Apf?
hari-yelleti we used arri 3 and also 435 sometimes
bond3287 what was the total budget expended for Apf
hari-yelleti narendra, pawan kalyan and a younger trisha
hari-yelleti hi pratap
Spazzo younger trisha - ????
pratap_marineni hello har gaaru ela unnaru... really looking forward for oyu Apf
sanjay oh ok ...i know worng question , may be a weird one but what is Apf
hari-yelleti i mean like when she was young
hari-yelleti thanx pratap, me too
Spazzo oh okkk.
hari-yelleti :)
hari-yelleti sanjay, apf is abt lives of 5 friends as they pursue their lifestyles
pratap_marineni i wish all the best for Apf
hari-yelleti hi inca
hari-yelleti thanx pratap
Spazzo did u assist people bfore Apf, i mean like assistant or associate director
inca hari all the best for your Apf
hari-yelleti spazzo, i never assisted anybody
hari-yelleti thanx inca
hari-yelleti hi bbhushan
hari-yelleti hi ram
Gudur what was your project before this
moviebuff Where did you learn filmmaking?
  Ravali left.
bhushan_bc hi hari ..
bond3287 You could have sold distribution rights to Sekhar Kammula and I guess that would give u additional boost
pratap_marineni are you the brother of aithe director???
hari-yelleti gudur, this is my debutfilm
sanjay oh thanks....will try watch the movie.... :) its been years back in hyd... was the movie shot in india?
ram hi hari
bhushan_bc nice to see talking with people ..
ram nice to chat with u
hari-yelleti same here ram
Spazzo heyyy ,, u said ( in ur blog ) no film school can bring out creativity,, well,,,, but they help a lot in film-makin ,,, dont they??
hari-yelleti hi hari
pratap_marineni Ieb2r8vl8=i Ieb2r8vp2=i
Gudur Ok so you starrted ur career as a director..excellent
dopa hari, what is direction, is it more like knowing how to film a scene or abt camera angles rather than the story or screenplay?
hari-yelleti no spazzo, it is just a training grnd
dopa i knw in india, one persons does all the three
hari-yelleti dopa, film making is abt maturity and intelligence and sensibilities
hari-yelleti thanx hari
Gudur In Apf who wrote dialogues
bond3287 Hari can I have your cell num if you dont mind
hari-yelleti myself
pratap_marineni are you the brother of aithe director???
Spazzo so do u say there is no point in goin for a fillm school and spend loads of money in there??
hari-yelleti bond, write to me at [email protected]
Spazzo jus wonderin
bond3287 sure
hari-yelleti absolutely
hari-yelleti spend that money making a film, u wull learn lot more
vjeedigunta Hari
vjeedigunta do you think the same things holds good for Acting too?
hari-yelleti hi vjeediguntla
ram whats ur next project?
Spazzo well i was alwayz in this thought that. i didnt know much about cameras or schedules or any other stuff related to makin, maybe film school is gonna help
hari-yelleti vj, didnt get u
vjeedigunta i meant
Gudur which book do you suggest for screenplay writing other than Sydfield..
vjeedigunta u saidinstead of going to film school
vjeedigunta u r better off spending the money for making a film
vjeedigunta whats ur thoughts on acting
hari-yelleti gudur, read any book but use ur own intelligence to come up with how to write ur own stuff
bond3287 I have one wonderful subject and I for sure think that it would set records
bond3287 can i discuss that with you
moviebuff Hi Hari, I would be in flight when Apf releases and am hoping the movie is a big hit but I hope to meet you during the trip. I will send you an email shortly. Am signing off. All the Best once again.
mars hi
hari-yelleti vj, acting is an inborn talent thing, but u will have to practice the craft a lot to understand interpretation. I believe acting is all abt interpretation.
ram all the best for ofapf
hari-yelleti thanx buff
hari-yelleti thnx ram
hari-yelleti vj, when i first started writing, i was very raw
hari-yelleti then i understood perspective
hari-yelleti then in understood tone
Gudur I bpught some books after I have prepared a script just to learn more on how to present
hari-yelleti then many things more
Spazzo and hari.... Vinu did a good job man.... these days Music has become a real important part in movies
hari-yelleti acting is very similar
hari-yelleti it has a lot of components
hari-yelleti a lot of acting is memory as well
vjeedigunta Ok if some one already is acting do you suggest he would learn more by continuing to do so
hari-yelleti spazzo than man, i agree, music is very veryimp
vjeedigunta than going to a film school
hari-yelleti totally vj
hari-yelleti u can actually pick lot of acting from masters
PSK Anno anna
PSK hari anna
hari-yelleti psk anna, welcome
Kondayya What is your strategy in releasing your movie?how many theaters and what markets?
vjeedigunta gud u confirmed my gut feeling
ram whats ur next project hari??
hari-yelleti hi mohan psk whassup
PSK congrats !!! cant wait to watch the movie ...
hari-yelleti ram, i am too busy with apf to think of my next film right now
Spazzo was it a big task to make film with youngsters
hari-yelleti same here psk
PSK next project is with me !!!
ram ok
hari-yelleti spazzo, certainly
dopa hari, how do you feel abt the euphoria abt you before your first release even
hari-yelleti psk, u r on man, so is ur money i hope
Gudur if we have a good script how can we approach producers
hari-yelleti dopa, i am excited and curious
PSK Butterflies !!!???
hari-yelleti gudur, just walk in
ram how were artist in apf?
hari-yelleti psk, no butterflies
hari-yelleti ram, hey ae full of energy
PSK u my man !!!
hari-yelleti anytime bro :)
sanjay hari wen is Apf releasing
Gudur Thanks hari..for boosting my spirit....
hari-yelleti sanay, sept 5th
bond3287 Psk are you interested in producing
hari-yelleti sure gundur
inca Tfi needs to change for the good, hope more and more movies like Apf and diros like kammula, yelleti and indraganti click, so this whole formula crap goes away from Tfi and we get to enjoy some plot based performances from new and talented artistes in the future
hari-yelleti inca, u said it
hari-yelleti :)
sanjay sorry asking all wrong questions but i hardly watch a movie like 3 yrs 1 movie
PSK Bro !!! where are u watching it .. prasads?!
hari-yelleti Psk, yes
hari-yelleti fly in bro, lets party
bond3287 did you sell rights in Ohio
hari-yelleti bond, i sold entire us rights
bond3287 If not I am interested in buying it
inca go for it hari ::rose you took the plunge when ordinary mortals like me only dream and lament about it
inca you really are my hero
bond3287 cool ..we are eagerly waiting to watch Apf
hari-yelleti bond u can still buy from radiant movies, look at idlebrain homepage for their contactn no
hari-yelleti inca, u can do it as well
PSK inca ... we ordinary mortals can buy the tix and watch in the hall !!!! what say ... dont buy pirated Dvds ...
hari-yelleti kill piracy guys
bond3287 I am planning to enroll in a screenwriting program from it worth??
inca sure Psk definitely will buy and take some people along :-)
PSK way 2 go !
hari-yelleti thanx inca
Gudur hari are you nervous of the release????
Spazzo hari... u were in the Us, u knw that lots and lots of people here watch movies online man.... may be u need to hack those sites and kill them off
hari-yelleti gugur, no, not nervous but excited
hari-yelleti spazzo, wish i have time 4 it
jeevi hari - one q from me - guess my rating?
Gudur Cool..good Luck
vjeedigunta i will
hari-yelleti jeevi, be honest man, thats all i want
  teja joined.
vjeedigunta Hari wants 5
vjeedigunta but u will give what it deserves
jeevi lol vj
vjeedigunta and i wish hari's wish come true
bond3287 Apf is going to rock Ap soon!!!
hari-yelleti vjeediguntla, no man, let him give whatever he feels
hari-yelleti thanx vj
PSK jeevi !!!
hari-yelleti hi teja
teja i am from U.s
Gudur One thing for sure..jeevis's rating will have a affect on overseas business..
chepma is this really Hari Yeleti?
hari-yelleti hi teja, whre in us are u from
teja is it releasing in U.s
chepma All the Best!
jeevi yes chepma - tak to him
hari-yelleti yes, it is
Spazzo yeah man,.. Jeevi's rating is like a Bible for overseas people
hari-yelleti thanx chepma
dpiitm hi
hari-yelleti yes, chepma this is hari yelleti
PSK why not bhagavad geeta
teja ohh great
PSK why bible
Spazzo ok Psk.... Geeta ne
jeevi psk - chup
dpiitm hi hari
hari-yelleti Psk, u and i are similar creatures bro, i was abt to write that
hari-yelleti hi dpiitm
dpiitm jevi is little more inclined to class da
PSK ;-)
hari-yelleti hi golucky
Spazzo well whatever it is ., the outcome is the same rt
suresh05 hi
Gudur Review must fome after a week or so..nowadays its comig on the same day...iam a moviebuff but if review is not good my Zeal is lost..its a personal opinion
hari-yelleti hi suresh
chepma did you see a good actor in Nikhil?
Golucky Hi Hari garu
teja it is fun to chat like this
PSK jeevi and class hmmm
teja with u all
Golucky namaskaram andi
hari-yelleti gudur interesting point
hari-yelleti namaskaram sir
hari-yelleti sure teja
suresh05 how r u?
kiru you have plans to direct the so-called big wigs of the industry?
Golucky yela nadustondandi mee movie schedule
hari-yelleti i am gud suresh, howbt u
teja what is ur native place
bond3287 Ap people are waiting for a happy-go movie after Happy Days..hope Apf will rock Ap
hari-yelleti golucky we r rocking
suresh05 good
suresh05 thanks for asking
Gudur It we are seieng that..local distributors are already suffering with piracy and review will add to that
chepma are you related to Chandra Shekhar Eleti?
Golucky :)
dpiitm haha
hari-yelleti kiru, i am ready to direct all good actors
dpiitm nopes
Golucky nenu ade prashna adagaali anukunna chepma
dpiitm ya psk
dpiitm spazzo kool amma
hari-yelleti no I am yelleti, i have more more L, that L stands for Luck
hari-yelleti :)
PSK hey bro ... will leave u alone ... wish you all the best ! ! ! !
hari-yelleti thanx Psk, wish u cud fly in
chepma oh, I see. What are you next films (after Apf)?
hari-yelleti i am actually releasing in Bangalore as well
PSK i wish !!!
dpiitm y so??
dpiitm how is ur hero mr.yeleti??
hari-yelleti chepma, I will decide after Apf
Golucky hari garu mee movie rights us lo yevaru teesukuntunnaru
bond3287 Hari bro did you sell Satellite rights??
suresh05 is this story about friendship?
hari-yelleti dp, Nikhil rocks
kiru Hari...i dont know if i can ask this question...but If I have to release the movie in Portland,,how much would it cost
hari-yelleti Radiant movie, we made gud moeny on it
Golucky radiant in Us?
dpiitm hey yeleti
hari-yelleti kiru, i wudnt know that, call radiant movies
hari-yelleti yes
chepma Great job, Jeevi!
dpiitm i am from iit madras......
hari-yelleti check our idlebrain homepage
kiru I dont know the logistics of releasing a movie..thats why i am asking
hari-yelleti yes dp, shoot
dpiitm we have a guy who is interested in acting,can u help him
hari-yelleti dp, r u my cousin?
dpiitm he is gud looking ..height 6' 2"
dpiitm cousin.??
chepma All the Best! Good Bye!
hari-yelleti sure send me his bio
Gudur Hari while writing script you include dialogues in it
sr How did you get Vinu Thomas?. His music simply rocks
dpiitm wr to send
dpiitm ?
bond3287 hari if i have to approach producers what is the best way of doing it
hari-yelleti yes, dialogue are the real flesh, style coems from dialogues
hari-yelleti [email protected]
bond3287 I am in Usa right now and I can not leave my job
dpiitm can u help me in strting the hunt
hari-yelleti just walk into their offices
Gudur thanks
Spazzo bond, if u wanna get somethin, lose somethin mann
hari-yelleti hi sujith
Sujith.CrazY hyee all
Sujith.CrazY hyee hari garu
Sujith.CrazY hyee jeevi
bond3287 I know you struggled for longtime before getting the first break
hari-yelleti hi prajarajyam
kiru Hari...does screenplay come under the script?
hari-yelleti yes, they r one and the same
PrajaRajyam hi hari
dpiitm wt's ur ongoing project???
dpiitm can u give him a chance???!!!
Gudur Hari sorry for pestering you..what is average time for a scene in standard telugu movies
Sujith.CrazY hyee hari garu I heard frm ur jil jil jinga hero nikhil dat movie came out awosme......... all the best for your movie !!!!!!!!
Golucky Hari garu ,songs chaala baagunnaye
hari-yelleti gudur, dont look into statistics, just write ur stuff
bond3287 did you follow Syd field Act1-actii and Actiii paradigm
dpiitm hari u look to be director with great stuff
hari-yelleti thanx golucky
bond3287 I mean for your screenplay
hari-yelleti bond, i have written abt it b4 in me of my articles, every story comes with its own structure, u have got to find it
Gudur thanks
Sujith.CrazY we gona watch it surely on first day!!!!!
hari-yelleti thanx sujith, u r a brother
dpiitm hey hari reply me
hari-yelleti dp, shoot it again
bond3287 thanks Hari bro..i am excited to see another director from Nri league
dpiitm hari u look to be director with great stuff
dpiitm we wanna join u
hari-yelleti hi major
Sujith.CrazY hari garu miku patience chala ekkuva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
hari-yelleti why do u say that sujith
Sujith.CrazY andarini peru peru na palakaristhunaru.......... I liked it!!!!!
Sujith.CrazY andari q's ki answers isthunaru
hari-yelleti oh, ok bro
Sujith.CrazY andaritho matladuthunaru
Golucky Hari gaaru meeto sambhashintam maaku chaala anandanga undi :)
major_major Hi Hari..heres wishing you the best for your maiden venture..
hari-yelleti thanx major
jeevi 10 more minutes guys -
fbd dinner time hari
  Raj_Jagan joined.
Sujith.CrazY ooh
Gudur Hari has some political andarini palakrinchadam
Venkat time is up. it is suppose to be Swati's turn now...common pls
hari-yelleti golucky same here man, go watch the movie dude
Sujith.CrazY datz so soon jeevi garu
hari-yelleti and feel lucky
Raj_Jagan Hi Hari-yelleti
hari-yelleti hi raj
Sujith.CrazY we will surely take it as plessure to watch it on first day hari garu
Golucky naa frienda andarni tappaka modati aata ne choosta :)
hari-yelleti thanx sujith
hari-yelleti thanx golucky
Raj_Jagan Hope u did a good job...what's ur inspiration to come in to direction?
Golucky Vastanandi mari ....have to work ..good Luck:)
Gudur Jeevi how do you rate this Chat..give it 5 bro
Sujith.CrazY hav to chk out ma vuru lo ekkada release avuthundooooo
nano hi yelleti garu
dpiitm hey hari wr r u ffrm.??
hari-yelleti raj, i am a writer to begin with, directing seemed like a natural progression
rams333 hi hari
hari-yelleti vizag and Us
Sujith.CrazY hari garu I read few of your reviews in ib
dpiitm what did u do in Us
yuppy hiii hari yellti... hr u...all d best 4 ur Apf
hari-yelleti sujith, i neve wrote revews
hari-yelleti thanx yuppy
Sujith.CrazY not reviews actually
hari-yelleti hi jagdish
Raj_Jagan was is the same which u visualized in the scripting stage after directing the film (I m sure it will not be) tell me what those changes are
Jagadish How are you Hari
Raj_Jagan *is it
Jagadish Just wanted to Wish all the best for Apf
hari-yelleti i am good jagdi
hari-yelleti thanx jagdish
reel Hi
reel How r u hari
hari-yelleti raj, interesting questn, hi junky, hi reel, how are u guys
bond3287 Friends theme is universal...if people start feeling nostalgic after watching Apf, I am sure its gonna be a big hit
bond3287 same happened with Happydays..people started relating it with their lives
rams333 hari garu, Apf ni Us lo ekkuva placeslo enduku release cheyatledu
yuppy hari garu ... : apf ki ... title competion petaru kadha...titles ani mail cheyi mani cheparu kadha....aa competetion sudden ga apeysaru??
rams333 La lo 3 places but not in Atlanta , yyyyyy?>
Sujith.CrazY nikhil happydays lo rakamundu miru thiskunnara Apf ki ??????
hari-yelleti raj, film is an evolotionary process, it evoloves over time, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. For me, it is mostly for good
Gudur Its getting busy..thanks for your suggestions Hari and we all hope Apf will be a great hot..good Luck and pls chck my mail..eventhoug you are busy with Success meet(iam Possitive thinking guy) will see you on 100 Days function more optimistic
hari-yelleti rams, radiant have their own business plan i guess, i am little unawares of this, i am too busy managing the India domestic release
hari-yelleti yuppy, i didnt like most of them, we finally came up with apf
jeevi apf us release centers here
rams333 ok, meku kaavalante Atlanta nenu market chesthanu
hari-yelleti rams look at gv's reply
hari-yelleti hi vikky
vikky hai
nano hi.. me perulo unna yello cinemalo untunda....? i mean chirunavvulato...
yuppy hari garu.....kothaa talent ni emana encourage chesthara? like dailouges publicity designing etc etc
Raj_Jagan I wish the same hari....but u know director has to have the vision of what the characters are doing and have commnad over all the crafts..hope u made a sensible movie...good luck...please just dont be one of those formula directors in telugu
rams333 ya adi choosanu, akkada Atlanta schedule emi ledu
Raj_Jagan Nice talking to u....
hari-yelleti nano, apf is a sweet and thoughtful film
rams333 most of them r in texas and Ca
bond3287 Hari garu..i have to leave now bro..all the best look for my email and please reply.....apf is gonna rock Ap!!
hari-yelleti yuppy always open for talent
hari-yelleti raj, u r in for a pleasant surprise
yuppy hari to reach u?
vikky hai hari - from hardware industry -- how did u get int omovies -- is this your passion
Gudur bye hari garu and good luck
hari-yelleti bye bond, nice chatting
hari-yelleti bye gudur
nano g v garito meekela parichayam
Sujith.CrazY bye hari garu
Raj_Jagan For a pleasant surprise??
rams333 so could we expect this film in other places as well?
jeevi 3 more minutes guys - hari is leaving
hari-yelleti vicky, yes, rather i believe i had a calling
vikky ok ok
nano ok
yuppy jeevi ee deadline enti :) prashantham ga chat cheskonivochu kadha :)
Sujith.CrazY jeevi itz gr8 idea to get celebraties here :)
hari-yelleti yuppy, go ahead and ask me anyting
rams333 i can release Apf in other places like Atlanta, if u want
yuppy hari garu... talent ki welcome annaru kadha ...thanks for that
sr Jeevi garu hope you will put these transcripts in idlebrain. We couldn't read all as we are at work
hari-yelleti sure rams, talk to radiant
yuppy kjani millalni ela approach avali
jeevi yes sr
hari-yelleti anytime yuppy
Sujith.CrazY how?
rams333 ok hari, i will
sr thanks
yuppy but how...can i have ur mail id plz :(
jeevi ok guys - hari is leaving
hari-yelleti [email protected]
vikky ok bye hari
Raj_Jagan bye Hari
rams333 bi hari
rams333 bi jeevi
vikky bye jeevi
vikky good work
sakhamuri hi and bye hari
hari-yelleti bye raj, it was nice talking to u
yuppy thankz hari garu... wl shoot a mail soon :) ......
nano yelleti garu publicity baga cheyandi
jeevi i would like to thank hari and the visitors for making this chat very interesting one
hari-yelleti bye guys, thanx for ur love
rams333 jeevi mee photo unte pettandi Ib lo
Sujith.CrazY hari jee............... nice to c u here at our most lovin Ib
rams333 choosthamu
sakhamuri best of luck with ur movie
hari-yelleti go and watch apf, and have good time
Sujith.CrazY wish you allda best once again
hari-yelleti thanx sujith
Raj_Jagan pleasure is mine....hope u will reply to one of my mails later
hari-yelleti sure raj
hari-yelleti take care guys
hari-yelleti asta la vista
rams333 sayonaro
yuppy bye hari garu
hari-yelleti bye yuppy
hari-yelleti take care
  hari-yelleti left.

click here for the chat transcript of Nikhil



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