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Wellness Jewelry AGEMS launched
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July 27, 2008


Actress Bhumika Chawla and her hubby Yoga Guru Bharath Takur have today formally introduced a new brand – AGEMS, projected as the world's first wellness jewelry line. The couple would work as the brand agents in India for AGEMS of the AMEGA Global LLC. The launch ceremony is followed by a press meet at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad. Eric Banks (President), Arun Kemer (CEO), Dr. SK Ramesh (Consultant) and Bharath Takur (Brand Agent) addressed the media. Later, a Fashion Show was organized at the venue. Venkatesh, Jagapati Babu, Bhumika, Charmme, Anushka and some yoga-lovers took part in the event.

Wellness Jewelry is stress buster: Bharath Takur
Bharath Takur said: "We are happy to be associated as brand ambassadors of the AGEMS. This wellness jewelry is going to be a revolution in India and would influence the lives of one and all. Today, everyone is prone to the devil of stress, which is the prime cause of collapse of the energy levels in an individual. The wellness jewelry will work wonders on its wearer as it not only enhances the energy levels through magnetic wavelengths, but also harnesses the real structure of the person." He said the wellness jewelry and yoga have close linkages with each other. The concept has been a big hit in the West and slowly peeping into India, which happens to be the mother-seat of the Yogic learning.

Demonstration on the media
Dr. SK Ramesh (orthopedic surgeon) tried his level best to convince the media with his maiden demonstrations. He called up the media people one after the other and putting a diamond-studded jewelry on his finger or wrist would ask him to cross the hands behind. Before and after wearing the jewel, force was applied on them parallel to the ground. Interestingly, all the media persons who took part in the demonstration said they did feel the difference. Anyways, the hurried finish of the press conference made the whole thing messed in confusion and general lingering doubts.

However, Dr. Ramesh said: "The wellness jewelry is based on the AMized Fusion technology process. The material involved is Gems, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, which have the inherent healing properties. Basically, this jewelry is an effective stress buster."

Nowhere within common man's reach
Replying to a question, he said: "The currently existing range of wellness jewelry is $300 at the least and $8000 at the last." Admitting that it would be make their job a tough one for reaching out to the common man, he said that the products purely depended on the elements of trust and mouth publicity."

Mr. Eric Banks, President, said: "The wellness jewelry is based on the magnetic force. The earth is richly bestowed with high energy and force. The metallurgical fact is that the gems, emeralds and other wealth have accumulated the incredible energy and force in them by virtue of their being buried down the many-layered crust of the earth. I hope this wellness jewelry line of our firm would go a long way in India."

Photo gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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