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Audio release - 143 (and I miss you)
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5th August 2004
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Audio of 143 (and I miss you) was released at a function organized in Viceroy Hotel Convention Center on the evening of 5th August 2004. Puri Jagan directed this film that introduces 'Sairam Shankar', brother of Puri as hero. The guests who graced this function include Nagarjuna, NTR, Sumanth, Gemini Kiran, Trivikrama Rao, Tammareddy Bharadwaja, Pooja, Chakri, Puri Jagan, Sairam Shankar, Shyam K Naidu, Marthand K Venkatesh, Krishna Reddy, Ali and Mallikharjuna Rao.

Nagarjuna released the audiocassette of 143 and gave it to Trivikrama Rao. NTR released the audio CD of 143 and gave the 1st copy to Sumanth. Maruthi Music has bought the audio rights of this album.

Sairam acted like a veteran of 100 films - Chakri
The music director Chakri said that he saw the film and the debutant hero Sairam acted like a veteran actor of 100 films experience. This album consists of 3 melodies, two mass/folk tunes and one westernized song. Chakri declared that 143 is the best music he has done till date.

I hope Sairam would not face difficulties like me - Sumanth
Hero Sumanth wished that Sairam would have smooth take off as a hero unlike him who faced rough weather for his earlier films till Satyam was released. Sumanth informed that this film has created a good buzz in the industry circles. He is felt happy that Puri Jagan would direct a film for Annapurna banner very soon.

Sairam is like Hrithik Roshan - Ali
Veteran comedy actor Ali in his playful speech compared Sairam to Hrithik Roshan who also worked as assistant director and under various crafts before being launched as hero through 'Kaho Naa Pyar Hain'. Mentioning about the chief guest Nagarjuna, Ali said that he daughter is a great fan of Nagarjuna. He wished that Pooja - daughter of Subhashini (sister of actress Jayasudha) - who is making debut in this film as one of the three heroines would shine in the future.

Nagarjuna took a keen interest & Hats off to NTR - Puri Jagan
Puri Jagan said that he has shown the double positive of this film to Nagarjuna and he felt happy about the outcome. He asked Puri to delete around 300 ft of footage in the film which Puri immediately complied. Nagarjuna called up for the next four days discussing about the film. Nagarjuna even visited dubbing studio to checkout how the dubbing is going on for 143. Puri Jagan confessed that Nagarjuna took more interest in testing the outcome of 143 than his own film Shivamani.

Speaking about Andhrawala, Puri Jagan said that he did a sincere attempt to make a good film. When he got negative feedback on the day one, Puri Jagan and NTR thought that it is temporary as all Puri Jagan's films start with a negative talk and slowly become blockbusters. But on the 4th day NTR called up Puri Jagan and confirmed that Andhrawala bombed. NTR duly offered another film for Puri Jagan. Puri Jagan hailed NTR for having such a balanced thinking at an age of 21. He referred to NTR as 'Bulli Bobbili Puli'.

Speaking about 143, Puri Jagan said that it is a thriller love story and it would be hitting marquee in the last week of August 2004.

143 would be a definite blockbuster - Nagarjuna
Nagarjuna remembered the incident when Puri Jagan commented that 14376 (cell phone number of Nagarjuna) is an appropriate number for Nagarjuna. Nag realized why Puri said so only after seeing the title 143 (143 denotes 'I Love You') a month back. Nagarjuna said that he saw the double positive of 143 and declared that 143 would be a definite hit film. He remembered the last time when he predicted the success of 'Nenunnanu' film at Nenunnanu's audio function. 143 has got jokes, comedy and good love story, he added. Nagarjuna said that he took a keen interest in encouraging Puri Jagan as Nagarjuna himself gone through the travails of making a film with somebody very close to heart as hero through Satyam film.

NTR said that he worked with Puri Jagan for six months for the making of Andhrawala and he knows what a talented hard worker he is. NTR wished all the best for the film.

Raghu Kunche anchored this event.

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