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Audio release - Abhimanyu
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24th October 2003
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C Aswini Dutt presents
Rockline Productions


Cast: Kalyan Ram Nandamuri, Spandana, Suhasini, Showkar Janaki, Pavan Malhotra, Ali, Venu Madhav, Sakuntala, Raghunadha Reddy, Benarjee, Ananth & Rajitha

Story: Dinesh Babu
Dialogues: Chintapally Ramana
Music: Mani Sharma
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Cinematography: V Srinivasa Reddy
Art: Music
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Fights: Ram Shetty
Executive Producer: K Sai Baba
Presenter: CAswini Dutt
Producer: TN Venkatesh
Direction: Mallikharjun A

Rockline Venkatesh - a famous producer from Kannada film industry - produced a blockbuster called 'Abhi' in Kannada and it went on to become a blockbuster. Now he is remaking the same film in Telugu with the help of Aswini Dutt by casting Kalyan Ram Nandamuri and Spandana (Bangalore girl) in the lead pair. Mallikharjuna A - a protégé of Puri Jagan - is directing this film. Mani Sharma provided the music.

Audio of Kalyan Ram Nandamuri's second film 'Abhimanyu' was released in a grand function arranged at a floor in Annapurna studios today morning. Puri Jagannadh was invited as the chief guest. The other guests who made it to the occasion were Nandamuri Rama Krishna, Allu Arvind, KL Narayana, SV Krishna Reddy, KS Rama Rao, MS Raju, YVS Chowdary and Arjuna Raju.

Chief guest Puri Jagan said that Aswini Dutt is creating the trend of big producers encouraging new directors. He said that he saw two songs of Abhimanyu and he is thoroughly impressed.

Allu Arvind said that the famous Kannada producer Rockline Venkatesh has been his friend for the past 15 years and its nice too see him entering Telugu film industry also as the producer with 'Abhumanyu' film. He also thanked Rockline Venkatesh in helping the Telugu film industry by controlling the Telugu VCD piracy market in Karnataka.

Chandrabose said that this film has got songs for all the occasions like hero introduction, love at first sight, teasing, imagination etc. However, the picturization of all the songs are dealt very creatively.

Director Mallikharjun A said that he is very thankful to his mentor Puri Jagannadh. He also said that he would be indebted to Aswini Dutt, Rockline Venkatesh, Kalyan Ram Nandamuri and Saibaba (executive producer) throughout his life for giving him the opportunity of directing 'Abhimanyu'.

Kalyan Ram Nandamuri thanked the producer for putting belief in his ability even before his first film was released. He felt that working with Mallikharjuna is pretty easy as he used to act himself while directing the film, which would help Kalyan Ram to pick up the threads very fast. He also opined that working with heroine Spandana was good experience, as she could speak Telugu language well. Good music of any film augers well for the movie's success. He thanked Mani Sharma for providing excellent music. Kalyan Ram opined that highlight songs of the film are hero introduction song and teasing song. He finally thanked his parents, grandfather legend NTR and fans of Nandamuri dynasty.

Puri Jagan released the cassette and give the first copy to Arjuna Raju. Suneeta and venu Madhav anchored the event. Aditya audio released the music. Audiocassettes would be available in the racks by 27th of October. This film is all set to release on 12th of November 2003.

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