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Adi Vishnu music launch
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July 27, 2008


The music of Dasari Arunkumar's film Adivishnu is tonight at an impressive function held at Taj Deccan, Hyderabad. The special guest of the evening was superstar Rajnikanth. Others included hero's father and former Union minister Dasari Narayana Rao, D. Ramanaidu, Mohan Babu, K. Raghavendra Rao, Suresh Krishna, Bharath Parepalli (director of Adivishnu), heroine Sneha, Srihari, hero Rajasekhar and his wife Jeevita, Murali Mohan, Kaikala Satyanarayana, G. Ramprasad, N. Shankar, writer Rajendra Kumar, MM Srilekha (music director of Adivishnu), Vijayabapineedu, Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, Yedidha Nageswara Rao, SV Krishna Reddy, Vadde Ramesh, Maganti Babu, Devi Prasad, Ashwini Dutt, Muthyala Subbaiah, Prabhu (Dasari's elder son), Manchu Manoj, Lagadapati Sridhar, Sowbhagya Media MD Ramakrishna Prasad, PD Prasad and others. Though it was drenching rain, the function went of cool. Shilpa Chakravarty and Jhansi anchored the event. Sowbhagya Music is marketing the album. The film is set for release with 200 prints in August. The venue was well decorated with linen shamiana, with flexes of the hero at focal points and on the stage.

Superstar Rajnikanth released the audio cassette and presented the first number to his buddy Mohan Babu. Movie Moghal Ramanaidu unveiled the audio CD, presenting it to K. Raghavendra Rao. In the wake of rumors recently that both Mohan Babu and Rajnikanth had parted, their joint presence surprised one and all at the venue.

God, give Arunkumar style and acting: Mohan Babu
Mohan Babu spoke first to say: "I wholeheartedly thank my friend Rajnikanth who came all the way from Chennai for this function. There is nothing new to tell now about the sort of relation that I hold with my guru Dasari Narayana Rao and mother Dasari Padmamma for decades. Dasari garu lit the lamp of hope and life in many families. My brother Dasari Arun Kumar did get some gap of three to four years. Success and failure are common everywhere and it's global and there's nothing to worry. I earnestly wish that Arun Kumar will become a great actor like Annagaru NTR." Later, he quipped that God gave both style and Natana (acting) to him, but He gave only style to Rajnikanth. "I want God to give the two qualities to Arun Kumar."

Don't look down on anyone: Rajnikanth
Rajnikanth spoke very casually. "Dasari garu invited me to this function and I simply couldn't say no and accepted it as my duty. I am not a good orator and whatever I speak might give turn otherwise to my press people, who are very sensitive." Rajni went into reminiscence about an incident that took place 22 years ago in Mumbai, while he was working for a film, co-starring a big hero those days. "I was given a dialogue version of Hindi written in Telugu that ran for ten to fifteen minutes and was asked to transcript it. I was asked to do shots in single take. From this experience, I learnt from Dasari garu – not to look down upon anyone. I want Dasari Arunkumar to learn great qualities from his father and shine like a star. I wish you great future."

Politics, Money & Muscle are everything: Dasari
Dasari Narayana Rao said: "Rajnikanth holds the same levels of respect both for his guru Balachander and me. Rajni is my one more bidda in Telugu film industry. I profusely thank him for coming all the way from Chennai, just for this function. There were times when I requested the young heroes to watch the film of my son Arun, but nobody turned up. I didn't know the way how to promote Arun Kumar. But, I have tried my level best this time. The film has all the ingredients to put Arun Kumar on a pedestal of consolidation. There would no fights like one man hitting ten. They are natural stunts. Likewise, all departments are naturally treated. The main theme of the film is: Political power, Money power and Muscle power – three combined can make a Ram a Ravana; and Ravana, a Ram. I sincerely request the people of Andhra Pradesh to bless my son Arun Kumar."

At the climax, a big group of Dasari Fans from Kakinada garlanded Arun Kumar and greeted him. The guests had a tough time leaving the venue set the lawns which got flooded with ankle deep rainwater. The buffet arranged there bore the brunt of rain with rain water which seeped into the eatables.

Photo gallery (photos by G Narasaiah)
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