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Audio Function - SMITA's Oho Basti Dorasani remix album
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25th June 2004
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The remix album 'Oho Basti Dorasani' by Telugu Popstar Smita was released today evening at a function arranged in Music World on 25th June. T-Series produced this audio CD. Another four songs - sung by other singers - were also added to six remix songs sung by Smita.

About Smita
Smita is a well known name in the Indian pop Industry. Born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh, she has emerged as the only pop artist from South with a track record of five successful albums (Hairabba and Hairama in Hindi and Hairabba, Koilamma and Masaka Masaka in Telugu). Smita has always been a trend setter. She has created a trend of telugu pop with the release of her first album "Hairabba" in 1999. She released the first remix album in December 2003 by name "Masaka Masaka" with a stunning video and it turned out to be a sensational hit. The album became so popular that people started identifying Smita as the Masaka Masaka girl instead of Hairabba girl. Smita is back once again to set a new trend by shooting her new Basthi Dorasaani video in Scotland with British dancers and an English guy doing the Rap bits. This new album "Oho Basthi Dorasaani" in Telugu and "Leke Pehla Pehla Pyar", the title track of the album "Miss Sweet Honey Mix", both are being released by T-Series. The same team of technicians who worked for "Masaka Masaka" have again worked for "Oho Basthi Dorasaani" but with a totally different flavor.

About " Oho Basthi Dorasaani "
In this album Smita has sung 6 songs.

1.Oho Basthi Dorasaani (Abhimanam)
2.Godari Gattundi (Moogamanasulu)
3.Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi (Marocharitra)
4.Theesko Cococola (Rowdilaku rowdilu)
5.Yeruvaka Sagaro (Rojulu Marayi)
6.Adadani Orachupulo (Aradhana)

Music is recreated by Harry Anand.
The video for this album was shot in Scotland by Rahul Sud.

Song also in Hindi
This time the title song has been selected in such a way that the old version exists in Hindi as well as Telugu. In Hindi its "Leke Pehla Pehla Pyar" from the film CID. This song has been included in the latest release "Miss Sweet Honey Mix" by T-Series.

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